Why is My Internet So Slow? – Browsers

Hi, this is Jacob with pctechguide.com, and
in this video series we are covering, “Why you’re computer is so slow?” In the previous
five videos, we’ve covered multiple tips on how to speed up your computer overall because
most of the time it’s not just one issue it’s several issues and going through those several
different issues we’re going to find the one that’s the main problem for you. In this particular case, we’re going to take
a look at the browsers, Firefox, Windows Explorer, as well as Chrome. If you haven’t already
watched the other videos, I highly recommend you do because we have done it in a certain
series for a reason. However, in the description below this video, you are going to see a link
to the playlist. And that playlist is going to have all the previous five videos for this
on how to speed up your computer. As we’ve already talked about, when your computer itself
is fast but the web browser itself is slow, it could be a poor internet connection. But let’s say you have a fast internet connection.
Well, it could be that you don’t have enough memory which we already covered. It could
be not enough disc space which we already covered which is unlikely. However, a major
thing that I found with a lot of browsers is going to be the extensions that people
are using. And over time you just start adding in all these extensions that are auto loading
on you in the browser, and they can actually have a very big negative effect on page load
time. First up here, we’re going to take a look
at Chrome. So I’m going to go to the Dialogue Box, and we’re going to go ahead and go under
Settings. And under Settings we’re going to go and jump to the Extensions tab and under
the Extensions tab we’re going to see the Extensions that have currently been added
onto my web browser. Now some of these, let’s say, it’s like a coupon bar or some other
tool bar that can be slowing your system down and your web browsing experience down. So you know I want RoboForm there. It’s something
I use everyday. I love the program. You know, these other ones I have in here that I use.
So I’m not having any issues either, but I would recommend you go through your extensions.
And if you’re not using some of the extensions, the add-ons there, I definitely would recommend
you go in and you remove them. Another thing that you can do is go under
Settings and if you scroll to the very, very bottom, you’re gonna see Show Advanced Settings.
And then scroll to the very bottom of that, you’re going to see that Reset button right
there at the bottom. And what this Reset button is going to do is it’s actually gonna delete
all the cookies. It’s gonna delete everything within Chrome and basically let you start
fresh or you can uninstall it and reinstall it. What that’s going to do is just gonna
put on that fresh copy for you in case it was having issues before. Now you would have to reinstall your add-ons
and your extensions and the like, but it’s something that is recommended from time to
time, especially if you’re experiencing a lot of issues with your browser. And this
will eliminate it as not being the cause of your internet being slow. Next up, we’re going to hop over to Firefox.
Firefox is basically the same process almost. I’m going to go to the Dialogue Box there.
In the Dialogue Box I’m going to go to Add-ons and under Add-ons here’s my Extensions. Then
I can go through and say, “Do I want these, do I not want these?” Try to eliminate some
of these and I did find, especially with Firefox, that if you have Firefox crashing on you far
more than usual, it’s probably an extension or a plugin. So go through and make sure that
you want everything there. And if you don’t, just remove it and chances are that can help,
especially if it’s a toolbar or something that is causing ads on your computer. So there’s a lot of adware out there that
gets thrown in this. The adware shows extra ads and pop-ups and the like on your system.
That’s just nothing fun. You can also go in through the plugin section too as well and
see if there is a plugin that you are not using anymore. So if you’re like well, you
know what? I haven’t used Google Talk before. I never plan on using it. Why not remove it,
right? Then we’re going to see here that my Java
Platform is out of date. I can actually click to update it, and that can help stabilize
the browser too as well and help eliminate some of the issues overall. This is with Internet
Explorer now, and I just find it funny here. Here’s an ad on Google’s home page to get
Chrome, just adorable. So I’m going to go to the Dialogue Box there.
We’re gonna go ahead and go under Internet Options. Under Internet Options, oops, that’s
not what I wanted. I wanted dialogue box. I was getting ahead of myself. I want to go
to Manage Add-ons. Under Manage Add-ons, this is where you’re going to take a close look
at the Tool bars and Extensions because this is the area that can be causing you a lot
of the issues. You can go through this and just remove any plugins, any Tool bars or
Extensions in here that are possibly slowing down your system. If the URL or a browser
hijacker or something may have changed your search default. You can always go in and change
that around too as well. So this is where you might be having some
issues with Internet Explorer. So I’d recommend you go through there. In worst case, what
you can do is go ahead and restore the defaults in it. So now we are going to go the Dialogue
Box. You’d be going to Internet Options. And under Internet Options you’re going to go
to Advanced. Under Advanced, there’s a Reset button right here and what it’s going to do
is it’s going to restore Internet Explorer to the Default settings. So if there was something internally wrong
due to a configuration and that’s why pages are loading really, really slow for you which
is really, really common especially after, let’s say, a malware infection, then that
should definitely help solve some of your problems there. That is it for this video. Now, like I said,
this isn’t necessarily your issue that you’re having, but it’s an issue that goes under
the slow computer. And chances are if you go through this as well as the previous five
videos, you’re going to figure out what’s going on with your system. And in the next video, we’re going to be talking
about malware and just some quick free ways of doing a quick scan on your computer. Just
to make sure your malware free because that’s a major issue as to why a lot of people have
either slow internet or slow computer overall, besides not enough memory or not enough virtual
memory or the multitude of issues that we’ve already described in the previous videos. That’s it for this video. I hope it helps.
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11 thoughts on “Why is My Internet So Slow? – Browsers

  1. did you know why my computer browsing is a little bit slow in any sites like ytube google etc but not in facebook? im confuse on why is it very slow untill my browser ask me to kill it,,so i reset my browser and restart my PC but still,,nothing happens,,when i use my cmd it says my tcp global parameters is in this setting

    Receive side scaling state – enabled
    chimney – enabled
    NetDMA state – enabled
    direct cache – enabled
    auto tuning level – normal
    congestionprovider – ctcp
    capability disabled
    timestamps – enabled

    but i already use this setting for long and its fast so i think its not the problem but i'm still confused 🙁
    I checked my task manager but no program is running that can slow my computer 🙁 and my memory is not yet full

  2. I only have 2 extensions and 2 addons and still all my browsers take forever to upload, I called my internet provider they said I am a bit over the minimum speed so they can't do anything, I am so frustrated

  3. My old computer – Gateway – was starting to run slow and I would have to reboot it a few times if I were to open Netflix.. I've had it for 8 years and service regularly… Now I bought a new HP cause I didn't want my Gateway to die on me completely without having a back up… Big mistake and thinking hard on sending this back and waiting for another Gateway to go on sale… I have put the Google browser in and it slowed down I had ATT look at the service and they were messed up on their end- then they told me our systems were not compatible and I would have to upgrade with ATT in order to have smoother service and stop from buffering… I swear they have me so confused – is it my web browser? is it ATT? or is it both? All I know is this whole thing is getting on my nerves…

  4. all my browsers download very slowly 1mbps but if i download a microsoft app the download speed is 15mbps wtf? anyone have any ideas?

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