''Wait, You Speak Chinese?!!'' ((LEVEL-UP))

**I'M GETTING PREPARED FOR THIS BATTLE THAT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN** ((SPANISH)) I want to practice my Chinese ((SPANISH)) My Chinese with him ((SPANISH)) Let's speak Chinese **TIME TO GET PAID** ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((MANDARIN)) How could you eat that? ((MANDARIN)) You can.. ((MANDARIN)) As far as this one here…it will be smoked ((MANDARIN)) You can speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) You speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Wow, that's not bad ((MANDARIN)) You can speak Chinese??!! ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) That's not easy ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Not at all ((MANDARIN)) You're being too nice ((MANDARIN)) Speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn it? ((MANDARIN)) I'm self-taught ((MANDARIN)) SELF-TAUGHT!!!!??????!! ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) That's not easy ((MANDARIN)) It's not easy, but I've been learning for a very long time ((MANDARIN)) More than 10 years ((MANDARIN)) Very good! ((MANDARIN)) Then did you go to China to work? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Not bad ((MANDARIN)) You have a son? ((MANDARIN))Yes ((MANDARIN)) He was born here in America? ((MANDARIN)) Right, he was born in America ((MANDARIN)) He doesn't speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) He can understand without a problem, but his speaking….. ((MANDARIN)) Not good? ((MANDARIN)) Very what? ((MANDARIN)) Very difficult… ((MANDARIN)) Oh my God, you speak so good ((MANDARIN)) But I… ((MANDARIN)) You really speak good ((MANDARIN)) So, you're self-taught?! Nobody is teaching you? ((MANDARIN)) Nobody ((MANDARIN)) Wow, not bad ((MANDARIN)) Then you use the radio or… ((MANDARIN)) When I first started learning Chinese, I always listened to uh….what do you call it… ((MANDARIN) Programs… ((MANDARIN)) Cassette recordings ((MANDARIN)) That's not bad at all, really… ((MANDARIN)) It's difficult ((MANDARIN)) Yea, it's difficult ((MANDARIN)) What about writing the Chinese characters? ((MANDARIN)) I can write and read both the traditional and simplified characters ((MANDARIN)) Chinese characters are more difficult ((MANDARIN)) Too difficult ((MANDARIN)) This is the most difficult in the world…. ((MANDARIN)) When you get a chance, you need to go to China ((MANDARIN)) Oh, I certainly will ((MANDARIN)) China is quite fun ((MANDARIN)) Do you guys come from the same place? ((MANDARIN)) No, not the same place ((MANDARIN)) We are from different provinces ((MANDARIN)) Which province? ((MANDARIN)) I'm from Guangdong ((MANDARIN)) You are from Guangdong? ((MANDARIN)) Yea, do you know Guangdong? ((MANDARIN)) I know ((MANDARIN)) Guangdong and Hong Kong ((CANTONESE)) I can also speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) You speak Cantonese too??! ((MANDARIN)) They can't even speak Cantonese… ((CANTONESE)) They don't know how to speak ((CANTONESE)) A lot of Chinese people can't speak Cantonese though ((CANTONESE)) Yea! ((CANTONESE)) People from Hong Kong and Guangdong speak that… Oh my God….let's be friends ((MANDARIN)) I think my Mandarin is better ((MANDARIN)) But I think my pronunciation and tones of Cantonese are…. ((MANDARIN)) Lacking just a little bit? ((MANDARIN)) They can't speak Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) Where are they from? ((CANTONESE)) Where are they from? ((MANDARIN)) He's from Anhui and he's from Chongqing ((SZECHUAN DIALECT)) Let's have a chat oh my God ((MANDARIN)) So, what's your name? ((CANTONESE)) My Chinese name is Mouse ((CANTONESE)) Nickname ((CANTONESE)) But my American name is Moses ((CANTONESE)) Where do you live? ((CANTONESE)) I live in Columbus, Ohio ((MANDARIN)) We live in Columbus as well ((CANTONESE)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) This is my first time out here ((CANTONESE)) If you have a chance, you can come and eat some Chinese food ((CANTONESE)) You know? ((CANTONESE)) I live here.. ((MANDARIN)) You're also in Columbus? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) Where in Columbus? ((MANDARIN)) Uh…do you know…. ((MANDARIN)) Close to Eastland ((MANDARIN)) What place is it close to? ((MANDARN)) Is it close? ((CANTONESE)) Almost ((CANTONESE)) Close to Dublin ((CANTONESE)) So far…. ((MANDARIN)) Wow, they can't even speak Cantonese, but you can, that's not easy ((MANDARIN)) When I was over there fishing, I heard you guys speaking Chinese so…. ((MANDARIN)) I said to myself ''Wow, I should practice some Chinese with them'' lol ((MANDARIN)) Chinese characters aren't easy… ((MANDARIN)) So, where is your birth place? ((MANDARIN)) My birthplace is America ((MANDARIN)) Oh, so you were born in America? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Have you ever been to China? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) He hasn't been to China yet ((MANDARIN)) Then, you should go.. ((MANDARIN)) Oh yes, I'll certainly go ((MANDARIN)) I'll give you my business card ((MANDARIN)) Are you in school or are you working now? ((MANDARIN)) I'm working. I'm a teacher.. ((MANDARIN)) Private teacher ((MANDARIN)) I teach languages ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) What do you teach? ((MANDARIN)) Languages ((MANDARIN)) You have a language talent ((MANDARIN)) That's right…a language talent ((MANDARIN)) Too difficult ((MANDARIN)) Really difficult ((MANDARIN)) It's fun ((MANDARIN)) Give them one ((MANDARIN)) Here you go ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Not at all ((MANDARIN)) You're a genius ((MANDARIN)) Yea, he's a Genius ((MANDARIN)) He can speak Cantonese. Not many people can speak Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) That's not an easy thing to do ((MANDARIN)) But..since they can already speak Mandarin, Cantonese wouldn't be difficult for them to learn… ((MANDARIN)) I can't speak Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) But it wouldn't be difficult for you ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin grammar and Cantonese grammar are the same ((MANDARIN)) Right, the pronunciation isn't the same ((MANDARIN)) For example.. ((MANDARIN)) The vocabulary is almost the same ((MANDARIN)) I'll give you an example ((MANDARIN)) Cha bu duo ''Almost'' ((CANTONESE)) Cha m do ''Almost'' ((MANDARIN)) Also… ((MANDARIN)) Dui bu qi ''Excuse me'' ((CANTONESE)) Deoi mm zjyu ''Excuse me'' ((MANDARIN)) I'll give you a call. This is your phone number here? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, this is my cell number ((MANDARIN)) This is my cell number, I'm calling you now ((MANDARIN)) OK, hello, hello ((MANDARIN)) Come by if you have time, ok? ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) Do you know…. ((MANDARIN)) China communist party ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you guys ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I'm especially happy ((CANTONESE)) Special happiness ((MANDARIN)) What other languages can you speak? ((MANDARIN)) Japanese, Korean ((MANDARIN)) Not easy ((MANDARIN)) I just like to learn other languages so….. ((MANDARIN)) That's pretty good ((MANDARIN)) It's fun ((MANDARIN)) A lot of Chinese people really like to wear these ((MANDARIN)) You bought those at a Chinese store? ((MANDARIN)) I'm not sure where my friend bought them from, but… ((MANDARIN)) Chinese women wear those ((MANDARIN)) This is actually for women though ((MANDARIN))Yes ((MANDARIN)) But, I'm not gay, though ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty then… ((MANDARIN)) OK ((CANTONESE)) Continue fishing ((MANDARIN)) Continue fishing ((MANDARIN)) Take care ((MANDARIN)) OK Sloppy…. ((SPANISH)) I want to practice my Chinese ((SPANISH)) Let's speak Chinese ((SPANISH)) Right now

