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Choosing the safest online browser? We asked our developers and sysadmins which
internet browser they would recommend using personally. Firefox is a clear winner in terms of what
NordVPN devs and sysadmins recommend. They also suggest combining Firefox with security
and privacy add-ons, such as uBlock Origin, HTTP Everywhere, Privacy Badger, and No Script. Also, NordVPN offers a VPN extension for Firefox. Brave is a relatively recent Chromium-based
browser that packs quite a punch. It’s lightweight but offers a lot of features,
including a built-in ad-blocker, tracking protection, script blocker, and one-click
anti-fingerprinting functionality. Tor Browser is endorsed not only by our tech
team but by Edward Snowden himself, and is a great choice if you’re looking for privacy. It offers no security plugins, though. For more online privacy tips, don’t forget
to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel. NordVPN logo

10 thoughts on “The most secure browsers | NordVPN

  1. I made a three-year subscription in April 2018 and paid for it, after a year the shitty company knows nothing about it and just makes a one-year subscription. If you complain about it, they will not know it anymore, I can only say away from you this company …… or make copies showing that you have paid a three year subscription, otherwise your money is gone ,,,, Hey Nordvpn nice day still ….

  2. firefox is good… edge beta is nice… but i am using
    chromium based: AVAST SECURE BROWSER.. it is exaclty like Chrome with all addons.. but LESS RAM MONSTER 🙂 check it out.

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