The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack – Full Album (iTunes OST 60 Tracks)

Now Playing: 1. The Trail Now Playing: 2. Geralt of Rivia Now Playing: 3. Eredin, King of the Hunt Now Playing: 4. Wake Up, Ciri Now Playing: 5. Aen Seidhe Now Playing: 6. Commanding the Fury Now Playing: 7. Emhyr var Emreis Now Playing: 8. Spikeroog Now Playing: 9. King Bran’s Final Voyage Now Playing: 10. Silver for Monsters… Now Playing: 11. Whispers of Oxenfurt Now Playing: 12. The Nightingale Now Playing: 13. City of Intrigues Now Playing: 14. The Hunter’s Path Now Playing: 15. Widow-maker Now Playing: 16. Kaer Morhen Now Playing: 17. Eyes of the Wolf Now Playing: 18. Witch Hunters Now Playing: 19. …Steel for Humans Now Playing: 20. Fate Calls Now Playing: 21. The Vagabond Now Playing: 22. Cloak and Dagger Now Playing: 23. Forged in Fire Now Playing: 24. Yes, I Do… Now Playing: 25. Welcome, Imlerith Now Playing: 26. Drink Up, There’s More! Now Playing: 27. After the Storm Now Playing: 28. Blood on the Cobblestones Now Playing: 29. Farewell, Old Friend Now Playing: 30. The Song of the Sword-Dancer Now Playing: 31. The Hunt is Coming Now Playing: 32. Family Matters Now Playing: 33. No Surrender Now Playing: 34. Child Of The Elder Blood Now Playing: 35. In The Giant’s Shadow Now Playing: 36. Nemesis Now Playing: 37. Bonnie At Morn (Instrumental) Now Playing: 38. At War! Now Playing: 39. Back On The Path Now Playing: 40. Words On Wind Now Playing: 41. A Story You Won’t Believe Now Playing: 42. When No Man Has Gone Before Now Playing: 43. Like A Wounded Animal Now Playing: 44. I Name Thee Dea And Embrace Thee Now Playing: 45. Igni Now Playing: 46. The Tree When We Sat Once Now Playing: 47. Go For It Now Playing: 48. The Wolf And The Swallow Now Playing: 49. On Thin Ice Now Playing: 50. Trial Of The Grasses Now Playing: 51. Hjalmar’s Axe Now Playing: 52. The Big Four Now Playing: 53. The Shrieker Contract Now Playing: 54. The Possesion Of Jarl Udalryk Now Playing: 55. Another Round For Everyone Now Playing: 56. Conjunction Of The Spheres Now Playing: 57. The Fields of Ard Skellig Now Playing: 58. Ladies of the Woods Now Playing: 59. Merchants of Novigrad Now Playing: 60. Hunt or Be Hunted

100 thoughts on “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack – Full Album (iTunes OST 60 Tracks)

  1. What soundtrack places when ciri decides her fate it's like a flute or something while she has either good/bad memories with Geralt?

  2. Only one game comes to mind when I ask myself which game might compete with The Witcher 3 for the title of 'best game of all time': The Last of Us. But even then, although I have never experienced anything like the emotional connection I felt with the characters in TLOU, I still believe that overall the Witcher 3 is a better game. Just for the sheer amount of brilliantly executed design choices in the witcher 3, or just for the love that CDPR obviously put into their game… Nothing comes close to that. I was super hyped for the witcher 3, and it blew my expectations out of the water.

  3. Which song is playing when you go to the elven ruins with the witch hunters to find that sorceress (eilhart or something like that ) it is instrumental and low key but very atmospheric? It also plays in a few other caves/dungeons too. I think it might be "where no man has gone before" but I am not sure exactly.

  4. Has been almost a year since i've finished the main game. Yet im still coming back to listen to this awesome soundtrack. Not other game has yet made me do that. applause

  5. maybe it's because i'm meme trash but whenever i listen to The Fields of Ard Skellige all i hear is the John Cena theme song

  6. 1:54:58 "Another Round For Everyone" Yessir, it's almost time for that repeat button. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Of course. The one song I'm looking for, skipping one by one through the whole thing, is the very last one…

  8. Game of the century and probably the best there will ever be since now most studio are making cheap stuff. Also fantastic soundtrack , kudos to everyone who make this master piece of a game!

  9. Do yourselves a favor and never play the Witcher 3 before you play Skyrim or you will find Skyrim very boring and bland compared to this master piece.

  10. In all my years of gaming, I don't think I've ever seen a developer who puts as much effort into the soundtrack as they do for the game itself. Bravo CD Projekt Red!

  11. guys this is pretty obscure but in "the fields of ard skellige" those violin passages sound a lot like music from the first medieval TW viking invasion addon

  12. Sometimes a game stands out in memory for years. This is without a doubt one of those games for me! This epic soundtrack brings me back into the adventures all over again.

  13. This is the one game in a VERYYYYY long time where I was walking slowly and panning the camera, like I was showcasing the game at an E3 conference. It's just breath taking, the attention to detail.

  14. This is the one game in a VERYYYYY long time where I was walking slowly and panning the camera, like I was showcasing the game at an E3 conference. It's just breath taking, the attention to detail.

  15. I feel like it's weird for the two most common (and some of the best) tracks are bonus tracks… The fields of Ard Skellig and the Novigrad one are literally the ones you hear the most lol they shouldn't be a bonus

  16. 1:29:48 that song is special to me because it plays in the last area i had to explore in the entire base game, felt so amazing hearing it knowing that this was the last of my great open world exploring… felt sad, and so good at the same time.

  17. I remember playing when it came out, I was 14. My three playthroughs of the game were probably the best times of my life. Everything from the quests and the music to the watery wetness of the marshes in No Man's Land. This game has helped me survive through high school without going insane.

    When I felt angry I'd go to a bandit camp and chop up every bastard in sight whilst anticipating each of their moves and attack. When I felt stressed I'd go to a brothel or the bath house in Novigrad. When I felt happy I'd go watch the sunset in one of the game's many marvelous locations. When I felt inspired I'd go on epic quests throughout the map to slay wyverns, cyclopes and other beasts of legend.

    With this in mind I would like to thank Andrzej Sapkowski and CDPR for creating and bringing to life one of the most epic fantasy universes in the history of humanity.

  18. i have finally made it to blood and wine and oh my god what a site, i have this sudden erg to start all over. i truly don't want this game to ever end

  19. I was soo happy when see Bulgarian Folklore song and its was dooone sooo well. Good work CDPR most Best music ever done in Video game also one of best Games everplayed… and only one that i feel the connection between me and the characters. well done well done !

  20. The Witcher 3 is as much an exercise in empathy and character development as it is in quick thinking and even quicker moves.

  21. This game is combination of Masterpieces! The Music, the Game-play, the Graphics, the Characters, the Geography, the Mythology … it will be in my heart till the end!

  22. I got a CD with the OST that came with the game when I got it recently but it only goes up until 31. Are the others from the DLC?

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