What is Python?

Hello World, today we’re going to talk about python Hooray! That happens to be my favorite topic That’s why I invited you here, so tell us what is python? It’s me silly, I’m a python I know you’re a python, but what about the programming language? Language? Why that happens to be my second favorite topic I love talking As you may have noticed, I’m clear and expressive I did notice, but we’re getting off topic What I really want to talk about is… Me! I know, I’m very flexible That’s… great But about Python with a capital P That’s right, genus Python Reticulatus Oh, a smart a… Why yes, I am As you can see, I have a large and comprehensive standard library You certainly are well read Yes, I place an emphasis on readability What else do you do? Lots of things, I’m general purpose like that I can apply myself to a variety of domains and did I mention my strong introspection capabilities? I believe that the unexamined object is not worth instantiating That’s a very abstract statement Of course, I pride myself on my high level language You do like to talk I naturally express myself That’s about all I can take for one day What? We’re done? But I didn’t show you my objects, and weren’t we going to talk about python?

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