Which Video Editing Software Should You Use?

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  1. New Video Episode of DIY Video Guy TV: Which Video Editing Software Should You Use?

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  2. Thanks for the tips. I have Adobe Premier Pro since I subscribe to Creative Cloud for Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator.ย 

    Do you have any suggestions on where is the best place to learn how to use it? Any particular YouTube channels or websites?

  3. Davinci Resolve 12 now that the beta release is out. Might be comparable to Premiere now as an editor (just beginning to test it out myself), plus it's free for most uses.

  4. Hi Caleb! Great video! I just recently started doing video editing seriously (which is how i found your channel), prior I had only used windows movie maker on a few personal projects, enough to know how limited it is and how clunky it is. I ended up scouring the web for the best full featured FREE video editor and decided upon Lightworks. It has a very steep learning curve, definitely not for beginners, but amazingly powerful for a free product. The free version does have a few limitations, such as only being able to export in H.264 / MPEG-4 up to 720p, but it truly is an amazing program for those willing to invest the time in learning it. Just wanted to share!

  5. you make amazing videos, how do you not have more views & subscribers? keep making amazing content please you're information is so helpful & you're a huge inspiration to me !

  6. Interesting video but I think a lot of hollywood-esque professional stuff is made on Avid.
    So I'm not sure whether to try avid or adobe premiere pro :/

  7. Nice Video I really enjoyed it. So far as of right now I use Windows movie maker And I edit the Rest on Youtube and it come out looking great!

  8. HI, I have hp laptop with windows 7. imovies will support windows 7,if I download imovies. If not then which free video editing software should I download for my hp laptop which has windows 7 . Please reply

  9. DaVinci Resolve….professional and free. Together with that the world class color correction features. Apple and Adobe guys can scratch their head. This is hard to beat.

  10. sony vegas pro is also really good too im actually surprised you didn't mention it
    it is what i have been using for a couple months to make fan-edits and i love it

  11. I've been doing video stuff for about four or five years, but budget has really limited me. I have used Pinnacle for PC and for iOS, but I really don't have a great camera either, so…..any suggestions for movie camera? (preferably no more than 3k, probably way less)

  12. Interesting review, thx. Just want to say though that I find the concept of renting software pure theft. Software should be purchasable and at a stretch upgradable, perhaps at cost, but holding users hostage with software is uncouth. The excuse that things are constantly upgraded is lame. Photoshop still has bugs and you're still expected to pay monthly with CC, and if you don't, you lose your application. The concept is grotesque and unfair.

  13. What made you go to Premiere? I like that iMovie and Final Cut Pro X show you the length of the clips and which parts have been used and what not. IN Premiere Elements all the clips have the same size representation, unlike the Apple programs. I tried the FCP X tutorial, I find the color correction a bit confusing, hard to apply the same adjustments to multiple clips etc., while iMovie color adjustments are too coarse.

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