''WTF You Learning This Language Over Others For??!!!??!((BONUS LEVEL UP))

***I HEAR MONEY*** ((ALBANIAN)) Greetings ((ALBANIAN)) Greetings ((ALBANIAN)) How are you? ((ALBANIAN)) I'm from America ((ALBANIAN)) I want to learn Albanian ((ALBANIAN)) Yes, a little bit ''That's fuckin' good'' ((ALBANIAN)) I like to learn foreign languages ((ALBANIAN)) I like learning foreign languages ((ALBANIAN)) So… ((ALBANIAN)) No ((ALBANIAN)) I learn by myself, but.. ((ALBANIAN)) What's your name? ((ALBANIAN)) My name is Moses ((ALBANIAN)) Nice to meet you ((ALBANIAN))Thank you ***WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE*** ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) I… ((MANDARIN)) Fujian? ((MANDARIN)) You lived in China before? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) I learned Chinese for a long time ((MANDARIN)) Do you know 'Tianjin'? ((MANDARIN)) I'm familiar with it ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is awesome ((MANDARIN)) I learned… ((MANDARIN)) Tianjin dialect ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) In America ((MANDARIN)) Talking with Chinese people ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese doesn't have an accent ((MANDARIN)) Oh, no accent? ((MANDARIN)) What's my accent like? ((MANDARIN)) The accent is like.. ((MANDARIN)) A southern person's? ((MANDARIN)) A person from south China? ((MANDARIN)) Very good ((MANDARIN)) Do you know what ''Niu bi'' means? ((MANDARIN))Yes, I know what that means ((MANDARIN)) You are strong a san Ox ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you, man ROLMFAOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((MANDARIN)) You're surprised ((MANDARIN)) Really though, have you been to China before? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) America is China ((MANDARIN)) You can say that America is China because there are many Chinese people ((MANDARIN)) Everywhere ((MANDARIN)) You are strong as an Ox. That is so awesome ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Take your time ***THAT BOY HAD AN ORGASM OVER HERE*** ((MANDARIN)) How long have you learned Chinese for? ((MANDARIN)) More than 10 years ((MANDARIN)) I didn't start learning until I was 18 years old. Now I am 37 years old ((MANDARIN)) You are 37 years old??!? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) You don't look 37 years old ((MANDARIN)) You look to be a bit over 20 years of age, really ((MANDARIN)) My brother ((MANDARIN)) Brothers ((MANDARIN)) Your shirt, it says ''Unstoppable'' ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((MANDARIN)) Are you happy? ((MANDARIN)) But really, your Chinese is good, especially for a foreigner ((MANDARIN)) It really surprised me to see a foreigner that speaks good Chinese as Chinese is really a difficult language to learn ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) Chinese is really hard to learn ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how to write or just know how to speak? ((MANDARIN)) I can write, but I don't really write Chinese these days ((MANDARIN)) I just use the computer to write ((MANDARIN)) You can get a Chinese girlfriend ((MANDARIN)) Really ((MANDARIN)) Perhaps ((MANDARIN)) We'll see.. ((MANDARIN)) You'll see? ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is too good lol ((MANDARIN)) Really good, man ((MANDARIN)) I've been in America for 3 years and you are the second American that I've met that can speak very good Chinese ((MANDARIN)) In this state? ((MANDARIN)) No, not in this state ((MANDARIN)) Over in Los Angeles ((MANDARIN)) I studied over there ((MANDARIN))There was a big floor sweeper there and there was a white guy next to it driving a vehicle ((MANDARIN)) I was with another Chinese person and mentioned that it was coming.. ((MANDARIN)) Then that white person said ''Don't worry about, no need'' He started speaking Chinese with me ((MANDARIN))He scared you, huh? ((MANDARIN))Yea, he scared me ((MANDARIN)) It seems that the white guy was working at a American-Chinese embassy ((MANDARIN)) Do you know embassy? *** I MISUNDERSTOOD WHAT HE SAID PREVIOUSLY LOL*** ((MANDARIN)) He was an exchange student? ((MANDARIN)) No, he was an exchange student? ((MANDARIN)) No, not an exchange student, but a teacher ((MANDARIN)) That white guy originally was working at an embassy in America ((MANDARIN)) What did he teach? ((MANDARIN)) I'm not sure, I forgot *** IT GOT A LITTLE WEIRD RIGHT HERE*** ((MANDARIN)) What topic? ((MANDARIN)) He was a teacher, right? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) What did he teach? ((MANDARIN)) I don't know. I'm not sure what his major was ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is good, really ((MANDARIN))You're being too nice ((MANDARIN)) No, I'm not **LOOK AT THAT, BABY…LOOK AT THAAAT** ((MANDARIN)) We always eat that. This isn't the first time. This is our second time here ((MANDARIN)) Last time I spoke with a girl from Fujian ((MANDARIN)) I forgot her name ((MANDARIN)) I spoke with her last time ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) You want more lemonade ((MANDARIN))Thank you ((MANDARIN)) I'm good ((MANDARIN)) No, no need ((MANDARIN)) Do you like to eat Chinese food? ((MANDARIN)) Chinese food, of course ((MANDARIN)) Mapodofu is one of my favorites ((MANDARIN)) I don't think there's that much good Chinese food here in Phoenix ((MANDARIN)) Wow, you're so awesome, so you don't have anybody in your home that speaks Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Can you watch Chinese movies? ((MANDARIN))Yes, I can ((MANDARIN)) You're so cool ((MANDARIN)) My favorite is uh…. ((MANDARIN)) What is is….I forgot what it's called ((MANDARIN)) ''英雄本色'' 'Hero' Have you seen it? ((MANDARIN)) Which one? ((MANDARIN)) A movie called ''Hero'' ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN))That's my favorite Chinese movie ((MANDARIN)) Man, out of the foreigners learning Chinese I've met you are the strongest ((MANDARIN)) Too polite ((MANDARIN)) You make Youtube videos? ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how? ((MANDARIN)) Making videos on youtube ((MANDARIN)) Like, right now in China it's ''Fire'' ((MANDARIN)) Do you know ''Fire'' ((MANDARIN)) I've never used that before ((MANDARIN)) Is it similar to Instagram? ((MANDARIN)) Yea, it's similar ((MANDARIN)) Same? ((MANDARIN))Yea, almost, but this particular one in China is popular ((MANDARIN)) Like, you have foreigners teaching English or foreigners that can speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Is that slang? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) We also use that here ((MANDARIN)) You are really good, really ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how to speak any other languages other than Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I can just speak English ((MANDARIN)) Dialect? ((MANDARIN)) You know, both the north and south have their own language. The pronunciation is different ((MANDARIN)) Can't really understand when they speak ((MANDARIN)) The south has their own language. I can only speak the language; which is spoken in Tianjin ((MANDARIN)) What else? ((MANDARIN)) I don't know any others ((MANDARIN)) Because I am from the north ((MANDARIN)) Your girlfriend is really Chinese, right? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) There's a college there that has a lot of exchange students ((MANDARIN)) I know ((MANDARIN)) Right! ((MANDARIN)) Are you a teacher? ((MANDARIN)) I'm a private teacher ((MANDARIN)) Teaching…. ((MANDARIN)) Teaching Chinese and Japanese ((MANDARIN)) So is your Japanese also good? ((MANDARIN)) I just know one phrase in Japanese ((MANDARIN)) Say it? ((JAPANESE)) ''Nobody will come and help you'' ((MANDARIN)) ''If you scream, nobody will come and help you'' ((MANDARIN)) Do you know about this program though..Like, there's some Japanese exchange students in China that made videos ((MANDARIN)) You could also do the same. It's pretty popular, really ((MANDARIN)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) I will try it ((MANDARIN)) No, keep eating, I won't bother you ((MANDARIN)) No, I mean I want to try out that website to record something ((MANDARIN)) You can teach Chinese something about America or teach some slang, some words or something. You can do anything ((MANDARIN)) Because in China there are so many Chinese people ((MANDARIN)) The majority of people have a username and can watch from their phone ((MANDARIN)) When you watch on your phone you can watch people introduce something about their own country, which is cool ((MANDARIN)) Right? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) Go ahead and eat. I'll come back ((MANDARIN)) Can you read that? ((MANDARIN)) Those characters ((MANDARIN)) What about the Japanese ((MANDARIN)) Oh, no I can't ((MANDARIN)) I'm just familiar with a little bit of Japanese since coming here to work ((MANDARIN)) Do you watch anime? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Do you watch anime? ((MANDARIN)) I apologize. I was pretty busy ((MANDARIN)) It's OK ((MANDARIN)) Then do you.. ((MANDARIN)) You need to get a Chinese girlfriend ((MANDARIN)) You introduce one to me ((MANDARIN)) Well, I don't know that many girls here, but in LA I know a lot ((MANDARIN)) There's a chance hahahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Do you use Weixin? You should add it ((MANDARIN)) How about adding it? ((MANDARIN)) Teacher let's keep in contact, you are awesome ((MANDARIN)) Then do you use Weibo? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) You should download Weibo ((MANDARIN)) Do you have that? ((MANDARIN)) I use Skype ((MANDARIN)) I know ((MANDARIN)) Do you have Weixin? ((MANDARIN)) What's your name? ((MANDARIN)) Come on, add Weixin ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) You are awesome ((MANDARIN)) I have to sign up for it ((MANDARIN)) You haven't signed up for it? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) You don't have Skype? ((MANDARIN)) I don't use Skype ((MANDARIN)) Give me your email ((MANDARIN)) Let's do it next time ((MANDARIN)) I'll be working like February 2nd, 15-16 so you should come back then ((MANDARIN)) Do you want to? ((MANDARIN)) You are awesome ((MANDARIN)) Really.. ((MANDARIN)) Really, let's keep in touch, OK? ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Goodbye ***THAT BOY LOST HIS MIND*** ((MANDARIN)) Goodbye ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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  1. I have watched one of your videos every morning on my way to work in the last two weeks! In the video the Restaurant you were at was located in Phoenix,AZ?? If so I was literally seated in that same booth last week when I went out for dinner. Keep up the awesome Videos!

  2. You lost all points for saying you thought it was serbian.

    1. It is nothing like 'serbian'
    2. Serbian language does not exist

  3. I love that Chinese guy, his English was so good, but was so down to Earth with his Mandarin too. I respect Chinese people that learn English and English speaking people that learn Mandarin because to go from one to the other is very difficult.

  4. the hardest part about mandarin is the pronunciation. when he was speaking to the chinese guy, there were a few occasions where the chinese misunderstood what he was saying. for instance, both 'to teach' and 'to call' are pronounced as 'jiao' in madarin but they have different tones that's why the guy thought that he was asking for the name instead of what he teaches.

  5. This channel was recommended a few days ago and honestly I can’t explain the bliss I get from this. I’m a huge introvert in a huge city, this inspires me to connect with people. I want to learn different languages just to connect with people. Thank you. I downloaded babble to learn Spanish then mandarin. Thank you; you’re channel truly change my life 🤗❤️ if you offer online classes I would love to sign up

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