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hey guys this is me aryan here and i am back with another video which have some new interesteing apps which are easy to use and also really helpful to be used in a daily routine many times it happens that while reading an article there are some text that we want to save or want to share taking a screenshot can be an option just as you know but the details of the full screen are copied in it and then we have a problem about how we share it or we open that screenshot in another app and then crop it from there and can share it furthur but now snip it app is going to solve this problem with its help you can select any part of your screen and you can cut off any of your portion according to you and even share it when you open up the app here you see a snip it head which is a scissor mark option whenever you tap on it , you will see a snip crop mode on your mobile you can adjust or cut off portion of the screen here or you can open it in any other image editing app and go there and also can edit it this is the second app in the list which is called drawers app many times you are doing some work and you have to open another app you can not open that app without visiting the home screen but the drawers app can help you in this thing so with the drawers app you can organize all your apps just as you keep your documents in different drawers this is the same way that app helps you to keep the different types of apps in the drawers its a very easy way to open its drawer you have to open this app and after that you get some options you can choose from those options how many drawers do you make and what apps are you keeping in every drawer that is easy to select you can keep 1 to 5 apps in a single drawer and how will that drawer open up in your screen you can also manage that when you open this app you will find it very easy to use you can open this app by swiping left or right you can open any app by running whatsapp or facebook you can also keep your home screen clean with this app or you can open any app without going to your homescreen so friends if your mobile data quickely end and you want to track your data then glasswire app is a great app that lets you do this with the help of this app you can monitor your data usage in real time you can also find out which apps are slowing your phone whenever an app will access your internet then this app lets you know it in real time together you get some tabs in it , with the help of which you can check the alerts you can also know which apps are connecting to your data and using your internet in the background so you got another feature also which is set data plan with which you can set whatever data you want to use whether it is weekly or monthly whenevr your data limit will be above your data usage this app will tell you that also the interface is also very easy to use and you get few themes also you can also change your theme and this app lets you see all the data usage graphically with this app you can easily know which app is running in background if you think your mobile data is being used more by any app and you do not use that app much then you can uninstall or force stop that application and in this way you can track all your data usage with the help of glasswire app guys if you forget to do any important work everyday, then this NOTIN app can prove to be a very useful for you with this app you can save your notes like reminders or as a notification in your mobile and whenever you scroll down your screen to check your notifications then any reminder you have saved in your notin app it will be shown in your notifications the app is really very easy to use you just have to download this app from the playst and when you will open this app you will see 2 tabs here you have to type your reminder in first tab and on the second tab you will see below, you have a plus icon you have to type your reminder here and then pressing that plus icon if you see below, here you see that your note is saved in the notifications after that you can check in to your notifications the reminder that you saved is not visible or visible in your notifications pixellab is a very useful app fr all those who are editing with the help of their mobile in this app you get lots of features for editing stylish text 3d text stickers, designer fonts you can edit in this app easily in this app you have given more than 100 fonts you get many options relating to customize text , fonts, image editing etc also you get few backgrounds with this app in which you can simply edit your text you can also create memes if you want to so i guess the people who want to edit their images quickly or there are any youtubers who just want to make thumbnails without using laptops or pc then this app can be really useful for them because you get lots of editing features in this app you can also move text with your fingers easily also this is a free app

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