37 thoughts on “The Most EPIC Sand Castles You've EVER Seen!

  1. One time my brother, two of my cousins and me were at the beach making sandcastles…. We spent hours trying to make ours taller than the others and then this random little kid cam up to us… he said “you guys have had enough.” We were really confused and we started to laugh.. once we had left the beach we saw that little kid destroying our sandcastles😂😂

  2. This video includes: max, wengie, and a few people who decided to build sandcastles because………………. why not??.

    Also I liked my own comment because…………. why not????.

  3. We went to a sand-sculpture show in Portugal, there were massive sculptures like the ones in the video and they are made out of sand, just sprayed a little to hold its shape! It was amazing, I’d recommend!! 😄🏝

  4. The sand castles aren’t just sand. It’s made from sand, water, and glue. My local beach has sand sculptures and that’s how they make them

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