UNLV/UNR Executive Development Program

So I think there’s something really special about Lake Tahoe, first of all. It’d be easy to have this in a place like Las Vegas, where we can show
off all the properties to the world’s next generation
of gaming leaders, but there’s nothing like a retreat setting. So there are benefits all over the classroom
at EDP. There’s a tremendous faculty. I mean, we bring the best of the best. And not just folks who have tremendous experience leading the biggest companies in
the industry… But also these are folks who, at heart, are
teachers. It’s hard to get out of that, that box, and
this lets you separate and really focus on the industry
and how it’s changing and how you can do things differently. We do a lot of work. It’s a long trip. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also a lot of fun. I have around 50 new friends. As we start working in group projects and,
um, getting to know each other, we learn from each other
and develop a really strong relationship by the end. It will make you think differently, and everything that you thought
that you knew, um, there’s a spin to it, and there’s a way
to think differently about it. I’m immediately gonna go back and challenge every process that I have in place
to see if I can do things differently because there’s clearly
a better way to do it. The thing about the hospitality industry is
that it’s so busy, I mean 24/7, 365 you don’t have time to take
a step back, to take a breath, to contemplate the big strategic questions to come up with some answers to
those strategic questions, like you do in this gorgeous
retreat setting of Lake Tahoe.

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