What is The Hello World Program?

[intro music]>>ALL: Hello World!>>ID: Welcome to our show! The Hello World Program is a collection of videos and tutorials that combine art and technology to teach computer science…>>GUIDO: Programming!>>DAISY: Web development. [squawk]>>ID: My name is Unique ID, the highly intelligent robot host.>>GUIDO: The script doesn’t say “highly intelligent.”>>ID: It’s called improvising. [squawking angrily]>>ID: That’s Adelie. She’s a really great linux user. [squawking angrily]>>GUIDO: I think you mean super user.>>ID: Oh! That explains the cape.>>DAISY: Adelie will take you on amazing adventures through the most awesome computer operating system, Linux. [approving squawks]>>DAISY: I’m Daisy, I keep a video diary of my web development antics. I’ll teach you to build your own websites, apps, and games with the building blocks of the Internet: HTML, CSS & Javascript.>>CHEESE: And now for something completely different. [dramatic news theme]>>GUIDO: Hello. On today’s program, create everything from web apps to 3D games with Python, the fast, flexible, beginner-friendly programming language. But first, kids make nutritious snacks.>>ID: Guido! Stop overriding my script. Remember, I’m the host of this show. I will teach you how to think like a computer and approach complex problems from a new perspective. Learn computer science, programming, and web development with us, your educational and entertaining super friends. [outro music]>>GUIDO: Just subscribe already!

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