This week on TGC News, Sig gets crossed, Ruger
craps on FN and Colt resurrects the
big snake. Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Holy crap its 2020. I hope everyone had a very happy gunsgiving,
merry gunmas, and a very happy gunnikah oh and because i’ll probably forget to force
this joke next week, happy gun year! LOL im an idiot. How about some news? We have a ton of stuff to cover so let’s get
to it. First up this week, Sig Sauer has introduced
a new bolt action rifle called the Cross. It looks a buttload like the Fix from Q, which
is weird because the head of Q used to work for Sig. Let’s leave that drama for the comment section
and talk about the gun. At its core, the gun will be available in
3 different calibers. 308, 6.5 creedmoor and the new .277 Sig Fury. I’ll get to that in a second. You can select from either a 16 inch barrel
in the 308 and 277 or an 18 inch in the 6.5. All of the guns have a fully adjustable folding
stock, MLOK rails out front and they all take AI mags. They call it the cross because they say that
its a rifle that you can take hunting because its weighs in at just over 6.5 pounds or you
could use in a precision match, because they say it’s up to that task as well. The trigger, is a 2 stage unit and according
to some promo videos I’ve seen floating around, the pull is extremely lightweight. The 277 fury that I mentioned earlier is a
sort of trickle down from the next generation weapons trials that the US military was fueling. 277 is equivalent to 6.8 and they have a high
pressure version of this round that has a steel backend on the case to handle higher
pressures and rocket the 140 gr bullet down the pipe at over 3000 feet per second. Even though you can in theory get one of these
rifles chambered for that new caliber, I haven’t been able to find any info on ammo availability
or pricing, which we will likely see at SHOT show. Either way, the Q Fix by Sig Sauer looks promising
with an estimated street price of under 1600 bucks which is about HALF of the price of
the actual fix rifle. What do you guys think? Is this new Sig going to be the bees knees
or is it wet bread? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week, a legend returns. Since I got into guns about a decade ago,
whenever the topic of revolvers came up, the one that always got a mention for being incredible
was the Colt Python. It was iconic. And for some reason was taken out of production
around the year 2000 with a few custom guns trickling out until 2005. Because of that, the collector value of the
guns increased to the point where they bring 2 and 3 thousand dollars each depending on
condition. Finding a like new version of the gun was
tough. Until now. Colt has resurrected the python. The 2020 pythons will still be chambered in
357 magnum, they’ll be available with a 4.25 or 6 inch barrel and they are all going to
be stainless steel, at least at first. The new gun does also bring some changes. The biggest thing is the overarching thing
of making the gun stronger with better materials and slight tweaks to the design that make
the frame more robust. The sights have been updated as well, so you’ll
be able to swap the front sight out with sights from the Cobra and King Cobra a bit more easily
and the rear sight is an adjustable target unit. And on top of that the action as been completely
redesigned and now has 14 less parts. They’re claiming the trigger pull is something
you need to feel for yourself. I suppose we will have to see what that actually
means. The reality of this new python is that it
signals colt’s further attempts for relevancy based on old designs. The question that I can’t get out of my head,
will that be enough to keep them out of yet another bankruptcy? We shall see. Izzy, fire it up. You know what time it is. There are a bunch more products to cover this
week. First up, Ruger has released a new version
of the Gp100 from their custom shop. Its chambered in 9mm, and looks fantastic. Except for the weird gap in the middle because
they’re using a short cylinder and extended forcing cone to keep things accurate. Pricing on that is 1549. Ruger has also announced that they will be
shitting all over FN this year with the new Ruger 57 chambered in 5.7×28. Long story short, this is Ruger taking a stab
at making an interesting caliber a little bit more affordable to shoot. The FN 5 7 pistol has an MSRP of 1435 while
the ruger comes in at 799 with the same 20 round mag capacity and arguably a better feature
set for the money. I’m excited about that one. Kriss USA has also announced a new one. They’ve taken the much loved Kriss Vector
and chambered it in 22 long rifle. They have 6 different variants, 3 colors in
both pistol and rifle versions and the price tag is 649 MSRP. Thats gonna be a fun one to shoot im sure. Mossberg has announced a new Miculek signature
shotgun called the 940 JM Pro. I’ll tell you what it is dripping in competition
features. Sure, it’s got adjustable length of pull,
a nice extended charging handle, and enlarged bolt release. That’s expected, but it also has an improved
gas system, briley chokes, as well as a loading gate set up for quad loads. And the promo video watching Jerry and Lena
run the crap out of it doesn’t hurt either. MSRP on that is 1015 bucks. And rounding us out, Savage has released their
first ever semi auto shotgun. It’s called the Renegauge. It will come in a few different flavors and
barrel lengths from 24 to 28 inch, and the core of the gun is the new DRIV self regulating
gas system which claims to cycle any load easily with minimal impact to the gun or shooter. The furniture on the gun is a sort of squinted
eye version of the magpul stuff mixed with the accufit from savage and doesn’t look half
bad. The all black gun is priced at 1449 and the
camo version is 100 bucks more. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This little bad boy is a Life Card. I’m sure if you haven’t lived under a rock
you may have seen one of these. It’s meant to be a credit card-sized gun. That’s a very very large credit card, it’s
about the same size this way but thickness-wise little bit different. Either way, it’s a single shot 22, kind of
opens up like that, and you got your little trigger-dingus there, you can open the barrel,
yada yada, it’s got a little snap cap in there now, you cock it as such. And this is how you shoot it. I mean, there’s no sights, there are no sites
on this thing. It is not accurate at all but it is a really
neat gun. This is one of those things that is a novelty,
and may be relevant in the future but for me this was one of those guns I was like,
yeah I’d love to have one of those, that’s pretty neat! If you guys enjoyed this little look at my
guns, and want to see more, let me know in the comments. Instead of friendly fire this week, I’m gonna
switch it up a little bit. We are rolling into a new year and there is
a LOT of stuff going on. First up, I want you guys to feel free in
the comments on this video to ask us anything. I am going to be watching the comments for
the really good questions. Think of something decent, because we are
going to answer them while we are on tour. Yep. SHOT show is coming up in a couple weeks and
this year instead of flying, we are driving from eastern Pennsylvania to Las Vegas. It’s around a 5000 mile round trip I believe? It’s going to be me, Genevieve, her service
dog Felix and also her dad, rolling across the US. We haven’t exactly figured out our route just
yet BUT if you have someplace you think we should stop on the way, LET US KNOW! We are going to be vlogging the entire trip
and I know it’s going to be awesome. All that to say, post your questions, we will
answer them in our upcoming TGC tour series. Also, I want to tell you all that as we roll
into our 5th anniversary in the middle of this year, I am extremely thankful for you
all. We are going to be trying lots of new types
of content and ideas here on TGC and I hope you all are willing to be right there with
us as we try to continue evolving and making the best content we know how. That is it for this week’s show. I would love it if you guys hit the like button
to show your support and if you think we’ve earned it, get subscribed as well. As always, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “THE COLT PYTHON IS BACK! – TGC News!

