UMass Amherst Admissions Vlog: Transfer Application Tips

– Hey everyone, Rebecca Duffy here. Today, I am going to be
sharing some application tips for students who are looking
to transfer colleges. As a transfer student myself, I went through the transfer
application process and I found it was super quick and easy if you just followed these steps. Tip number one, get involved
at your current college. When you’re transferring schools, the school you are
applying to wants to see any kind of leadership positions or involvement that you had at your other university that would be beneficial to you at your new school. So if you were the
captain of the soccer team or if you started a volunteer group, or maybe even just got
involved in nursing club, those are great things to
list on your application, because people who work in admissions really like to see what
you were involved in and how that can translate
over to your new school. Tip number two, be
aware of your deadlines. Whether you’re applying
for the fall semester or the spring semester,
those deadlines can vary. If you’re unsure when those deadlines are, be sure to go to every school
that you’re applying to’s website and check out and
see when their deadlines are for each semester. Tip number three, get
recommendation letters from your professors. Make sure you check and see if the school you are applying to requires
recommendation letters. I know some schools require you to get recommendation letters
from your professors and some of them don’t, but don’t wait until the last minute to ask them. Tip number four, start
thinking about writing a transfer essay. Transfer essays are a little bit different than college essays when you first apply to a college as a high school student. These can be about why
you want to transfer, what things you were looking for in your old school but weren’t there, how you’re going to get
involved at your new school. Don’t wait until the last
minute to start this essay, because as you go along,
you may think of more things to add that can be really
beneficial to your essay. So think about the reasons
why you want to transfer and why you want to transfer
to a certain school. Tip number five, don’t
wait to get transcripts from your college. The process of sending
transcripts to the schools you are applying to can take a long time, I know from my personal experience. They have to send them by
mail or sometimes online, and they don’t always arrive on time. So don’t wait until the last minute to get in contact with
the office at your school responsible for sending transcripts. If you don’t know where that is, then go to your college’s website and see where that office is located. Tip number six, save often. It is so important to
save your application as you go throughout the process, because sometimes it
doesn’t automatically save. And I know you don’t wanna
start over from the beginning. It can be super frustrating. So as you go along, be sure to save. That is all for this video. I hope you enjoyed and that these tips were helpful to those who are looking to transfer colleges. I know that they were super helpful to me when I was transferring to Umass. Don’t forget to consider Umass Amherst when you are applying to
transfer to another college. I love where I am right now and I know you would, too. Thank you guys so much for watching. Go, Umass.

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