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from games that barely cost ten dollars to other applications that there are more than 200 welcome to s3tiago gamer wait this was not my intro no? I know that the intro is totally horrible without music, but it’s good. I know it used to be awful, too, right? But well, if you just want to know what happened. with all this intro stuff and all that go to my previous video there you will be I explain everything that happened with this KineMaster (my editor) and all that but well now once said this we begin with the video and is that guys today I bring you a top It really is, isn’t it? But well after.. I mean, for not uploading videos so long ago Just so the last one I went up is a short time ago, isn’t it? But I mean from before. that I bring you a special mini, special in quotation marks because it really is not so much so that (at the end of the video) I bring you some apps, actually this is about games is closed about games but these are applications that are extremely expensive and unless you have seen them before you will To surprise or well at least I think so, don’t I? But well the subject already with nothing more to say because it gets too long let’s start with this great top position number 5 Well, if you don’t know post number five, we’ve got carrier landings. pro of the company RORTOS that the truth had never heard of the name of that company I don’t know why, I don’t know if it’s known or not the truth I’ve never had heard but this game is worth 12 US dollars which (in Argentina) would be 400 pesos (money from Argentina), that is, half as if they left a little bit. upstairs with the expensive, right? But the truth is, would you be willing to spend $444 (in money from Argentina) on games? the truth not me but good anyway tastes are tastes now let’s move on to position number 4 in number 4 we have This War of Mine of 11 bit studios this game I knew him so I know him but I’ve never played him, but I know him so he’s good to go. on the right track but good anyway this game is worth 13 dollars that are transformed into 480 pesos (Money of Argentina) or more of that osea if already estaba caro con el otro ya le sumamos 40 pesos (Dinero de Argentina) más y obtenemos este result but as I tell you this is just the In the beginning we go to the position number 3 and in the position number 3 boys we have to adventures of mana de square enix I don’t know what else the truth they currently have a ton of weird and expensive names that don’t know each other, maybe I don’t know but it’s worth 13 dollars, i.e. an unknown game goes i don’t know if it’s good for me no but good this is worth 13 dollars that would be 500 pesos (Money from Argentina) for a game, this is getting more and more expensive and I´m surprised and well now if we already move to the Position number 2 in position number 2 we have Realistic shooting-Pro a name pretty rare that it’s SAMAD Badr’s truth rare names abound here but well this game is worth 28 US dollars that would be transformed into one thousand pesos (Money from Argentina) or more than one thousand pesos would be crazy for a game like this Realistic shooting for the truth I didn’t even know him but he’s worth more than a thousand pesos and With that we’re ready to move on to post number one. and good guys in the first place we have Extreme Landings Pro from the company RORTOS so is the same company that took out the game that was in the number 5 position of this top and in this case he presented us with a game worth 45 US dollars which are 700 pesos (money from Argentina) and well we finished with the top and good guys as they can o see I have uploaded a video a weekend of this already it is for that an alert but good already of Once I’m done with this, we’re done with the top guys, but we’re not. without first showing them the o good, mini special surprise and good guys the mini final surprise is that here I bring you the names of some applications that can search for play store that are totally useless applications but that come out about 400 U.S. dollars that would be transformed into 14 thousand pesos I know that 14 thousand pesos (Money from Argentina) is very cheap, isn’t it? obviously the we get every day *(sarcasm)* but I hope you liked this one video give him like if you like the video, comment, share, subscribe of your friend s3tiago gamer and see you,BYE *(outro)* as I told you I’m in a new video and is that if after four weeks without uploading videos FOUR WEEKS, it’s regrettable.

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  1. llego aqui para picarle al boton rojo y estar en tu contenido .. espero me visites y crescamos juntos en el yutu

  2. Saludos s3tiago gamer, interesante información, sinceramente no conocía estos juegos, pero tampoco pensé que costaran así, bendiciones y muchos éxitos, like

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