The Opera browser embedded free vpn function!

The Opera browser embedded vpn function that will bypass a blocked sites The company Opera released a browser with built-in VPN. He became the first of the popular browsers, where this function is implemented. The new browser allows you to surf through a server in three countries – the US, Canada and Germany. Over time Opera promises to expand this list. For the VPN connection is enough to choose the appropriate option in the settings
The function of the VPN in the browser can be used free of charge and without restriction. VPN allows you to remain anonymous while surfing the Internet and avoid blocking sites, and also provides additional data protection with access to the network through a public Wi-Fi. Also Opera has “Opera Turbo” feature, which “squeezes” the traffic speeds up page loading for users. In this case, all traffic passes through the Opera servers, which indirectly helps to bypass the blocking of sites.

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