21 thoughts on “Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Battle Spotlight

  1. wow 240 men, that's so impressive…. the actual battles had hundreds of thousands of soldiers sometimes over a million but sure a couple of thousands is totally as epic….
    if this is the best you can do then maybe it's time to update that 10+ year old game engine

  2. I'm liking these battlefield UI improvements, especially the monochrome fog of war. I hope you will implement them in Medieval III as well, since that's the historical TW I'm really waiting for.

  3. I wonder where the bottleneck is, is it CPU or GPU power? because I'd love to see many more units, even if it meant they had to be very low res and the camera to be locked at a much higher position.

  4. Shogun was the end of the old total war Me and others used to love.

    attila gave me hope but Warhammer 2 and thrones of Brittania smashed it into dust.

    warhammer 2 was Warhammer 1 but with a few more units and factions it was not a new game, mods could have made what Warhammer 2 was

    Thrones of Brittania is Attila's engine, but with so many things that made it undesirable

    I don't expect China numba 1# total war will be better, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt because I like this franchise

  5. Is this going to kill my CPU? I already upgraded my GPU but im still waiting for a good deal before i upgrade my i7 4770k cpu.

  6. The graphics look bad for a 2019 game. I wish they would scale those massive trees down, they've been there since rome 1.

  7. I hope you guys can do the best possible with the time you have but once it's released I hope you all let the community Mod it easier that way the game can last forever and so you all can get idea's for the Sequal to Three Kingdoms!

  8. Hey, will you guys give us an option to create our own custom warlord & play as him/her be emperor of china ?

  9. I just worry that this game won't feel Chinese, but like a western version of Chinese culture. Particularly when Oriental Empires does such a great job capturing the unique culture of China. It looks good, but I'm still not sold. Its set in an over done period of China's history, and a lack of Naval battles when Navy is one of the single most important military concerns of Chinese history (they have a lot of large rivers) is a bad sign.

  10. i want a feature where i dont chose the unit size before the game starts, but i choose it when i buy a unit, so if i want to recruit a spear infantry i can choose how many men i want in that spear infantry. this would greatly improve and deepen the unit manegment and army diversity

  11. new extreme unit size
    You mean, shogun2 normal size? You britcucks are beyond disingenuous. Cant wait to see this failure of a release eclipse Rome2s. Your company needs to die.

  12. Ive waited 9 damn games to get my favorite characters just for them to become generics again in TW 😭😂

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