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hey guys, welcome back to my channel! so i know it’s been a while since i filmed my last video. a LOT has happened… sooo i’m going to update you guys on what’s happened so far. the last thing i left off on was that i was finishing my application. i finished it and i sent it to korvia. they told me the things that i needed to correct, and then i corrected them. i sent it back to them, and they submitted my application to EPIK on september 3rd. so all recruiters submitted applications on september 3rd. EPIK took about a month to review them and they started interviews for people that applied through recruiters on october 1st. so… yeah, it took about a month if you’re applying with a recruiter and you have all your stuff ready at the very beginning, just be aware of that- that the process is a little bit longer if you’re going through a recruiter because you have that middle man between you and EPIK. so while i was waiting for that month that EPIK was going through applications, i got a few things done. i got my criminal background check done because after august 1st, your criminal background check is good for 6 months. so i wanted to get that one done as soon as possible since it tends to take the longest. it is the one that takes the longest. i didn’t go through the regular route that takes super long (i can’t think of the name) i didn’t go through that route- i went through a channeler. i wanted to go through accurate biometrics but i didn’t have a location in the city that i live in. so i looked for an approved fbi channeler that was in my city and the one that i found was fieldprint. fieldprint cost $50, which is what most of them cost. it was a digital fingerprint, like a livescan. so i made the appointment, i went in, it cost $50. i got my criminal background check results LITERALLY in less than a minute. after i was done with my fingerprints, i already had an email on my phone to check for my background check results. super quick, super easy- it took less than 5 minutes and before i even walked out of the post office, i already had my results on my email which was really awesome! so i printed that pdf out, and in order to get the apostille on my CBC, i sent all of my stuff to monument visa. so monument visa is an expediting aspostille service. instead of sending it to get it apostilled the long way, i wanted to do it the quickest way possible so i could have all my documents asap so i could send them to korea once i pass my interview- IF i pass my interview (lol) so i sent all my things to monument visa. monument visa asks for you to fill out a form. if you are applying through korvia, then you can get a $5 discount (really anyone can use this) and korvia has a certain form that is pretty much almost completely filled out. and all you have to fill out is you name, your address, if you are apostilling your criminal background check or your diploma. the good thing about monument visa is that you don’t have to send all of your stuff in the mail to them you can send them an email with the form filled out and your signture that form can also have your credit card information, or you can pay through paypal which is what i did, because i feel like it is more secure. so you send them the form, you pay online or put your information on the form and then you also attach in the email your criminal background check pdf. and then monument visa takes care of the rest. monument visa cost $50 (with the korvia $5 discount) $52.50 with the extra paypal fee and it took about a week. after a week- that same week that i got my criminal background check results, i sent my stuff in the email to monument visa the next week i had already gotten my apostilled criminal background check back in the mail. so it was super quick, super efficient. i’m definitely planning on using monument visa when i’m apostilling my diploma after i graduate because obviously i need that as quick as possible. so while i was waiting for the results form korvia, i got my criminal background check done and apostilled, i got current transcripts (since i haven’t graduated yet) i got 2 sets of current transcripts so i could send that with my documents to korea. i had my letters of recommendation already signed in ink i asked my school for a letter of intent to graduate. if you haven’t graduated yet, then you need to request a letter of intent to graduate so that EPIK knows that you will be getting your degree after you graduate. and this is acting like a placeholder for your apostilled degree, since you don’t have it yet. so i got that from my school. on the EPIK website, it has specific instruction on what they expect to be in the letter which includes an ink signed signature, and a stamp and/or seal from your school. so i got all of that from my school. since i’m also graduating with my teaching license, i needed a sworn declaration for that. so i spoke to my academic advisor to write me an email i’m so dumb i meant a letter lmao i spoke to my advisor to write a letter for me, saying that after my graduation i would be getting my teaching certificate. i did speak to my school because i’m currently student teaching. i finish student teaching about 2-3 weeks before graduation (actually a month) so i was hoping that i could get my teaching license sooner since i’m pretty much done before i graduate but that wasn’t possible, unfortunately. so i still got the letter for my teaching license basically saying that when i graduate, i will be getting my teaching certificate. so along with the letter of the sworn declaration for my teaching certifcate, i also had to fill out the form that EPIK has in their website. it’s really simple. you either check if you’re doing it for a telf, tesol, or a celta a teaching license, or if you have teaching experience. and so you just check that off, you put the date that you’re expected to finish, and how many hours (if tefl/tesol/celta)- depending on whatever it is that you’re filling it out for. and you have to sign it, of course. i took pictures for my visa and for my application. so when i went to do my fingerprints, they also took pictures there so i took my pictures right there and then. i just made sure that they were the right size that they ask for the visa application. i thought i could just kill 2 birds with one stone and use the same picture for my visa application and for my EPIK application because i would need more pictures anyway when i get to korea because when you are applying for your ARC (alien registration card) and for certain things, you need a visa picture. so i jus thought, why not take the picture and then i’ll make copies of it so i have extras on backup for