What is Bittube Browser Extension | How to Use Bit.Tube Extension to Earn Tube Coins

Hello Friends, Welcome to My Youtube Channel Today i am here with new earning opportunity for you I already created a video on bit.tube which you guys might see In this video i tell you about newly launched bittube extension In addition i also explain you about how to install & use bittube browser extension & how to earn unlimited free tubecoins from it This extension is so cool you just need to install the extension in your chrome browser & you’ll get it’s download link in the description of this video Once you open the link in your browser then the page like this show up before i continue i like to tell you that if you want to earn online with me then consider subscribing to my channel so that you guys get a notification whenever i upload a new video so after opening link the page like this’ll show up next you need to install the extension in your chrome browser for that just left click on install now tab after left clicking on install now tab the page like this show up you can use the extension in other browsers too but coz it’s specifically build to use in chrome browser therefore i recommend you to use it only in chrome browser next left click on add to chrome tab next left click on Add Extension tab now wait a sec so it finish process of downloading & adding to chrome browser next i’ll tell you how to use it to earn max tubecoins & here i successfully add bittube extension in my chrome browser then an extension icon should appears in your chrome browser simply left click on it next you need to signup here you can create your account here with twitter, google or facebook too or simply left click on signup tab & enter your credentials there first enter your desired username here next enter your preferred email address here next write your desired password here next write you password again to confirm it next left click on signup tab to finish registration then they sent you an email to your email address now i show you there email coz i already register an account with them therefore i won’t create another account in it so here i receive an email from bittubeapp,com next you need to open their email & left click on link to verify your account that’s it once you verify your account by clicking on link then you can signin now i am signing in to my account after signing in the page like this’ll show up apart from earning you can also receive & sent your tubecoins from here now how to earn free tubecoins from it first & foremost after having this extension in your browser the more you surf the more tubecoins you earn in addition you can also earn tubecoins by share you referral link with friends apart from that if you left click on link account tab then you guys can earn more tubecoins by linking your other social media accounts with bittube extension the more views you get on your facebook or youtube account then the more airtime you get means at the end of day you get more tubecoins apart from youtube you guys can link facebook & lot more social media accounts with bittube extension Guys one thing i miss here & that is after creating & login to your account then you’ll see a popup message here which ask you to verify your phone no next simply click on that popup message & enter your phone no there & verify your account once you verify your phone no then your airtime & all other features activated instantly & you start making tubecoins too. Bittube airtime extension is live now so don’t wait and install your extension now in your chrome browser & start making free tubecoins every second On top of that you guys also get 5 tubecoins just for registering an account with them pretty cool Bittube Airtime is now live install your bittube airtime extension now & earn unlimited free tubecoins just by having the extension in your chrome broser & browsing the internet On top of that you guys can even donate your tubecoins from here if you want Once you donate your coins to someone then if he won’t have account in bittube then it’s account automatically gets created & he also get notify about this action In addition this extension also has build in adblocker too it works same as conventional adblocker simply If you install this extension then you guys also get premium adblocker with it for free you can see here it’s adblocker has lot of cool tools & features which help you to block unwanted ads for free so friends all in all it’s cool extension to have it in your browser Install it now in your chrome browser & start collecting your tubecoins from now on now in this extension every account has it’s own unique wallet you can open it by clicking on wallet tab here is how it looks like & you can see i have 5 tubecoins in it here you can sent & receive your tubecoins to me it looks cool alternative of conventional adblockers apart from adblocker with this extension you guys able to generate some extra income perday for free If simply records all of your browsing time & pay you in shape of tubecoins every day If you generate tubecoins today then they sent your earned tubecoins to your wallet after seven days So friends it’s a cool way to earn some extra income online without investment Simply download it install it & activate it coz it’s live now & you guys able to generate your tubecoins right after installing & activating the extension I hope you guys’ll learn about bittube extension now If you find this video helpful then don’t forget to like it if you are new to my channel then consider subscribing & click on bell icon too so that you guys’ll get notification regarding my future videos Thanks for Watching my Videos Friend, Have a Nice Day Good Bye

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  1. Bittube Airtime is now live install your bittube airtime extension today on your google chrome browser and earn free unlimited tubecoins just by browsing the internet.
    Link to Download Extension: – http://bit.ly/2Jycdw4

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