Top 7 Free Windows Programs (You Need Right Now)

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout
for cool new software that might be useful to you. So as usual, I’ve got a new list of awesome
programs that you should REALLY know about if you don’t already. And of course, these are all free, and will
all work on windows. Though many will also be compatible with mac
as well. And at the end of the video if you’re interested,
I’ll have links to other lists I’ve made of free programs, chrome extensions, that kinda
stuff. But enough rambling, let’s go. Starting off, a very useful program that I
hope most of you have already, called 7-zip. It’s an extremely popular program for compressing
files, and extracting them from all sorts of file containers. It’s very similar to the infamous WinRar,
except free, and supports more file types. So if you’ve ever come across a weird file
container you’ve never seen before, this will handle whatever you throw at it. Anything from zip files, to rar files, even
“tar.gz” typically seen on linux. It also has it’s own proprietary file container,
the 7z format, which they claim to have better compression ratios. After you install the program, you’ll get
a new option in the context menu, where you can for example add files to an archive. And as you can see, you get a ton of different
options, most of which you don’t need to change or even know about, but they’re there if you
want them. These include compression level, so you can
have it try and compress it as much as possible or not, at the cost of time. You can also encrypt the container and add
a password in case you don’t want anyone snooping. And of course you can open file containers
as well the same way, see what’s inside them and extract them wherever you want. Overall, it’s a pretty simple but extremely
useful program. Next up is also very useful, and actually
kind fun too in a way. It’s called “WinDirStat”, and what it does
is quickly scans either your whole hard drive or just a certain directory, and visually
show you what files are taking up a lot of space. As you can see when you first run it, you
select what you want it to scan, then just show the progress with a basic chart of what
it found so far. But that’s not the interesting part, which
comes after it’s done. Now we can really take a look at what’s going
on. The blocks are arranged by file location,
so files in the same directory will be next to each other. Also, file types are color coded, so it’s
easier to see if a lot of space is taken up by a lot of smaller files of the same kind. When you hover over a block, at the bottom
it will tell you what file it is. And if you click on it, it will show it in
the directory table above, so you can see more details like exactly how big it is. And if it’s something you don’t care about,
you can delete it right from there by right clicking. I bet I don’t have to tell you how useful
this program can be, and I bet you’ll file at least a couple huge files that you didn’t
even know were there. Just be careful of where you’re deleting it
from, you don’t want to delete any system files. Alright, number 3 is “media player classic”
or MPC for short. Now I know most people know about VLC, but
MPC is arguably even better and more lightweight, especially considering VLC has gotten pretty
bloated over the years. For example, MPC doesn’t do that thing that
VLC does, where you close the program, and it keeps playing for some reason. This doesn’t do that. Also, interestingly enough, Media Player Classic
will make videos look better. This is because from some reason, VLC seems
to use a different gamma value that tends to make videos look washed out and low contrast,
especially with black levels. Really, watch the same video with both and
see the difference. So yea, if you’re still using VLC, pfft that’s
so last year. Moving on, number 4 is a program called “Everything”,
for searching for files on your computer. You may be wondering, why do I need that if
Windows already has a built in search? But if you’ve ever actually searched for a
file, you realize that it takes FOREVER. But with Everything, well, it’s pretty much
instant. It will show you all the files in whatever
directory you start in, so you can just search there, or you can just search your whole computer. Then you do have other options like displaying
thumbnails, searching only certain file types, that sort of thing. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how
you ever survived before. Next number 5, is “Handbrake”, a free and
open source video transcoder, or video converter if you will. And if you’ve ever searched for a “video converter”,
you know there are a ton of random ones out there that you have to pay for, and aren’t
even that good. This on the other hand, is both simple and
powerful, with lots of advanced settings if you need them. For output formats, it doesn’t have too many
options, mainly just MP4, but you can select from several codecs to use. As for input though, it will handle almost
everything. Anything from MP4, to MOV, FLV, WebM, AVI,
ProRes and a bunch of others that you’ve probably never even heard of. One of the cooler features is that it has
a bunch of presets for different devices or programs if you’re not sure what settings
to use. Just a couple of advanced features are things
like, de-interlacing, support for subtitles, rotating the video, a bunch of stuff. So if you ever come across a weird video format
that might play on your computer but nothing else, you can probably use Handbrake to convert
it to MP4, which is basically universal. Alright, the next thing on the list isn’t
exactly a program itself, but I’ll still include it. It’s actually a website called Ninite, that
lets you install several popular programs all at once, without having to go searching
for the site, downloading them, and installing them individually. This is SO useful if you get a new computer,
and have nothing installed yet. You just go to the site, pick what programs
you want, and it will generate an installer specifically with what you picked. Then it just runs through all the installations. You might still have to choose some settings
for some of them, but it’s still easy. You can see some of the examples here, they
have Chrome, Skype, 7-zip, iTunes, Dropbox, Steam, and way more. And, it’s always checking for new versions
of all the programs, so you don’t have to worry about getting an old version. Ok finally, we have Plex, a program that is
great for anyone who download a lot of TV shows and movies to your computer. It’s pretty popular so you may have even heard
of it before, but it basically creates a media server on your computer that lets you stream
your media files to all your other devices. There are other basic programs out there that
do this, but I don’t think any have as many features, or have such a nice interface. It almost reminds me of netflix, where it
will show you cover art for the shows and episodes, and tell you which ones you still
have to watch. And here’s the coolest thing, it goes out
and collects that info about the media automatically. Based on the title of the video file and how
you organize the folders, it should be able to figure out what show or movie it is. Then it will download all the cover art, metadata,
and even descriptions for everything. It does take a bit of work to get Plex configured,
since you have to choose a file path for where your library will be, and then make sure all
the episodes and things are organized in folders. But once it’s set up, it’s easy. And what’s especially great is pretty much
every device has a Plex app you can use to stream it. Obviously on your phone, but there’s also
one for Xbox, Playstation, LG TVs, Samsung TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and others. They do have a paid version which adds some
features like straming from the cloud, but the free version has pretty much anything
you’ll need. Now you what, I think I’ll throw in another
program as a bonus. It’s not something you’ll need a lot, but
you mighat at some point. So this one is “Audacity”, which is simply
a free audio editor. It’s been around forever, and I think you
could probably use it for a few things. For example, if you want to record your voice
for something, you can do that, or add a simple effect to a sound file like noise reduction,
or even just trim an audio file. Maybe you have a song you listen to, but there’s
a long space of silence at the end, you can just edit that out. So yea, you might never need it, but at least
now you’ll remember it if you do. So that is it, a collection of free programs
you guys hopefully will find useful. If you know of any others that you think I
should talk about in a future video, feel free to comment or tweet at me, on Twitter
I’m just “ThioJoe”, you can follow me too if you want. If you want to subscribe, I usually make videos
Tuesday Thursday Saturday, and like I said before, I have a couple other videos you might
like such as even more free programs, or chrome extensions. You can just click those right here. Anyway, thanks again for watching, I’m looking
forward to hearing from you, I’ll see you next time, have a good one.

