What is the Best Video Editing Software? HitFilm/Adobe CC/Vegas

Is this happening to you? [I] want to start making better videos. [I] just [don’t] know which video editor to choose Well look no further in this amazing video. We will be comparing the top three video editing software’s and determining Which one is best for you? My name is clem and welcome to my channel today. We are putting sony Vegas Hitfilm Pro and Adobe CC Head-To-head to figure out which editor is the best It looks like webb’s uses Adobe software if you use it that’s good enough for me. No, that’s not how that works instead Let’s take a look at each software Individually check out the pros and cons and figure out what will be best to suit your needs before [we] begin I have to say that I have an editing video for a really long time and I have years of experience in Adobe software However, I am not very Experienced in Vegas or [Hitfilm] to give you the best comparison possible [I] made sure to try out [tests] and learn the software before talking about it I also got a couple of other youtubers to talk about the software they use so you’re not just hearing from me with multiple perspectives And a lot of research and testing I am prepared to give [you] the most fair comparison possible with that [being] said Let’s get into the video first up. We have Sony Vegas Sony Vegas is probably the most popular video editing software on YouTube with Adobe CC Close behind it, but as you can see here. It’s slowed in popularity over the recent years for this video I will be [using] Vegas Pro 13 I know version 14 is out, but it’s mostly a performance update with some added color Correction features when you first open up They guess everything is really [straightforward] no welcome screen Just straight into editing this isn’t really a bad thing, but I thought it was worth mentioning Sony Vegas is project settings can be a bit confusing at first But like with any editing software you’re going to have to find your way around Vegas is layout is pretty standard [you] [have] a project folder for footage along with tabs that contain effects text and presets You have a source and output monitor a mixer and a timeline these can all be customized and rearranged to your liking I need Lieutenant as an example. I should probably pick something professional and simple so we can stay focused on the software Okay, now that I’ve imported the clip out drag it onto the timeline I’m going to match the project settings to the video to make things easier Sony Vegas Probably has the best timeline out of all the editors It has lots of convenient features like simple clip management and lots of tools to manipulate clips and add transitions Easily whenever [I] do something in Vegas [I] tend to find myself playing with this slider instead of actually getting any work done Now here’s a feature of Vegas [I] love and hate at the same time the crop pan window [at] least I think that’s what it’s called It’s super useful for cropping and panning videos You just move and place the frame wherever you need But when it comes to say doing picture and picture or tracking an image to a video things can get a little difficult Tracking these glasses was a nightmare because I’m moving around a frame instead of the object itself like you would in other editors Keyframing was also hard because there is no way that I know of [to] Manipulate the glasses directly on top of the clip. I am tracking [too]. This is something That’s just default in other editors another problem when editing images in Vegas is that accidentally stretching them is almost too. Easy This can cause a very unprofessional look and even ruin a clip altogether sometimes This leads me to my next point [have] you ever watched a youtube video and just knew it was edited in Vegas this can be caused by the weird crop pan tool But it’s mostly because of the built-in effects when you add an effect in Vegas You can’t stray far from the default settings too much this causes many videos edited in Vegas to have very similar looking effects. [I’m] Looking at you TV effect. [I] see you in almost every Vegas made [AMv] This can restrict what you can do in vegas, but vegas isn’t meant to be the world’s best VFX and compositing software It’s for basic editing, and that’s what it’s really good at Next up we have text. Let’s take a look at some of the presets you can use As long as you aren’t using these presets. You should be able to put good looking text on the screen Just like in any other editor One thing Vegas is definitely good at is audio editing Which should it be much of a surprise? Considering you is made to be an audio Editor before they add a video to it other video editors Just don’t have near as many audio tools as vegas which is probably why many people choose it to make Youtube poops Even basics like pitch shift just work better in Vegas. Take a look at these examples The last thing I’m going to mention in this segment is that the render options can be rather confusing? And I accidentally exported the video without audio as you can tell I am no vegas, bro So I got someone who uses sony Vegas as their main video editor [to] answer some questions [I] give you atomic catacombs maker the friendship is manacle series a few a MVS and creator of many reaction videos Why did you choose to use sony Vegas? It was I guess Easiest at the time when I first start using it was the only real editing software I’d known about apart from of [C] like [movie] Maker book who uses that kind of