What does YT offer Creators beyond the Partner Program?

Hello, Insiders! This week we thought we’d do a deep dive part of the discussion around
the YouTube Partner Program. We’re putting together a dedicated video
about the application process. But that’s not this video. This video is more around
YouTube as a platform for creators in the context of the YPP program. We’ve made a ton of progress getting through
the vast majority of applications but we also realize
there are still a number of people waiting people who required secondary reviews. As a recap,
when we changed the criteria for YPP to 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subs and then we had the processing delays people were saying “Wow, if I’m not in YPP “maybe there’s not much value
in uploading to YouTube.” So, we thought we’d share
our perspective on other things we’re doing to invest in
creator opportunities on the platform. Let me just go over some of them. We’d love to hear your thoughts
in the comments. If you’re not in YPP yet there are still some interesting benefits
that maybe sometimes even we take for granted working here at YouTube. The first one from a creator point of view
is the reach of the audience. We’ve hit
1.9 billion monthly logged-in viewers. Great opportunity
for creators to reach a global audience. A lot of those users
will be searching for content. It’s not just a browsing experience,
it’s not just a subscribe experience it’s also a great opportunity
for creators to get discovered. Another thing we’ve been investing in
is the Community tab. That’s still rolling out. One of the cool features is you can include in your Community post a video from other creators. It’s a great way
to put a little commentary and text then have the other person’s video underneath and promote that to your subscribers. It’s a great way
for you to stay engaged with your audience but also to help the creator of that video
get more awareness as well. The other thing we found is that many, many creators get a lot of views and viewers
from Watch next and Home suggestions. This is another thing that
helps the creator ecosystem in the long run. We’re also investing in YTA. One specific example for YouTube Analytics
in the YouTube Studio beta is what we call the funnel report
where we show impressions, click-through rate how many of the impressions
came from Watch next and Home just to help creators
understand the overall flow of how a visitor reaches their video. These are all examples of things we’re doing to help creators reach a big audience. Once you have that large audience even in a world where
you’re still waiting for a YPP decision we know a lot of creators are able to earn significant revenue off of YouTube based on their YouTube audience. The other thing
that is maybe overlooked sometimes is not just the audience but the plumbing
and infrastructure to make all this happen. As many of you know every minute there are 400 hours of new video
uploaded to YouTube. Obviously, we still invest in
storing and serving those videos all of them and we have every motivation
to monetize as many of them as we can so we’re aligned there,
but we still invest in having that ability to express yourself and have your content available to the world irrespective of whether it can be monetized
through the YPP program. The other thing that
we invest a lot in is making sure that when a video is uploaded to YouTube
it’s available globally with very small latency—
it loads really fast. The other thing that may not be as obvious is investing in making sure we are integrated into many different distribution clients. We’ve invested a lot
in the YouTube living-room experience integration with smart TVs. We transcode every video
into dozens of different formats and sizes and that’s all to make sure that
when you upload your content to YouTube it’s as globally accessible as possible. We also do a lot around
the captioning investment and crowd captioning,
speech-to-text autocaptioning more and more ways
to try to get your voice heard. Another thing that
you probably heard in the past is our investment in
making sure the platform is safe. We have been growing our team to a goal of 10,000 that are focused on making sure
the content on YouTube is appropriate. You may be thinking “Well, how does that help me?
My content is fine!” If there’s a lot of
inappropriate content on a platform it hurts everybody. It turns off viewers,
it’s not good for advertisers, it’s not right so we obviously invest in that. Same thing with copyright. In order to make sure
this platform remains accessible and available to as many creators as possible we also need to make sure the content and intellectual property rights of IP holders are respected and protected,
including endemic creators as evidenced through
the copyright protection feature we started rolling out
for individual channels in case other channels are using your content so you can be notified
and reach out to those channels. The other thing I’ll talk about
is creator resources. There’s the Creator Academy channel our FanFest events,
our major sponsor of VidCon every year the YouTube Play Button awards program and even this little channel, Creator Insider are all examples, we hope, of our commitment to helping this ecosystem thrive
and grow and be successful. Another thing that might be behind the scenes
or not obvious is the sales force. We have thousands of people who work at Google on the ad side every day meeting with businesses and most of those proposals
include a YouTube component. That’s a great way for you
to focus on creating great content and know that we’re reaching out to all the top brands, all the top advertisers to make sure their marketing budget considers YouTube as a great opportunity. Next, I thought
I’d do a back-of-the-envelope exercise to try to figure out if you didn’t upload to YouTube,
what would it cost to do it yourself. I think the biggest thing I encountered
was the value of promotion. We did an experiment for Creator Insider where we ran ads on AdWords Search ads and ads on YouTube
to promote Creator Insider. I think we spent $1,000 for that campaign
and we got a lot of views and a decent number of subscribers but it was a fraction of what we were getting
from Watch next and the Home page. So, if you actually calculate
the value of that promotion from Watch next and the Home page it adds up to
at least hundreds of dollars a year in our case
probably tens of thousands of dollars a year. That’s just one example to try to quantify the value of the free services that a lot of creators get from YouTube. To be fair, and to keep it real if you’re producing great quality content
that is brand appropriate that meets our terms of service,
that meets our Community Guidelines and that content is unique and authentic
and original, our incentives are aligned. YouTube wants
as many creators to be monetizing as possible. It’s certainly good for us as a business. But we also have to do it
in a responsible way and we also have to do that
in a way that allows us to sustain the trust
and investment from advertisers and viewers and just to make sure the platform is safe
and healthy for the long run. The last thing I’ll talk about is
within our team and I work in the Creator team our goal is the number of creators earning a material amount of money
on YouTube. We are measured on
that number going up as much as possible and the encouraging thing is every year we look at these graduation rates
between tiers of creators. Creators are making
maybe just a modest amount of money and then a little bit more
and a little bit more. What we see is every year
the size of those groups is growing healthily and the number of people
moving from one tier to the next is also growing healthily. So, ecosystem-wide we think
we’re moving in the right direction and things are going well. However, on a case-by-case basis there are probably folks
we can do a better job with and the focus of the organization now is to say OK, great,
overall the ecosystem’s doing well how do we make sure every creator
that’s trying really hard that’s adding a lot of valuable content that’s unique
and consistent with our guidelines how do we make sure they’re succeeding? All of them
that are meeting those guidelines. With your help, hopefully we’ll get there. Please leave feedback in the comments below and in the meantime, keep it real!

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