TUSD1 – Community Transition Program’s Team 7 – Roving Grounds Crew

Grab two hula hoe, two rake, the blower, and the adaptation ropes. Basically our students follow the roving ground schedule three times a week where they’ll meet out the journeyman for the TUSD department at
different schools. I’ve got some students as we can hear in the background landscaping, groundskeeping I work alongside of them translating the
information from the grounds supervisor I’ve been raking, hula hoeing, and hedge
trimming to help enough the kids have a To help the kids have a nice area to play in and make the place look nice. But specifically roving grounds gives our students the opportunity to work with journeyman and gain the real-life skills that they’ll need for employment I let them work independently as often
as possible and I’m here to teach on the job work skills. So kind of the function
the goal of it is just to provide those real life skills and also skills that
they can transition to the real world It’s helping me in the future by giving
me different job different skills I’ve never used before. I’ve seen students come in where they’re really kind of anxious and nervous and then by the end
of it they’re ready to be employed or move on to a different program. It makes me happy that I can do different things that I like to do and different work I’ve never done before. When working alongside of our students has pulled back this other world and I absolutely love it and it’s an absolute 100 percent credit to the students and my administrative staff that have been helping me as well. So we’re hoping to gain even more experience we’re looking at all these different fields and I
think that maybe people don’t always imagine the possibilities that our
students can accomplish but our students are to show that anything that is given
to them we’re happy to work on and really just help the district and the
community. you

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