Thinkful Bootcamp Success Stories | Brandon | Software Engineering Private

My name is Brandon, and I’m a QA Engineer
at Webflow. When I was seven, I was in the video game called Starfox 64 and
realized that humans made that. So I asked my mother how could I be a
part of something like that, and she said learn to code. Then I got in high school,
and I found out that there was a web design class available. And I think that
was the first time I was like really into like web design specifically. It’s
just…college was hard, and it didn’t help that I also was too busy, focused on
trying to party and stuff. I didn’t know this was a career I was going to be good
at until I got into the Thinkful program. Through the help that Thinkful
gave me, I feel like I was able to get through most of the work pretty well.
It was definitely was an experience. It was something I won’t forget for sure,
because that was like the beginning of a big change in my life. Before Thinkful, I
had a gut feeling that web design and coding in general was for me. I feel like
after Thinkful, I now know that it was for me.

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