later. so all of this happened in the span of about a month. on october 1st is when EPIK interviews for applicants that applied through recruiters started. so october 1st was when people that were applying through recruiters started getting their EPIK interviews. i got an email for my interview on october 3rd through korvia. the thing about when you’re applying through a recruiter, whatever time slot that you put on your application is what your recruiter is going to choose from. when you are a direct applicant, you can choose the time EPIK will email you a link and you can choose time time for whenever you want to have it at. BUT if you’re going through a recruiter, your recruiter will choose based on whatever times you put on your application. so for myself, since i’m student teaching, i don’t want to be up super late at night when i know i’m going to have to wake up the next morning and go to school and be at school for 6-7 hours with a bunch of high schoolers so i made my times kind of reasonable. so i believe i put 9 am KST to about 3 pm KST and for me, since i’m in the mountain standard time (MST), that translates to about 6 pm MST to about midnight. so i didn’t want to stay up anywhere past midnight for my interview i want this job (trust me), but i’m not having an interview at like 3 in the morning. that was NOT for me. so i got my email from korvia that i got my interview. they emailed me on october 3rd and my interview was scheduled for october 11th, which was the next week on a wednesday. my interview was scheduled for 2 pm KST, but it was 11 pm MST. i had no problems with that at all whatsoever, i was perfectly fine with that. so i let my recruiter know that i was great with that time. so i had my interview on wednesday, october 11th and on thursday, october 12th, korvia sent me an email that I PASSED MY INTERVIEW YAYYYYYYYYYY i was so surprised at how fast i got that email basically saying that i was accepted. literally the next day i got my email, which was great! i was thrilled. i was expecting it to take about a week or so, but i was glad that it took a day. that was basically the OK that once i have my documents, i can send them to korvia and then korvia would hand deliver them to the EPIK office. so i pretty much had all of my documents, so i was ready to send them! i sent my documents out through fedex, just because between fedex and dhl, dhl was actually $42 and fedex was $52. the only difference was that when i got to the post office, they had already picked up the dhl packages so they wouldn’t have sent out my package (if i went through dhl) until the next day. and they were picking up the fedex packages in 30 minutes to an hour. so i sent my documents out on monday, and they were supposed to get to korea on wednesday but if i went through dhl, it would have taken an extra day. so i just went with the extra $10 and went through fedex. i know i’ve herd other people that they’ve had to pay $80- $100. i’m just glad that i didn’t have to pay that much! and it still got to korea in like 2 days. so my documents did get to korea on the 17th of october. they did take 2 days. they got to korvia. once korvia got them, they sent me an email that they got my documents, they reviewed them, they looked through them and everything was good. they hand delivered the documents to EPIK, and they let me know that EPIK was reviewing them and that once EPIK is ready, they’ll send them off to the MOE’s and POE’s. so that’s pretty much where i’m at right now. i’m pretty much just waiting until i hopefully get my placement! so yeah…. a LOT has happened since my last video i’m really excited! i’m just so glad that i was able to pass my interview, and have all my documents ready so i could send them off right away especially since i’m still in school. i have student teaching, i have lesson planning, i have seminars, and all these things going on. so i’m really glad that i took the initiative and did all the things that i needed to do earlier and not now when everything is getting kinda crazy, since i have a month of student teaching left. so yeah, that’s pretty much where i’m at right now. so…. um….. …………. yeah. i was also able to talk to my school so i could get my diploma a little bit faster. so originally, my school told me that once grades are posted after graduation, which is a few days after graduation, (about 4-5 days), then i would contact my specific college, which is the college of science i would contact my college to let them know that my grades are posted and to contact the graduation office so that they can start printing out my diploma. originally, they told me that this would take about a month and that i would get my diploma in the middle of january. but i was able to talk to my school and they do have an expediting service. so at my school, if i pay $30 more, then i can have my diploma overnighted to me. so instead of it taking weeks, and then i have to wait in the mail for it to come, it would come in 2 business days and then i could go to my school and pick it up in-person. so i’m SUPER happy about that because the thing about EPIK is that if you want to be placed if you want to be hired for the main intake (FEBRUARY) then your documents have to be in korea (EPIK’s hands) by january 15th and that was originally the date that they told me that i would be getting my diploma. not even apostilled yet. still here in texas. NO WHERE near korea. so i’m really grateful that they were able to do that for me and get me that information. so once i get my diploma, i will send it to monument visa so they can have it apostilled so i can send my apostilled diploma, my actual final transcripts, and my teaching certificate to korea so then i’ll have all my documents ready. so yeah, that’s pretty much where i’m at! if you guys have any questions, let me know in the comment below. if you do want to see a video on my interview and the questions that i was asked, or any tips that i have, let me know and i will definitely make that video. and i will see you guys later. byeeeeeeee!

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  1. Woow awesome. So happy you passed you interview.

    Please do the interview video. I submitted my application last week and waiting for an interview date. I am going to apostolle my documents next week so yah. Hoping for the best

  2. Hi! This video was very helpful! I got accepted and now I need to do my apostille documents. I looked at the link in your description box for monument visa. That process looks specific to Korvia. I applied directly through EPIK. Am I able to use the same process you used or is that only for Korvia applicants?

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