What is the Quality Payment Program?

>>Molly MacHarris: I’m
Molly MacHarris with CCSQ, and I will be leading you
through this discussion. So, let’s get started with, “What is the Quality Payment Program?” The Quality Payment Program
is a program that was authorized by the
Medicare Access and Chip Re-authorization Act, or
MACRA, which was passed in 2015; and MACRA, the law,
authorized the Quality Payment Program, which
allows clinicians to choose how they want to participate
based off of their practice size, specialty, location,
or patient population, under two tracks. The two tracks that are
available under the Quality Payment Program are the
Merit-based Incentive Payment System, or MIPS
track, and the Advanced APMs, which stands for
Alternative Payment Models track. As part of the Quality
Payment Program, there are a few elements that we feel
are really critical for success. That includes improving
patient outcomes, so really ensuring that all clinicians
offer high-quality patient-centered care. We also feel that it
is important to provide meaningful feedback to
clinicians, so they can improve their performance
wherever needed; and we also believe that it is important
that the program will evolve over time, and that we will
have continuous improvement as part of that. There are additionally some
strategic goals that we have issued as part of the
Quality Payment Program. These build off of the
cornerstones that I just touched upon. You’ll notice on the slide
here we have “Improving Beneficiary or Patient
Outcomes; Really Enhancing the Clinician Experience;
Improving Data and Information
Sharing,” et cetera. One important piece I do
want to note on — that’s on this slide here, is
our website, which is qpp.cms.gov. That website has a lot of
great resources, which we are updating all the
time, so I would strongly encourage anyone who has not
gone to that site before to go there and take a look
at everything that is available. And thank you for viewing
this presentation. For more information, visit
the Quality Payment Program website at qpp.cms.gov.

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