goofy. What is your favorite feature of sony Vegas the quickness of it? That’s the like the simplicity of just being able to quickly just pop pop a clip down cut it up, and then just render it The the masking is pretty good. I think you can be really precise with it. What is your least favorite feature or drawback of using Sony Vegas ah The effects that I can never I [always] feel like I can never quite get them to do what I want so like with color correction or anything really and some things are kind of you really have to search [around] to try and find what you’re looking for like it took me forever to figure out how to put Drop shadow on a video, but recently I did and now it makes so much sense but it’s not they it’s not the clearest how do you think sony Vegas compares to hit film and The Dolby Software suite at the moment uh I think It’s maybe lacking a [bit] But like in comparison [to] hit film which I also use um I definitely go for vegas if I just want to quickly like put a video on the timeline Cut out and then just render it compared to hit film where it’s it takes a bit longer because it’s a bit slower [to] do Certain things, but I guess it was probably better if I did switch to premiere or something like that But I don’t know I’ve used vegas for a while, and I recently got 14 Which is fix a lot of the crashing problems? I used to have and it just it just generally runs a lot faster so [ad] says it holds up I guess in comparison But maybe not quite as well as it could does switching back and Forth through hit film and vegas slowed You down a lot not much actually um since [hip] film is like a it’s a bit of a mix between like a just a video editor [and] I get something like after effects were so sup mostly lots of shots and stuff So it’s pretty easy to just quickly go into [Hitfilm] drag the audio that I need and then quickly make something in that compared to Taking forever in Vegas have you considered completely switching over to hit film? [I] have but a lot of the stuff [that] I’ve been doing on my channel I’ve been doing in Vegas [and] a lot of like the presets I’ve kind of built up over like the arrow, so I’ve been making you know proper videos [I’ve] kind of built up over in Vegas so if I did switch over to hit film it might take a while [to] adjust fully to be able to kind of Carry [over] all the presets and stuff But I’ve considered but I think it’s best if I just keep like switching back and forth for only certain things Do you think it’d [be] easy for someone to learn how to use sony Vegas? Yes that yeah quite easy but for someone like the the masking stuff or Just things that you need to have a little bit more knowledge. It can be a bit frustrating Because you’d expect like certain things to be in certain places But it’s not always there so it can be a bit frustrating sometimes, I think I’ve asked all the questions I need to so thank you for being on here no [problem] Next up we have hit film hit film is a fairly new player in the video editing world [I] gained interest in it during their advertising campaign with a handful of YouTube Filmmakers one YouTube channel involved with this was film riot They made a short in the free version of the software called portal combat which shows the capabilities [of] the software [even] in just the free version fine what? Anyways, let’s get into it. I’ll be using the latest iteration of the software hit film for Pro Opening it. We get a very welcoming welcome screen We can start a new project name it set some settings and start editing or compositing now This is a very interesting feature if film has two sides compositing like Adobe after effects or Editing like sony Vegas or Adobe premiere now while after effects and premiere work together to achieve the same thing It film does this in one software instead of two? So these buttons basically mean start an after effects style interface or in Premiere style interface I’m going to choose start editing Wait this looks just like premiere hip foam users Aren’t joking what they say it’s basically after effects and premiere smashed together and simplify to make it one easier software Because of this I was able to start off editing quickly even with some of the keyboard shortcuts matching Adobe software This isn’t knowing a bad thing and it’s one of my favorite parts of fit film It’s easy for beginners and pros alike offering a set of advanced tools for anyone to make videos Just like Vegas [is] a pretty basic layout in edit mode immediate panel an effects panel and effects control panel a source monitor a Preview Window and a Timeline [hitfilm] also has a very familiar-looking toolbar and audio meter now that I think about it You could probably convince someone this was a new version of premiere if you just cover up the hit film logos One thing I would like to mention Is that some interface elements like these progress bars blend too much into the rest of the software? But that’s just my opinion the timeline is again very similar to Premieres playback is pretty smooth But it’s not quite as fast as Vegas or premiere It’s pretty good, but there is some room for improvement when it comes to moving and manipulating the clips I also got some pretty bad lag when scrubbing for the timeline But your mileage [may] vary also when you are working on a composite shot There is no obvious way to tell what’s [render] to playback smoothly and what’s not? alright, let me tell you about something else that reminds me of Adobe make composite shot when you need