22 thoughts on “The Crying Game (1992) – Original Trailer

  1. "it's funny the way things go… Never the way you expect it." – that really is the perfect line to sum up this movie.

  2. I found it interesting how everyone treated Dil's transgenderism matter-of-factly, because apparently even Jude knew Dil wasn't really a female since she had been following Dil around and even stalked Jimmy and Dil out at the gay, drag club, The Metro.  She had to have known but like most people, except Fergus, their attitude was "So what! Who cares!" and they moved on with the story never really mentioning it.

  3. Shallow Hal brought me here. It sounded like an interesting movie, but this trailer just looks shitty.

  4. I like the title track by Boy George, but not the movie.

    The movie is a "90s movie", almost action like. Not my style.

  5. I watched this film last week or the week before when it was on TV because I remembered it from the 90's. I have also heard it being referred to many times in film and TV since.

    I was unimpressed.

    It mainly consisted of "really Jimmy? "Do you mean it Jimmy?" "Aye Dil" "No Dil".

  6. I never understood the shock factor… I mean, the moment you hear the voice you know there's something weird going on, plus the " I have to tell you something"

  7. murkiest trailer ever. ya know the billion times people that comment that a trailer gives the whole story away?? They all need to see this.

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