The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at CCRI

– [Chris] My name is Chris Ratcliffe, and I am the coordinator of
the entrepreneurship program at the Community College of Rhode Island. I think one of the things about
the entrepreneurship program is that it’s so simple for a CCRI student to actually get a certificate here. Because, most of the
classes in the program are already required for
general business major. – [Candace] My name is Candace Diaz, and I am at CCRI, majoring in business. – [John] My name is John Nunes and my major is business management. – [Madison] My name is Madison Young and I am a general business major. This is a wonderful opportunity I don’t have to transfer to anywhere else to get my entrepreneurship certificate. – [John] I’m interested
in entrepreneurship because me and my friends have been doing small jobs and businesses, taking this class has taught me how to make it a real business. – [Candace] I’ve never really seen myself as a nine-to-five type of girl. That’s why I choose entrepreneurship. – [John] Creating a
business idea in class, we came up with 100 ideas. – [Candice] We’re writing
them all down on a board – [Madison] And we discuss
it with the rest of the class and go over the pros and
cons of the businesses. You get input from other
individuals who aren’t biased. – [John] It’s benefited me ’cause it’s given me a reality check of how hard it actually is to start a business. But also, just how many
opportunities are out there. – [Candace] It prepares you for obstacles that may come your way. And, it helps you avoid
them at the same time. – [Madison] It feels great
being a part of something so immersive and realistic. – [Chris] I think the wonderful thing about this entrepreneurship
program is that, they’re going to be well equipped to create their own work,
to start their own company. They can go on to do amazing things. (bright music)

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