to do something more advanced than Basic clip editing you click this it will bring you into a new tab where the timeline is more like after effects you can also? Create effects like automatic lens and light flares custom my small particles Basic 3D stuff and pretty much anything else you would expect out of it In this interface [you] also get convenient easy to talk about options like motion Blur and blend modes and when you are done You can [just] go back to the last tab to get back to normal a dating 2d tracking was just as good as after effects while there is not a 3D camera tracker at the moment the 2D tracker can get most jobs done Just fine as you can see these glasses are randomly and very pointlessly added perfectly [keyframing] is just as you would expect and it’s pretty smooth as you can see I didn’t put much effort in here as I could but with a little bit more work You can get the keyframes to do exactly what you would expect them to do audio editing is decent premiere has more effects But some of the effects work better in Hitfilm Text is Oddly handled Making text in Hitfilm was a bit confusing and I’m not a big fan of it however after effects is the only software I actually Like the text editing in the only thing that seems lacking is the export settings not too many extra options But it gets the job done in my short time trying hit film I was able to learn [how] to use it to its full potential So I’m going to need to get another person with more experience to say some things about it I wonder if I know of a good editor that uses hitfilm I Give you little shy Fim Brony YouTuber known for making everything wrong with Parody videos pony in real life DMVs, and other random videos let’s ask him about [Hitfilm] his main video editor So little shy, why did you end up choosing hitfilm for editing? Hey [Fella] was a good choice for me mostly because of its ease of use and its lower cost and it’s relatively easy to figure Out everything’s pretty straightforward. There’s no complicated shortcuts. You have to memorize or anything like that it’s just kind of what you see is what you get with just a couple things you got to figure out on your own but [that] isn’t difficult compared to you know something like after effects which has a billion different menus and things that do and learn So uh I guess overall mansur would be [hipple] is easy to use and cheap What is your favorite future part of hit film? and why hit films particle engine is definitely one of those dynamic and powerful [I] know of at least at this price point and It’s very useful because you can both do 2d simulations, but also full 3D effects you know basic fire and whatever whatever you think of with Particles basically with full physics and gravity and deflectors to bounced off of so I mean it takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it and learn your way through all the Menus and all that hit films particle engine you can surprisingly do a lot ranging from Basic smoke to more advanced stuff and have you been experiment with like animation and fire and that sort of stuff, so Films particle engine is probably one of my favorite features It’s most fun to play around with what is the biggest problem or drawback [of] hit Film and why? Hit films greatest drawbacks is actually is actually two major things I wish were an issue, but are a big issue the first is its compatibility with popular formats for example MKV Just doesn’t work in Hitfilm at all [you] know other containers that it’s not familiar with won’t work and it [really] no need for that It’s kind of annoying to have to mucus or convert a file Just because [hitfilm] doesn’t play nice with it while every [other] editor in the world works. Just fine. [I] Don’t [know] exactly why [that] is but it’s very annoying that’s a problem with [hitfilm] and of course the other problem is the fact that They release updates. [I] think its yearly now. It’s fine as of this recording They just released an update today, and it’s 200 bucks [on] happy about that And it doesn’t even offer that much so I don’t know what hit films Business strategy is here whether it’s whether it’s to like try to get 200 bucks out of us every [year] or so And if that’s the case then maybe [after-effects] is the better choice But uh yeah, just those two major issues with hitfilm other than that though I’ve been using it for years, and I’ve been very happy with it How do you think Hitfilm compares to sony Vegas in the Adobe CC software Suite? Hitfilm doesn’t really compare with sony Vegas sony Vegas is a pretty straightforward Nonlinear editor And it’s not really meant as a compositor as far as I know I don’t use figures all that much I don’t even use any of the adobe products, but as far as I know sony Vegas is definitely not a compositor You can probably do some of their similar effects with it if you’re clever But hitfilm is totally different because it incorporates an editor like sony Vegas. It’s not the same But like sony Vegas and then also compositor again like Adobe after effects, but not exactly like it So you kind of get the best of both worlds [in] Hitfilm? Even if you know some of the fat is trimmed on the sides you don’t get every single feature and all the you [know] all The things you can do in both those up where you don’t get in [hitfilm] But you do get a lot and it works for me because as a YouTuber there’s tons of features and relatively simple things I would like to do for a video that it would take much longer if I Would use two