UC Davis University Honors Program – The Best of Both Worlds

I was invited to the Honors program upon admission, and that’s what made me actually consider Davis as a place for me. When you’re moving out of your parents’ house, or your family situation, and you’re not going to have that support any more, I felt like being in an honors program would give me advantages and support me a lot more than I would be able to support myself as a freshman. [female voice] It’s more than a program. This is a community with resources, with friends [male voice] Getting to meet other highly motivated students and interact with them and take classes with them The students here are encouraging and helpful of each other [Adult Voice] The Honors Program provides what we call a “living-learning community here at UC Davis.” There’s a special slate of activities that they can participate in with each other, and they learn about college life together with other students in the honors program. [funky music, male voice] It starts in the residence hall, first year. All honors students live together in one of the newest residence halls on campus. They interact together and they’re taking many of the same classes and form a strong bond early on. Living in the honors house – that really shaped my college experience. I was with equally intelligent and high achieving people that weren’t necessarily competing against each other It was the first time I’d been in a supportive AND high achieving environment We offer GEcourses that are capped at about 25 students a class, and that gives you a really small classroom setting to interact with professors – which is very different from the 500-1 student-professor ratio in a big lecture hall. The small class size is a huge perk of being in the honors program. It’s so helpful to have the professor right there – there’s only 20 other people in the class… It’s just really easy to ask your questions and make sure that you’re succeeding as much as you can. Establishing relationships with professors – personal and academic and professional relationships that can can actually lead to a lot of things, like different projects, as well as getting letters of recommendation. Now as I’m entering my fourth year, I’ve met so many people that all these connections are really taking me places I’m getting opportunities, looking at graduate schools I’ve been introduced to people in the admissions programs there through people I know A lot of these people who are faculty at Davis are people I met through the honors program. [Gideon’s Voice] As I moved toward my major, the program moved with me and helped connect me to research opportunities, put me in small research courses, and for me that was the guiding aspect of the program. It moved with me all four years that I was here. [Zakir’s voice] Ultimately, I’ve gotten every job that I’ve applied to since being in the University Honors Program. I believe being able to put that on your resumes and CVs really helps. [Tiffany’s voice] The honors program definitely helps develop your leadership skills and the requirements really help the students to push themselves to do things that they might not feel comfortable doing and so I think it’s a really great way to just push you past your comfort zones and make the most of your undergraduate education. [Gideon’s Voice] Students who come to UCDavis with the intention of getting the most out of their education and truly getting an education and not just a degree find the honors program most rewarding.

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