52 thoughts on “Trump admin proposes hiking citizen application fee

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😜😜❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻YES way to go MR.PRESIDENT💯💯💯💯💯💯💯with you!

  2. Thats still nothing. Should be $10,000 at least to flush out the freeloaders.
    And they should only get a guest pass which can be revoked at any time.
    Then do like Switzerland. No voting until at least 3 generations living there….and thats not even a guarantee.

  3. Meanwhile Illegals PAY The Cartels over $2,000 Each to Smuggle them into America… ummm does anyone else see who's getting RICH off the Backs of Illegals? OH!!! That's Right!!! Democrats take "Kick-Backs" From the Cartels!!! Hoe did Barry Buy that $17 MILLION DOLLAR SUMMER HOME ?????

  4. Raise to $10,000.00, to many people coming in. Poor folks aren't coming in. Too many communist are coming in and changing our country. We can't save ourselves the people drowning that we are trying to save are causing the USA to drown trying to "save" them.

  5. Good. Send asylum seekers home if they hopped the border illegally. Illegals are costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

  6. They need to lower the fees for European countries that bring us intelligent people. And make the fees astronomical for countries that bring us welfare layabouts.

  7. Immigration should be based on Merit only not on some phony-baloney Asylum crap. You could bring people here to benefit our country not to go on welfare

  8. "Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meeting conditioned on investigations?" -William Taylor, former US ambassador to Ukraine

  9. It’s worth 3K at least and make the test a lot harder to pass and have full background checks, health, mental health, medical, legal, everything!

  10. $2000 is even fair enough fee… human traffickers even charge far stiffer price for people who want to illegally immigrate to the US! I mean where is the real issue here?

  11. If I had come to this country legally, jumped through lots of paperwork and legal hoops, hired an immigration lawyer, sat through multiple interviews w USCIS officials, had Criminal and financial background checks, Found a sponsor to sign my affidavit of support for 10 years,
    paid thousands of dollars in application fees, biometrics and health screenings, and then waited patiently months and years for my legal application to be approved, then found out millions just walk across the border with no penalties, AND GET ON WELFARE BECAUSE THEY HAD A KID HERE, I would be IRATE and demand my money back. Probably would find many others like myself who spent thousands and waited years and start a class action lawsuit against discrimination of LEGAL immigrants. Why have fees and procedures at all when none of this is enforced at the border??? Of course I am playing devils advocate from the viewpoint of the legal immigrant but I’m trying to think of it from their viewpoint and see how I would feel if I had paid all that money and waited all that time and then found out other people just sneak across the border or over stay a visa and have been here for decades, Not paying one red cent but getting all the benefits of living here, Especially the ones getting welfare through birther tourism and fake identities. !!!

  12. If they can pay coyotes. They can pay more for the application. Ps. Fk Bloomberg. He sucked as the mayor of ny. He'll be deadly to America if people were stupid enough to vote him in. KAG 2020

  13. perfect example of the fake news media cutting a guest off the minute they agree with President Donald J Trump! if they don't like what you have to say they cut you right off

  14. Put a 10 year moratorium on new applications. That will give the government 10 years to catch up on the work load.

  15. Gotta make some money …the American dream aint cheap…the US is heaven on earth and yall wanna get in right?? 😂

  16. Democrats want us to put illegals in a 5 star hotel and give them all the benefits Americans have worked for…and we want to discuss a small increase in fees.

  17. Do it!!! My goodness the DMV charges me that much yearly for my car's registration practically, and I was Born here 64 yrs ago. $650 for a Citizenship App, are you kidding? WTF this is insane. Washington D.C. is a lost cause – and soon very soon this entire Country will be. Trump unfortunately, is too little too late.

  18. Just fricking limit legal immigration! Cut it in half at least! Any immigrant caught in US illegally losses legal eligibility forever. Deport. Done.

  19. How to fix the US Immigration System.
    1) Remove all Welfare Programs to eliminate the risk of fraud.
    2) Require Government ID to vote to eliminate voter fraud.
    3) Test for Diseases and Criminal History. If they pass let them in. If you still have a problem, you’re a socialist that wants more government control of labor because you’re to lazy to better yourself to compete in our FREE Market system. We’re not doing that “To each according to his Ability, to each according to his Need.” You’re an adult, you can take care of your ownself, if you cant well get use to starvation and homelessness because I’m not sacrificing my God given freedom for some lazy racists.

  20. If 1000 fee is too much than obviously they cant afford to live in this country. Most countries you need to have way more money than that to apply for their countries. You have to buy real estate, invest over 20k in their banks or have a skill that can contribute to the country. America is too generous in my opinion compared to other countries…

  21. Nop, not a good idea. Sorry, fellow conservatives.

    All that will do is force poor people into the arms of organized human smugglers and traffickers. A man making easily over 100k might think 500 bucks is nothing, but, to poor people, that’s a lot of money.

    If anything, it would be a better idea to lower it.

  22. Babin holds the thread roll in the schewing machine. And that thread is SEAMLESS and CLEAN LINE, which is the HOLY LINE of KING President DONALD J TRUMP the EL ÈLYON.

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