Westcon Enhances Application Performance and Reduces MPLS Dependence with SD-WAN

Westcon Comstor is a specialist
value-added distributor. We’re specialists in security, unified
communications, and networking. Westcon are across over 80 different countries
with the ability to transact with over 20 thousand different customers every
single year. The mission for Westcon is to act as a true value-added distributor
to our partners. We always try and pick the leading Gartner vendors. The
performance of the network is vital at Westcon. It provides a user experience
for our partners and it also it runs our warehousing system. Westcon have built
a number of in-house apps based on SAP as a backbone. Westcon’s network before
Silver Peak SD-WAN were single MPLS links into each corporate site and also
into our data centers. We had a lack of visibility into what the applications
were doing. We would quite often come across poor connectivity calls, poor
quality of service when using video services… So when we looked to SD-WAN, the
ability to classify, get visibility of applications, and actually be able to
prioritize those applications across our network were an absolute requisite for
making our decision. Silver Peak had one of the clearest routes to market and
technologies most relevant for the mid- market and large enterprise base. We
deployed the Silver Peak EdgeConnect™ devices into our 30 locations, and also four
devices were put into the Microsoft Azure cloud. Silver Peak’s Orchestrator is
the leader in the market. It’s allowed our IT team to drill down into
applications; they’ve got visibility they never had before. Some of the benefits
that we’ve seen with Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution have included better uptime,
which enables our employees to always make sure that they’re available to
interact and serve our customers; our network throughput has increased
tenfold. We’re also able to scale our bandwidth requirements far more
effectively. Looking into the future for Westcon we are looking to expand our
footprint globally, and Silver Peak is a key part of making that happen. The
Silver Peak is now absolutely amazing!

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