Weight Loss Program – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Jack, your dinner’s ready! Oh boy! Coming mom! *screams* Ready to eat? I.. I think I’m gonna skip to.. Hey guys! Rob here, stay tuned till after the credits because Bill Jones our animation director wrote and animated a very special little commerical for our Cyanide & Happiness show (Person behind: Don’t go!) So stay tuned Hmm… And this will be my most evil creation yet! Hmm, let’s see… A dash of necro-dust, a splash of cyanide, and a wee bit of happiness Oh God, what have i done? WHAAT HAVE I DONE!!??

100 thoughts on “Weight Loss Program – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. Anyone else think of that rollercoaster that goes super high then through a series of perfect loops because the gforce is designed to kill you?

  2. You shouldn't make fun of people wait cuz if you were fat I know everybody would have made fun of you so don't try us point blank. 🤬🤬 B***h

  3. As usual Youtube recommending me videos and showing them as unwatched, when i remember that i watched this
    what the heck is with youtube in the last 2 months

  4. 1'st newton's law of moution: …

    1'st law of thermaldynamics: …

    Friction out of nowhere:
    ExplosmEntertiment: YES

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