Wet Application of a Window Graphic

Wet Application of a Window Graphic Sometimes window graphics are viewed from both sides, which means the adhesive side has to look absolutely perfect. This is the only time we would suggest using
water to ease your application. First follow the steps outlined in the video
creating a clean zone. Before beginning a wet application, be sure
the adhesive on your graphic is not water-based or air egress. Air egress films can trap water in their air
channels, which can lead to failures. If your film is water based or air egress,
follow the steps laid out in our dry window application video. Start by making precise measurements of the
window opening and cut the graphic to this exact size. Backslide the graphic twice near the center
and across the web, about six inches apart. Then spray some detergent mix on the glass
and the area that you have backslid. Remove the small piece of liner you have cut
out and float the graphic into place. When it is exactly where you want it, firmly
squeegee the water out, starting from the center. Let the adhesive set up for about twenty minutes. This will ensure that the adhesive is strong
enough to hold the graphic in place as you remove the liner in the next step. Lightly spray the portion of the glass you
will install on first. And slowly remove the liner as you apply the
graphic. Be ensured to squeegee out all of the water. Repeat these steps on the other half as well. Let the adhesive on the complete graphic
set up for about twenty minutes before attempting to remove the pre-mask. If you are working in a cool environment and
the adhesive takes too long to set up, causing the graphic to come off with the pre-mask,
take a wetted squeegee, soak the edge and reapply the entire graphic. Continue to rewet the squeegee, as it dries
out. The thin film of water you have applied will
break the surface tension of the paper and allow the pre-mask to come off with less effort. Using the wet application technique will make your window graphics look great from both sides.

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  1. bubbles are very common and come out once the graphic warms up to temp / sets properly, anyone who made comment about air bubbles has clearly never worked with vinyl before or done an installation of this size.

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