10 thoughts on “War Thunder – Upcoming Content – Developer Q&A (6/20/2019)

  1. regarding missing vehicles, it also makes you scratch your head, when you see "duplicates" or similar tanks in the trees, but on the other hand they refuse to give duplicates or similar tanks to other trees. For example all the Shermans, all the T-34s, T-64, Abrams all the AMX-30s, yet we had to wait 4 years for a second Type 74, which turned out to be premium, and likewise we have two Arietes in the game, which are basically the same tank, but they will never add a second Type 90, or a second LeClerc, while we have 4 Abrams in the game 2 of which are basically the same vehicle.

  2. There always virus in warthunder in it my computer hit it today this game to risky for my computer be careful downloading at ur risk

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