separators or even just after effects to figure it out hitfilm is very simple and straightforward So it suits my purposes Do you use software aside from [Hitfilm] when you make your videos is it because of any limitations hit film has yeah I do occasionally have to use different software than hit film, but largely it’s just for audio I use audacity that’s pretty straightforward and simple, but also because hit film doesn’t support MKV [s] which is what most my little pony episodes are in I have two moocs that into MP4 s using a software I believe is called avid mutes all that Does is just take out the h.264 stream and put it in an MP4 file? So there’s no reconverting or anything there, but it’s really annoying that [hitfilm] doesn’t support MKV is natively and a bunch of other formats don’t play nice so that is definitely a drawback How long do you think it would take for someone new to learn hits them? Personally I find him pretty easy to jump into especially [if] you have experience from Previous Editors with that said if you have experience in a previous editor then you maybe don’t need to get him to hit film because chances are if [your] [experience] with after if for example hitfilm might be a little bit too simple [for] you, but if you’re just getting started You [just] started editing or you’re looking for a compositor for the first time I believe Hitfilm is very easy to get into it only took me about a month of playing around to understand and That’s not even real many tutorials I’m sure if you wanted to do something specific and very quickly there are tutorials for that sort of thing But of course if you’re like me, and you just want to jump in and have fun with it Then it takes about a month to figure everything out once you have the basic concept of Editor and composite shots down And it’s really just a matter of trying out different effects and seeing how they play around so yeah I would say hey film is very easy to get into have you ever considered switching software Really the only reason I would have to switch from hit film to something like after effects for [example] is just because that’s the industry Standard that’s what everyone else uses so it’s more about peer pressure than actual functionality as far as functionality is concerned I’m more than content with hit film and it served me well over the years and again Just besides the fact that everyone else is using something else I have no reason to switch at the moment who would you recommend hit film to and why I? Would definitely recommend hit film to youtubers? Especially hip hilum Express. Which is free by the way That’ll give you a bunch of editing features and some basic effects not no cost at all and then of course [hit] [film] Pros Supports more codecs and more effects and all that so I would definitely recommend him in general for any YouTubers or you know people making [videos] mostly for fun who don’t really want to spend hours and hours poring over? Tutorials to learn [after] [effects] or sony Vegas or something [hitfilm] is in my opinion. There’s something you can jump into and have fun with In this video you may have noticed a bit of inconsistency in what I have been calling the Adobe software suite This is because while after effects and premiere are two different programs. They work together as one and are bundled together with creative Cloud Which is super convenient? both programs have a similar [startup] screen I normally close the one in after effects and start in Premiere first When you create a new project a slightly confusing dialog box pops up most of the default settings are fine But you may want [to] double check some things After you create the project you will be greeted with the default layout I have changed mine a bit And you are probably going to want [to] change yours for example my normal layout or workflow is spanned [across] two moniggors Don’t worry about getting confused though for this video. I haven’t changed much we have the basic editing workflow a project Folder a source monitor and effects panel an effects control panel a Timeline and a preview window you can of course change any of this When you import a clip premiere conforms it which is why sometimes audio may not playback at first Premiere has an advanced Media and project library that you can get super Organized with but I have only taken advantage of a small fraction of the features it [offers] Playback and Scrubbing is super smooth unless you have complex effects or advanced after effects compositions You can see how well a part will playback in premiere by looking at this color bar green means rendered yellow means, okay? Red means slow and no color means no video Adobe’s audio editing is decent But not near as good as sony vegas –is some audio effects like pitch shift are completely broken Are completely broken? or completely broken Most of the time you can get an audio effect to work after playing around with it for a bit But some simply won’t work after a certain point You can apply most Standard video effects in Premiere But the killer feature is setting clips to [after] [effects] for Advanced video effects in Compositing unlike hit films to make composite shot feature you can select multiple clips and layers that wants to send to after effects this means If you already have a multi-layer edit in premiere, but you need to send it to after effects. That’s no problem As I open [after] [effects] there is definitely one thing I have to mention at first glance this may look