We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! – Subor Z+ Early Review

Ok, do I have better weapons? Like, oh my god look at all this, they're homing, they're homing. You have to shoot them down. You know when you're gaming at 4K resolution It's easy to forget that under the hood of Microsoft's most powerful Xbox 1 Is little more than a low power AMD Jaguar processor And an aging Polaris – based integrated graphics card Oh and did I mention the mechanical hard drive. See the truth is if the Xbox 1 X ran standard windows with standard windows games It would be dawg slow But the other thing that's easy to forget is that all of those parts in it are fundamentally standard PC components So what would prevent someone from building a faster game console? oooh Apparently nothing. This is the subor Z plus A game console from China that we got our hands on Lets uhh… lets take this baby for a spin, shall we? Right after I tell you guys about GlassWire Glaswire allows you to instantly see your current and past network activity, detect malware and block badly-behaving apps on your PC or android device. Use offer code : 'Linus' and get 25 percent off GlassWire at the link below. *Rad intro music* Ignoring that then we've got two usb 2.0 type A ports on the front and then 4 usb 3.0 ports around the back along with ethernet twin hdmi ports though both of these are outputs So there's no fancy cable blocks pass-through or anything like that And three and a half millimeter jacks with audio Along with a S/PDIF connector On the bottom, there's this little latch right here and this is cool It reveals two two and a half inch drive bays Uhh should we fire it up and see what it looks like in action? So this is a pretty bog-standard windows install The only thing that really stands out about it out of the box is that Everything that you see in the installed programs is stuff that we put on it, Its extremely clean. The only preinstalled application is this uhhhh What's it what's this thing called again So thanks for watching guys, if you disliked this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed Or maybe consider checking out where to buy these stuff we featured at the link in the video description, good luck by the way. And while you're down there you can check out our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join.

49 thoughts on “We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! – Subor Z+ Early Review

  1. This thing makes a lot more sense in today's environment. The days of weird voodoo magic based consoles like ps3 is over. Now that we have mature low level graphics apis, solid mainstream hardware and streaming services, expect consoles to differentiate more based on first party titles and software tech

  2. This box has been discontinued according to this article:


    Sources speaking to Chinese hardware news site IT Home revealed that the team working on the Z+ was dissolved on May 10th, with the entire Shanghai office dedicated to the project shutting down. The Z+ website has also been taken offline, suggesting that the console won’t be coming to the market any time soon.

  3. So did this just never actually launch? Kind of want to see how it turned out, but can't find any videos for it outside of one's like this.

  4. I was like damn this guy knows what hes talking about! Let me check out his suggested affiliate links in the description. (at end promotes square space which is shit) – passing on those affiliate links lol

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  6. A Chinese gaming console running Windows? Interesting.

    I would have been expecting them to be running a distribution of Linux instead.

  7. unboxing took like 2min and yet there are people milking views with 10min videos for $ that unbox something like a flashlight like brain-dead monkeys

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