The Importance of App Landing Pages – App Store Optimization

Hi, this is A Minute of Overpass. My name
is Eric and I make apps. Now this week I wanna talk about the importance of app landing pages.
Okay, so this week I wanna talk about landing pages for your apps. Now a landing page, for
those of you who don’t know, is just like a webpage, like it could be a website or it
could just be like a single page on the web someplace which kinda links to your app in
whatever app store it’s in. So let’s say you have an Android and an iPhone app and you
would have like a single page for that. Actually, let me show you, just to give you
an idea. Here’s what we have for Ear Spy. Here’s our Ear Spy landing page. Now we link
to it on the Overpass website, obviously, but we also have the landing
page so if you go there, you could see, it’s kind of a nice looking theme that I think
we just got from ThemeForest and just sort of spent a couple of days customizing it.
And it’s nicer than the Google Play page or the iTunes page ’cause we can provide more
than just screenshots and a short little video. We can include all kinds of information and
it’s not against the rules to include some reviews and features and all that kind of
stuff. The big thing is that we have a link to the Android store, the iPhone store, oh
sorry, the iTunes, and the Amazon store and then any other store that we added in the
future. We’re not including like the smaller ones. That’s an example of a landing page.
The reason I’m talking about it this week is this is one of the big topics among app
developers. Like I used to listen to a lot of podcasts, I still do, a lot of the app
podcasts out there are really really good and it’s good to learn things. But, one of
the big conversation topics is “Does your app need a landing page?” and it’s kind of
like, if you didn’t know anything, you know if you’re giving somebody advice and they
ask you if they should have landing page and you say, “Yeah, sure why not?”, it’s another
line in the water but I just wanna show you the success we’ve had with this. So we got
the Ear Spy landing page here, we’ve also done all the ones on the Overpass site. So
on the Overpass site we have all the app pages, all the apps have their own page here. So
you could go through and see if there’s a video, we could show the video and all that
kind of stuff. But we also have like for quite a lot of them, we’ve created like a custom
landing page as well. So we actually have, like for some of our apps, three landing pages.
So here’s one for Chinese Mandarin Alpha Team. So we got, it’s a bit more sales-y, it’s a
bit more SEO type of thing. We’re trying to get the right keywords, you know, the goal
here is that if somebody is Googling “I wanna learn Chinese with a game”, then hopefully
our webpage would come up and even if they don’t find it through the app store, they’ll
find the webpage and then this webpage will have links to say, the App Store and Google
Play. And then the videos and any reviews that we have, and the key features and all
that kind of stuff. So, how well does that work? That’s a strategy,
a lot of app developers do that. So I just wanna give you like some insights of how that
works for us. So let me show you the Google Play page here for Ear Spy and you go here
to the User Acquisition section and you could see here’s a week from a few weeks ago which
is during this week we had 84, 885 views of the app store, the Google Play page. And here
you could see that it’s actually, you know, 81, 967 of those came from within the Play
Store. So it’s either been a recommended title or they found it through searching and all
that kind of stuff. So, through Google Search, only 1, 100 found it and through third part
referrers, which would be my landing pages, it’s only 1, 803. So we talk about how well
landing pages actually work, that’s actually a very small number. I mean, it’s almost like
it wasn’t worth doing. Conversely, if I show you the Ear Spy page
in App Analytics under iTunes, you could see here, during this time period, I think this
might be all time actually, it’s been viewed 299, 694 times in the App Store. But if I
go to sources here, you could see that, if I go to top websites, it’s only been found
through Google 570 times. And if I scroll all the way down here to the bottom, you could
see there’s the Overpass website, only 25 people actually came to the App Store page
from the Overpass site. So it’s not very many. And if I go way down here, you could see here’s
the, only 17. So you know, setting up that website, now for us, it’s not a big
deal because we have all the skills. Like I said, it was a couple of days’ work, we
have a web server, all that kind of stuff, so we put it up there and it’s another line
in the water. It’s like if you’re fishing and you have an extra fishing rod, you might
as well throw it into the water ’cause you might catch another fish, even how unlikely
it might be. So my advise in doing landing pages: Don’t
use that as your core strategy. It doesn’t work that well. It’s good to have. You know
what really is good having a landing page for, is that for outbound social media. So
like if somebody tweets, they say “I wanna learn Swahili” or something like that, then
I can send the landing page for Swahili Bubble Bath or whatever. So I don’t have to say,
Are they on iPhone? Are they on Android? Which link should I send them? I just send them
one page, so that’s one link. Basically I take two or three links and put it on one
page and then they could see a bit more information about it and download and that actually, it
works really well there. So for an outbound type of thing, it really works. So that’s
it for this week. Now if you have success or failures with landing pages, please leave
a comment below and include a link to the landing page too because that would be good
for us to see you know how things are working. You say “hey this works really well for me”
or “hey this is what I did and I got like ten downloads or whatever” so you know, that
would be really interesting to see. So anyway, that’s what I wanted to talk about this week,
it’s landing pages. The experts, the “app experts”, will tell you that they’re super
important but in my experience, they’re not really that important at all. So that’s it
for this week. I’ll talk to you next week. Goodbye!
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big help. So that’s it, I’ll talk to you next week.

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