Vila Misterioze Enver Hoxhes (SHQIPtube)

If you haven’t tried Brave Browser yet it’s time to change your browser then you want ads under control to protect information and speed 2 up to 8 times faster than Chrome and any other browser. All these friends of yours SHQIPtube are regular users who are the best proof of Brave Browser is the future of the internet. Villa Enver Hoxha has a very special story which Enver returned to his residence for his party mates. The house hidden behind the green and the atmosphere scary was a forbidden area for the citizens of that time which became the residence of members of the Communist Party. Today this mysterious fire is no longer an object Prohibited for Albanians but returned to a place visited by many young people, and in this video we will talk about the time when dictator Enver Hoxha lived, untouched house and lined with many mysteries. The area of ​​the former block is the most interesting place in Tirana, inherited architecture showcases Communist history and what came after its collapse where it is build mysterious villas ENVER HOUSES. Surrounded by metal shields and a large space Enver Hoxha lived in this house until his death for over 4 decades. Today Villa Enver Hoxha is as intact as he left it his family. The ghostly and closed house for the citizens has its walls painted with socialist art, Enver’s room doors are isolated to noise, to some rooms are set with old TV set, in the basement there is a swimming pool and a door secret that leads to a tunnel that Enver Hoxha built to leave in the event attack The Enver Hoxha bunker was first opened to the public in 2014 by Prime Minister Edi Rama. Bunker Built under communism in Albania today is turned into an art space but was once an anti-nuclear bunker with 5 underground floors and 106 rooms built by Enver Hoxha. The bunker comprises from the apartments, offices and the large hall where the general staff was assembled. bunker was built by Enver Hoxha for the purpose of surviving a bomb nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union or the US. After 36 years of anti-nuclear bunker I Communism has turned into a historical-artistic center called “BUNK’ART” and has been visited by thousands of Albanians and people from all over the world

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  1. ai e ka dasht shqiperin per at arsye ka kontribu gjysen e pasuris se tij per te ber bunker per me mbojt shqiptarin, por ai si ka dasht tradhetaret ja ka hek kryt si tpules tani per at arsye se kan qef enve hoxhen, por mir ja ka bo se ai nuk e ka vra njerin e tjesht pa i shti kush hunt ne politik si ka dasht pa shkollunt ka dasht me qu perpara shqiprin

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