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  1. I wish they did this for Orange County California homeless population is insane and I live on less than half a $46,000 a year that's crazy why don't they start that here. I'm a disabled retired RN and every month I struggle on SSDI disablity….sometimes can't eat for days…and I DO WANT TO WORK !!!

  2. Porlomenos el gobierno de California ayuda a los más necesitados el presidente se las quita.y los deja sin seguro medico.porque lo que está robando no le alcanza nesecita mas.pues son muchos a repartir. Todo el partido republicano.

  3. If it's privately funded, why not. We have all these Billionaires in the US. All these so called self made Millionaires and Billionaires you wouldn't have the money if wasn't for consumers. Duh! There homeless veterans on the street and children in foster homes that have nothing. I don't want any of your money. They have all these foundations but never show the people that the money is supposedly helping.

  4. Go to bed early, get up early and get a shower, Go to work and start learning the skills employers are looking for. And for all the people out there who think they have it figured out, start your own business and show the rest of us how it is done.

  5. I would put my youngest daughter in private school. We had to move an she switched to a school that is one of the worst an unsafe schools in Texas.

  6. Imagine this kind of support on a national scale. If that sounds positive to you, consider Andrew Yang for President 2020.

    Yang offers over 150 additional policies meant to prepare America for the future and to empower the people to make things happen rather than the government or big business.

  7. Here is an easy solution to the guaranteed income issue. All you have to do is make one requirement. You have to either be going to school volunteering or employed or in a job training program. If you are a senior or disabled This qualification doesn't apply to you. If you are able body, but it applies to you. You could look at this such as as a stipend. but given that California is one of the most expensive states to live in, and they have serious issue with homelessness and poverty. I would think that they would be the first state to implement that guaranteed income. Because they are pushing people into the streets. So they have to fix it.

  8. If they don’t make enough, maybe get another job, or even better move out of that shithole that California is to a state that income to cost of living is better

  9. Not with it. Sooner than later, it falls on the tax payers. (Privately funded for the test) Nah. I pay enough for welfare, wic, snap, and all that. Keep asking the grandkids for money yo’. And educate them on birth control. That’s why she has 9 grandkids to take care of. Quite sure 10 & 11 will be along soon.

  10. This is presidential candidate Andrew Yang's main proposal but at $1000/mo for every American citizen 18+ till expiration. Learn more at yang2020.com. Feel free to leave questions in a thread as well.

  11. I actually have a job and work for my money … so this program would be horrible for me. Where do you think the money is going to come from ? Your paycheck and mine….

  12. I could really be able to buy good meat and vegetables, I would shop at aldi's first, than Walmart, i am dreaming of shopping for food

  13. People dont have jobs because there are no jobs, not because they dont look for jobs. Robots, AI, automation and Outsourcing took all the jobs. At least with UBI, they can support local businesses and go further to look for jobs. You cant search far when you are starving.

  14. I want to say "Hookers & Blow", but that's not a buyer's market right now.
    Government needs to step in and regulate prices….maybe drop some Anti Trust magic on Medellin

  15. For people saying they'd spend it on a better this or that. You're not who the program aims to help. When money's tight, it's tight to the point that it has psychological impacts and more. Those are the people who need it

  16. The money has to come from someplace. If it comes from private donors, great. If it comes from the government it’s welfare.

    Call it what you want but it’s still welfare if taxpayers are covering the cost.

    Are you people really that stupid to think this is free?

  17. Beautiful Great News.. Yes..👍
    Thank you kindly NBC News 💖 Sharing is Careing.. 💕🍃🌍🍃💕
    ps.. the next step would be to take care of all the homeless.. Thank you from my heart 🍃💖🍃✌

  18. Always saying you're the richest country on earth, and many people aren't even able to buy the basics to sustain LIFE!!!!
    Facepalm for being global/international embarrassment.. (No developed country has your level of poverty or illiteracy) <~ Neither do many third world countries btw…
    US literacy is ridiculously low and it has nothing to do with immigrants, since those are often more literate than people born in the US… (No first world countries ranks that low, and of course really proud about that also.)

