Using the Software Licensing Portal and Installing Your Freedom Scientific Software

[Intro music fades out] Congratulations! You are ready to access your software and
the Software Portal! You should have received two emails after
purchasing your Annual Software license. The first was a confirmation email of your
order which you should keep for your records. The second email has the subject “Software
Installation Instructions.” Within this second email, you will
find two important links. The first is the one you want to use if this
software license is purchased for you and is being installed on your computers for you
to personally manage. The second link is there if you intend to
pass the license on to another person that will use and manage the license. You will need their email address if you select the second choice. Remember, Annual Licenses are limited for use within the United States. Since this is a license I am setting up for
my own personal use, I will choose the first option I will click “register as a new user now.” When I arrived at the Portal it detected that
the email address for the license had not yet been registered, so I am placed here on
the registration screen. Here I am asked to provide my email and other
contact information, along with a password that will be used in the future to manage
my licenses via the Portal. Please note, your password must be at least
8 characters with one letter and one number included. I have typed in all the necessary information. I will click the “Register” button. Now you will want to go to your email inbox
and find the Registration Confirmation email that should have just arrived. Remember that if it has not appeared after a moment or so, you may wish to check your spam folder. I have the Registration Confirmation email
open. I will click “Confirm your portal account
here.” Now you are ready to sign into the Portal
using your email address and new password. I will click “Sign in Now.” The sign in page for the Portal loads. I will log in with my email address and password. The Portal page with the new product loads. It shows “Activate this Computer.” There is also an add notes section on this
page. This is to help remind you which computers
have been activated. I will type some information here to help me remember which computer I am activating today. Then I will activate the Add Notes button. The license I am working with allows me to
activate up to 3 of my computers. Some licenses, such as the Student License,
limits activation to one computer at a time. The good news with the Portal is that you
can always activate or deactivate any of your computers, even if you are not currently on
that computer. Let’s go ahead and click “Activate.” I’ll click the “OK” button for the File Download
Notification. A small file is downloaded to determine if
I already have the latest software installed. You will need to locate that file and activate
it. This information is communicated back to the
Portal, which will then proceed with the full install, or just getting an older version
updated. It then downloads the license and sets it
all up for you. I already had the JAWS program installed on
my computer ahead of time, so that the setup will just need to put my license on the computer. And that will happen within a matter of seconds. It tells us when it is complete. Once the license has been activated, you will
find that you now have 1 of 3 installs detected. If I go to a second computer of mine, I can
do the same process there by logging into You are now ready to start using your Freedom
Scientific Software! Freedom Scientific, a Vispero Brand.
[Outro music] If you are interested in other training, please visit us on the WEB: YouTube:
Freedom Scientific Training Channel

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