The Minnesota PIPELINE Program

[ Music ]>>In Minnesota, we are innovators and
leaders in employment based training. The State of Minnesota’s PIPELINE
program supports employers in four high growth industries; advanced
manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and IT. To develop dual training programs, which combine
on the job training with related instruction, strengthening individuals,
businesses, and their communities.>>Design Ready Controls manufactures
electrical control panels and wire harnesses for large OEM manufacturers of equipment. What we’re doing in manufacturing
is different than anybody else. We’re not just truly assembling. We’re taking something and building something. So, we need a little bit different skill set. To do that, we have to educate. Using the PIPELINE program is
in our everyday recruiting. When we’re out there looking for
good employees to come work for us, we have to differentiate ourselves. We’re all competing for the same
employee, so what differentiates us? It’s our emphasis on training and education and
using the PIPELINE program to help fund that and develop that whole program so that
you can go from an entry level position to advanced level positions that
we have within our organization.>>One great thing about the dual
training program is that you’re doing it at work and doing it in the classroom. So, for any reason, if you were confused in
the classroom, you can talk to your engineer and say, I saw this today, can
you help me understand better? It works.>>So, not only are they getting
the education side of things, they’re getting the hands on experience. They’re an engineer that’s
now designing our products. But they already know how to build the products. As an organization, how all that
benefits us is it expands our skill sets, makes them more efficient, able to do
things faster, better, higher quality. And in the end, that helps us.>>Human capital is very important. And the more you invest in your
people, the better society you have. [ Music ]>>I grew up in Montgomery,
Minnesota my whole life. It’s a pretty quiet town, small town. Grew up farming with my dad. Our equipment breaks down at the
farm, it’s a lot easier to fix, you know, knowing what I’m doing. I started out working here at
Seneca Foods about three years ago. It was a pretty good opportunity. And when they brought it up, the PIPELINE,
I signed that, and then willing to pay for my schooling and so forth,
so I was going to take that. I’ve got one more year left at school
and then I get my associate’s degree for Ag service technician. And it really opens up what jobs I
can have, you know, in the future.>>When I was in the PIPELINE program, it gives
me an opportunity to learn more and not worry about the financial part of college. Seneca took me through the programs, and you
get to experience the actual through and through of the book and real life in your hands. And on the job training was perfect for that.>>I liked it a lot actually. I mean, the people here are really awesome. The equipment is fun to work on. All summer long, you’re out
in the fields doing stuff. I mean, it’s just like when I was a kid, you
know, helping out on the farm all the time. [ Music ]>>Cerenity Senior Care White Bear Lake, our
culinary service have to feed our residents in the long term care, in the transitional care,
and then there’s a lot of challenges involved with that, require a little more attention to
detail, because besides teaching people how to cook, how to make food presentable
and delicious, we also have to talk about all these things in healthcare. Food is a complicated thing. We’re like anyplace else where we
face challenges of high turnover. The PIPELINE program offers
occasion to better yourself. Gives us a way to keep people here. The PIPELINE program is helping us out
to improve the quality of the service that we offer for our residents here. We’ve sent them there, and then they would
come back and we’d have a little meeting, see what they learned, you know, kind of gauge
where we can incorporate some of that learning. It gives them a sense of self
satisfaction that they are contributing. It creates a better work environment. I think the PIPELINE program
is excellent for the community. We’re trying to help people better
their lives, so we’re very appreciative of what the PIPELINE program has done for us. [ Music ]>>We are Art Unlimited, a digital marketing
agency located in the north woods of Minnesota in a small community called Angora. We service a wide variety of
clients from across the country.>>So, there are not many technology
firms, probably none, in Northern Minnesota of this size. Education is a pretty key component. Technology changes quickly. And making sure our team is educated
and up to date on all the technology and the changes is essential for us
to stay competitive in the business. So, to have a tool like PIPELINE to
help financially support and assist in the training of our team is amazing.>>When our team members are going through the
curriculum, we try to marry what are the actions or classes that they’re engaging with,
and can we put real life projects in their daily work environment that capitalize
on some of that knowledge that they’re learning. So, not only are they learning a new skill, but right away they are doing
full implementation on projects. So, taking the two and bringing it together
was really a powerful component for our team.>>Additional training is always beneficial for
the company as a whole because then you’re able to offer your clients and
your consumers more knowledge, more resources, additional services or products. And also the employee themselves,
they feel empowered because the company has invested in them. They feel worthwhile. And that increases the retention of employees.>>So, our advice would be to step out of
your comfort zone, try something new. The PIPELINE program has been fantastic. Don’t feel like you can’t reach out and have
them help support your team’s development.>>And it’s very worthwhile, not
only to you as a business owner, to your employees, and to
the community as a whole. [ Music ] When your workforce is energized, we all thrive. [ Music ]

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