8 thoughts on ““Word of mouth” Mobile App Content Sharing with App Invites

  1. Can I use app invite while my app is on closed alpha/beta testing phase? Maybe integration with play dev console would be interesting.

  2. good initiative 🙂
    I have a question :
    when the receiver doesn't have the app and redirects to play store to install it.obviously user is going to launch the app from launcher or playstore open button.
    how does the referrer sits with intent. ? upon successful installation should user click the invite again from Mail/SMSto get referred! seems i dont get the flow.

    please explain me sir.

  3. As of Feb 14, McCaffee anti-virus marks any app with Google App Invites in it as a Trojan. This was the only change compared to the previous version.

    Verizon and Samsung built-in antivirus crap-ware uses the same database…… so if you include App invites, you might want to test things…

  4. I have a question:
    How do I make the Analytics website to show the stats of the app-invites correctly?
    It doesn't seem to be automatic. Should I handle the invitations myself?

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