Watch: New Opera browser for Android

hi I’m on J’s Bhavan spot manager of Opera for Android today I’d like to update you on what’s new in our browser the red off-road mode turbo is now replaced with a blue turbo mode switch in turbo mode we compress page content as much as possible on our opera turbo servers but the page rendering happens on your phone this means that you’ll get perfectly functioning dynamic sights while you’re still saving a large amount of data and it’s fast to you can now sync your tabs between opera on your computer and opera Android super handy for when you start browsing on your laptop and want to continue where you left off on your phone and of course it works the other way around as well get it from the Google Play Store try it and let us know what you think you

8 thoughts on “Watch: New Opera browser for Android

  1. Compression problem reported many times by me – finally fixed on my LG Optimus L7 II 🙂


  2. Using Opera for 9 years almost, one word to describe it: INNOVATION … That's why i miss all the features in the older versions … Please i hope you incorporate all of them in this new versions …. Congrats and keep going. I'm Paul from Equator (South America)

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