like some sort of space Station control [scent] but after you learn a little bit about how to use [it] it seems surprisingly friendly I’m still finding new features and better ways to do things on almost every project I work on and I’m sure there is plenty more to learn in After-effects we have a few panels But these can [vary] with every workspace so check your window options and choose what you like best [Keyframes] and transform options are available under each layer on like hitfilm where you can access this from the effects control panel as well Key framing and tracking are great but after effects as a 3D camera tracker Using this you can make a shot of 3D space you can then put anything you want into [after-effects] also has toggleable easy as keyframes which can make things look a lot smoother But one problem is that after effects will sometimes? Automatically add Keyframes smoothing which can make objects bounce and move in ways you don’t want them to it is easily fixed But is extremely [annoying] note that this happens on normal non Easy as keyframes as well text editing and creation and after effects is my favorite Editing software developers. Take note you create a new text type what you want and it adds text [onto] the video Unlike another software after effects text is super easy to create and manage. No weird layering or extra windows to edit in It’s just very straightforward Almost every single after effects user uses Plugins plugins can make some things Easier better and some even add things after effects couldn’t do before There are free and paid plugins, and you’re going to want a [few] of them But that subject is for another video when you are finished Finalizing your edit in premiere and adding effects and after effects [premiere] has you covered with the best export settings with almost too many options to choose from as long as you know what you are doing this can be extremely helpful and Nice, but if you’ve never worked with video before or you’re fairly new with it. This can be a bit confusing Now while I can sit here and talk [about] the features and advantages of each software all day Everyone ultimately has a different need truthfully. I believe the Adobe CC Suite is the best software on the market right now, but it may [not] be for you Let me break down who each software is for and why? Let’s start with sony vegas [if] you need fast and simple video editing Vegas is the right software for you What it lacks in compositing in effects it makes up for in speed and [it’s] audio capabilities Well the design may be a little archaic it’s perfect for people making contents like vlogs game videos and basic commentary like Reaction videos or reviews it is especially nice on lower end PCS laptops [so] no matter what your editing on you won’t experience too much lag almost projects the last thing I’m going to mention about Vegas is [the] price at $500 it’s a bit high for the limitations. It can have especially considering our next contender Hitfilm [is] only three hundred and fifty dollars [If] film is for people who want [to] get more advanced in Vegas but not as complex as Adobe with [its] perfect combination of editing And compositing software large feature and effects set and ease of use it’s a very competitive option especially [at] its low price point of only three hundred and fifty dollars it’s not going to require a large learning curve and if you ever want to move on to higher-end Adobe software the Similarities [are] going to make it easy I recommend hitfilm to people on a budget people who want to do easy but advanced video effects and compositing and people who want to make well edited videos without the Complexity of Adobe software as a side note hitfilm offers a completely free version of Hitfilm pro called Hitfilm Express if you want to try out [hitfilm] [I] highly recommend checking out this amazing free software especially if you want to start out in video making for free while avoiding piracy It’s fully featured without any Limitations if you want to upgrade its easy to add effects packages and codecs or you can just fully switch to Pro Adobe CC Is definitely the most advanced out of all these [softwares]? While it may take some extra time to learn the advantage is that once you master the software the possibilities [are] pretty much endless It took me about a week to learn how most things work and a month to get comfortable with it There are tons of tutorials and templates online to get you started But [you] don’t need to know the advanced stuff right away to make good videos while it has the occasional bug or audio problem The powerful features of after effects and extreme versatility of [Premiere] are worth the occasional problem Just remember to save your projects regularly creative cloud is only $50 a month to get after effects and premiere Plus all other Adobe software with any future updates Remember Plugins can cost some money as well I would recommend Adobe CC to people who want to take their videos [to] the next level people who would like to get into professional video editing and people who want software with almost no limits, so [that] about wraps it up if you like this video be [sure] to comment and leave a like rating Remember that while this video [is] informative [you] should also check out other videos and websites before getting or switching to the new Software I Recommend subscribing for more content like this as well as other [things]. I make like YouTube poops. Thank you for watching you