  19. If you like the idea of a basic income, look up Andrew Yang and see if you want to vote for him for president. He's proposing this universal basic income of $1000/month. Voting starts soon. Here is a good link to start learning about him: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGrmnFPLeLIGLTyuyS3cl4dyqtjncZ5N7

  20. Andrew Yang wants to implement a Freedom Dividend of a 1000 dollars per month to every American Citizen 18 years and older till the day you expire. The money comes from savings on other welfare programs, social services, economic growth estimated in the Trillions of GDP and through implementing a mild Value Added Tax or VAT of 10% on luxury consumer goods. Yang 2020, look him up, visit his website Yang2020.com and learn about his forward thinking positive vision for the United States where Human value is greater than economic value and Data trumps emotion and fear. Don't forget to educate yourself about the primary and General election process and register to vote if you want to bring real systemic change to our country which desperately needs it.

  21. While everyone would enjoy this idea in the beginning, we must understand that the market will inevitably shift to accommodate this new form of income. I wonder if things would truly change in the long run? I certainly hope so.

  22. 1500 a mo?!! I'd be living like a king!
    I live on 782.00 (after the new 2020 raise) ssi. Yes it's tight but, I never go to bed hungry.
    If you live within your means..
    That woman doesn't need that extra 500 bucks.. The homeless guy down the street needs it worse!

  23. I don't need other peoples $$ because I can provide for myself. I have a job, I don't have kids I can't afford, it all works out great. Gtfo, commie scum

  24. Human income is directly proportional to expenditure,. The more income the more tendency to spend because life style and standard of living are qualified and enhanced in better off. In my global area US $ 500//= is equivalent to(4,500,000) four million five hundred thousand Somalialand shillings.

  25. My family of 3 survives of $750 SSI a month, every month is a struggle. Something like this would help so much.

  26. This is so out of tune with reality. Your talking of incomes in the $46,000 range? Try doing something for those on Social security that make under $12,000 a year! $46,000 is a fortune to those of us who are disabled, did work until disabled and the process takes so long that the 3 quarters needed to base the benefits amount upon, long since past the time of last working. There are those making less than $11,000. Does anyone really understand how FAR BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL THAT IS? RENTS GO UP EVERY YR AS OUR SSI ONLY GOES UP $5 A MONTH.

  27. He who controls the currency controls the masses, Digital currency is a SCAM to steal your gold/silver, paid for realestate through getting you into debt so you lose your property and they pocket the interest and all its improvements and leave you with nothing like 2008, Currently they are intentionally destroying your paper currency by printing Trillions and giving it to the tech companies in the stockmarket, ignoring our laws and the Constitution of the United States

  28. Buy healthier food, landscape, paint more, garden more, build a greenhouse. SO many options with a universal basic income. #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend

  29. You can't just give people who are bad with money extra money at the end of the day it doesn't change the fact that they are bad with money

  30. Socialism doesn’t work, especially when you run out of other people money.

    1. One they should take financial responsibility classes to cut the waste and save money. 2. Her grand babies SHOULD help her with her meals and where are their parents at? 3. Notice how they said SOME PEOPLE and THEY DONT HAVE TO WORK? They are trying not bloat the system with TOO MANY PEOPLE or their city would run out of money, their tax payers would leave and city would turn in back into a hellscape.
    4. Why don’t the kids has jobs?
    5. Who is this company and who owns it?

  31. Thanks for the report, and the recognition that too many Americans need 'help' to survive..

    Here is the problem with UBI though.. It's giving money instead of the THINGS that the money is supposed to help with.. Which leaves additional room for abuses in addition to failing to address what we've seen historically, which is the raising of prices for those things, benefiting sellers, and not the people in need. (examples like markets raising prices on the items covered by SNAP and other social welfare programs; The same problem exists with raising the minimum wage, when it only leads to raising profit margins for greedy sellers who then just raise the prices on all the things people need.) ACTUAL solution? Market "reset", and price controls/nationalization of public resources and lands. (stop feeding private cattle on public lands, when ranchers then SELL them to other countries, to ensure prices HERE are artificially [supply and demand] inflated).

  32. Why I would spend it on that there marijuana & good hard Booze of course.. what else could it be for?They already give me everything else i need

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