Top 3 Unique Health Apps for Apple Watch in 2019!

Apple’s September event is coming up really
soon and we’re extremely excited for the Apple Watch Series 5, so we thought we’d
come up with a list of the top 3 unique health apps that you can use right now on your current
Apple Watch, as well as on future models! The first app is called Streaks, and it basically
helps you create and track good habits, as well as break bad ones. You can track up to 12 things a day from a
huge list of tasks that help you improve your health, with everything from taking a walk,
going to the gym, practicing an instrument, reading a book, and even stuff like taking
your vitamins and flossing your teeth. I don’t know about you, but I always tell
myself I’m gonna start doing something like reading a book or taking a walk every day,
but as soon as I miss a day, I tend to miss the next one and then I simply stop trying. With streaks, you get customizable watch faces
and complications that remind you of which tasks you’ve already completed, every time
you look at your watch, so it’s almost impossible to forget. You also get rich notification reminders and
it knows when you complete workout tasks since it automatically links with the Health app. And the best part is that it tracks how many
days in a row you’ve completed each task so you can see how long you’ve kept the
streak going, which puts even more pressure on you to get things done! You can find Streaks on the app store for
a one-time payment of $5. Now the 2nd app is RocketBody, the sponsor
for this video, and it’s meant for people who take their health and fitness seriously! This app is truly unique because it uses the
Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG feature to measure your heart’s electrical signals, and then
uses artificial intelligence to determine your readiness for the next workout and your
level of recovery, so it gives you full high-quality control over your body’s condition throughout
the day. Professional athletes sometimes take expensive
Electrocardiograms at the doctor’s office to make sure their bodies are functioning
properly during their workout routines, and RocketBody does close to the same thing, without
requiring a visit to the doctor’s office. Simple take a 30-second ECG test right on
your Apple Watch before each workout, and Rocketbody will use artificial intelligence
to estimate your fitness condition, create smart workout plans, help you choose the right
workout load and monitor your recovery. You can easily build a smart workout plan
that changes and adapts to your specific ECG results to help put you on a steady path towards
your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just become a little
more mobile. It even pulls in your diet info from HealthKit
so that you can easily manage it all in one app. RocketBody enables the most beneficial training
and lets people enjoy the workout process and achieve their goals. You can try the RocketBody app out for free
on the App Store with a 14-day trial using the link below! And once you try it, make
sure to leave a review on ProductHunt! And now for the 3rd app, we’ve got Lifesum. It’s basically a diet app that gives you
things like diet plans, recipes and calorie tracking. It starts with a quiz that helps you personalize
your diet, offering you various meal plans like the new 3-week weight loss plan, as well
as recipes and shopping lists that will help keep your calories in check! The calorie counter has an extensive food
database and it even allows you to scan the barcode of the food you’re eating, tracking
the exact amount of calories you’re eating without having to do your own calculations. And it gets even better with an Apple Watch.
You can track all of your carbs, fat, protein and calories right on your watch, with completely
customizable complications. But the best part is that Lifesum automatically
imports your body weight, measurements, workouts and calorie burn data so you not only know
how much calories you’re eating, but also the exact amount of calories you’re
burning each day so you can make sure you’re burning enough calories to meet your diet
plan goals! You can get Lifesum on the App Store for $7.50
a month or $45 for a year. And that’s it for our list of the top 3
unique Health apps for the Apple Watch in 2019! Shout out to RocketBody for sponsoring
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for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video!

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