100 thoughts on “Top 7 Free Windows Programs (You Need Right Now)

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  2. When I Saw Plex I Knew My Dad Had It! He Has Like 120+ Movies More Than 120 I Just Dont Have The Exact Amount

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  4. Windirstat found 65K img files in my windows temp folder that the other disk cleaner software never touched. 12 Gigs freed up. thanks!

  5. Actually, you used to able to use Handbrake to rip DVD: if you installed Libdvdcss.

    That’s trickier to do, these days.

    However, I’ve found using RipIt to turn DVDs into disc images, or MakeMKV to turn blur’s into MKV files, I can still use Handbrake to rip the result.

    It comes in handy, to make back ups of discs …

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  7. ThioJoe have you tryed Epic Privacy Browser. it is free and it stops tracking. ive been using it now for over two years and i love it. i know because i get emails from Netflix telling me somebody else is using my account. and i know its just Epic Privacy Browsers VPN is working.

  8. VLC is most well known media player.
    BUT POTPLAYER is the best
    you can download SVP to upgrade your FPS to 60 FPS

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  15. Instead of Everything I use MasterSeeker (portable, faster indexing)
    Instead of Handbrake I use VidCoder (it's a fork)
    VLC forever. You can disable all the annoyances if you delve into the options.
    For the rest, it's all ok.

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  19. Thanks… you should try Ninite. It has a collections of free and useful applications… Also, there is this useful and neat utility called FolderChanger which I use to manage and organize my computer folders. You can find it if you google for "folderchanger"

  20. Windirstat has a newer alternative calledWizTree. It's a LOT faster. IrfanView for its screen capture and batch conversion. Double commander. Volume^2 for mouse scroll wheel volume control. qBittorrent. Move taskbar to the side, for the obvious reason.

  21. Well, maybe it's because the past 2 years since this video was made there were cahnges to either MPC or VLC, but for e VLC works better than MPC, and I can't see a difference in image quality – certainly not the magnitude this video shows at around the 3:45 mark… and I don't see it's beeter in resource usage either. What MPC did however, was to manage to install rather poorly, so it always started with an error message. Also, ugly skins…
    I usually like your advice – but this one was a letdown… but, once again, it should be noted that you amde this video 2 years prior to this comment of mine… what you're saying in the video might have totally been true back then. But it doesn' seem to be now, in 2019.

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