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  23. Davinci resolve is sort of good for video editing if anyone wants to give it a try.
    Also for recording computer screens I would suggest streamlabs it's a good software. Hope it was helpful

  24. all Softwares are effective each way. I'm currently using Cyberlink PowerDirector, now I think to use Ae, Adobe pro. along with PowerDirector.

  25. Whatever video editor you used to make this video, it wasn't good when it comes to balancing your voice (quiet volume) with the music (loud volume).

  26. Does Sony Vagus (Any Version) incorporate a Slide Show Maker that incorporates the Ken Burns Effect of pan & zoom?

  27. Honestly, if HitFilm added Optical Flow, more Tracking Options and more indepth custom plugins (which might honestly already exist since I never really searched for Plugins).
    Then HitFilm might just be the best editing software out there period.

    I worked with Sony Vegas and it was a mess, I worked with Adobe and the shit part about it is that you have to switch to After Effects and back to Premiere because certain things only exist in either of them.

    The best part about HitFilm is that you have Composite shots, all other editing software has you cluttering 1 single timeline which just looks stupid as fuck and is horrible to work with if you use grades.

    I used these programs for heavy FX editing and HitFilm has by far the biggest range of FX when it comes to a free program, the free version of HitFilm is basically a slightly lesser version of after Effects AND Premiere COMBINED.

    I also use DaVinci resolve which seems to be the only program that allows you to use Optical Flow FOR FREE, but I really only use it for that and nothing else.

    If you wanna get into extremely basic editing then some of the other programs mentioned might be the best, but I personally would recommend you DaVinci Resolve.
    Most paid programs nowedays have nice features and get a lot of updates, but for their price they are stuck so far in the past compared to all this new free software it's actually mind bogling to think how much you have to pay (Some even with expensive Subscriptions).

    Get HitFilm for Heavy FX Stuff.
    Get DaVinci Resolve either way but over all these paid products for more casual baseline editing.

  28. I tried hitfilm free a lot time ago. Am i was the only one that it was hard to edit it. Now i use Sony vegas.

  29. I have experience in using all three but I use both Vegas and Adobe premiere on a regular basis. I like using Vegas for quicker edits and while traveling on the go with integrated graphics (to save battery) while I use premiere for more for the detailed editing. As for HIt film, I use it more for visual effects like I do with after effects.

  30. One of the best motion tracker I know that works with all 3 programs is the brand new Boris Mocha. But it's roughly $700 – $1,200. It just came out in 2015.

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