43 thoughts on “''Wait, You Speak Chinese?!!'' ((LEVEL-UP))

  1. found this channel a few days ago, i speak chinese as well (but born in aus) this shit warms my heart man, been binging these videos and my mouth actually hurts from smiling. this is so good. subbed, and the only channel ive clicked the notification bell for.

  2. Have no idea what ya'll were saying but still watched the entire video. Brings so much happiness to my heart! If you could translate the videos that would be badass

  3. Tai bang le!
    I'm also learning chinese by my own. It's been a month now and thought of giving myself 6 mos only to see progress. If there isnt then i'll stop. But watching this video and hearing you were learning it for 10 years is very inspirational..

  4. when i see such badassness i assume people were just born that way. You my good man showed me that its a practiced, thought out, taught discipline. Your the most badass man i know.

  5. What methods of learning other languages do you recommend? The conventional verb tense sheets or something else? (From your experience, I know it varies from person to person)

  6. i also like studying languages for fun
    i’ve been learning japanese for almost four years now, german i spent a little over two years, chinese for almost one year, i’m going into my second year of latin in school, i’ve spent a couple months randomly to study icelandic and arabic, i can read korean but my vocabulary is very limited, and i work on the greek alphabet and thai occasionally

    it’s really fun and i’m glad i chose this as a hobby, i’m just tryna communicate yknow

  7. My fav moment is he said the Chinese word "that" in between sentence(那个it sounds like English N-word), I've been trying my best not to use 那个 when I talk in mandarin in English speaking world, it's too long to explain, also too offensive for people who don't know. I felt liberated somewhat, but I will still try not to use that Mandarin word

  8. I can't handle how wholesome this is! 😁 You've completely renewed my motivation to keep learning languages.

  9. I hate how people are shocked and then say Oh very good like I need your praise? how about you learn how to speak English better. English speakers don't habitually hear you and say very good you pronounce that very well no

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