  1. Hey all! Be sure to use the code TGCBAG at ,also, the MX Rail is awesome with code TGC10 over at !

  2. You mentioned in another video that you wanted to check out 88 Tactical in Omaha. You should try to make your route pass through there.

  3. I'd love to see you outline the gun laws in each state you cross. I'm sure there are crazy differences from PA to NV. Great channel!

  4. Make a stop in Lakewood, CO. We are just outside Denver and I would love to meet the gang! Have some good micro brews and just talk guns.

  5. Colt can take that 1500 dollar polish job and jam it up their a*'s, along with their line of government ar-15's.

  6. John for your road trip to shot show be classy and take route 66, also what the heck has Adam been up to? We haven't seen him for months.

  7. Kind to say you appreciate us, the viewers. You’re one of the best gun channels. Keep up the good work. Safe travels to SHOT.

  8. I have an interesting question. Well at least I think it's interesting. I live in Illinois which as of January 1st passed recreational marijuana. I know we're not the 1st state to do this but in regards to that or if you have a medical marijuana card I am under the impression that your name gets put on the prohibited list for firearm sales. Is there any way to get your name off of that list once your name is on the prohibited list.

  9. Here's a question… would or could putting up gun free zone signs at your house as a criminal deterrent be considered entrapment/ used against you in the event of a home invasion? Arguments say both yes & no…comments on both sides

  10. Part of these new guns releases are sort of the ace in the hole for the gun makers. It is going to be much more difficult for the dems to outlaw revolvers, bolt action rifles, and .22 cal firearms that are shooting rim fire ammo.

  11. Stop in Denver and let me know when your here. A lot of guntuber/prepping channels based out of here and the surrounding area. Make it public and I bet you get a good turn out. Love the Ruger 5.7 .and it is now on my list. I just want to see ammo prices drop a bit more on it so it is a more viable shooter.

  12. Colt is just going to fuck the Python up like with their retro ar15s. You guys watch. It will be a piss poor copy built by a third party, won't actually use the original lockwork design, and will cost thirty bills. (Sees fourteen fewer parts…) Yup.

    Not interested in any cartridge still measured/advertised/released in inches. Millimeters or hard pass.

    Ruger is the only American gun company actually innovating. Now if only their fit and finish would catch up with the Yuros.

    No interest in any shotgun priced more than $500. There simply isn't anything worth doing with a shotgun that a M500 or H&R single shot won't do. Not even being a poorfag here. There just isn't much worth doing with a scattergat, and what's there can be done with a pump. Three gun was a mistake. (Kasarda has it right with 2 gun.) Clays are boring, (unless shooting them with a rifle at unknown range.) Except for birds, bunnies, and improvised mass acceleration shotguns simply aren't relevant.

    Why would you drive all the way to Vegas? Especially with Illinois in the way.

  13. What new angle goes the GunTube community need to take to get more young people to become shooters? There seems to be a pretty healthy millennial contingent, but I’m not seeing much for the GenZs are just becoming or will be soon of the age to buy guns?

  14. Colt Python is the most overrated, overpriced revolver ever made. For those interested, the Colt Officer's Model Match and Colt Trooper .357 (NOT the Trooper MKIII) are the same gun, minus the functionally useless sexed up barrel, and you can get them for under $800, often under $600. About the same price as most current production and far inferior revolvers. Same frame, action sights, hammer and every bit as silky smooth as any Python ever made.
    If the "new" Python sacrificed anything from the old action, it will fail. "Action completely redesigned" and "14 less parts" makes me think they have applied the MKIII/coil springs treatment to it, and that ruined the old leaf spring action in the other Colt revolvers made after 1969.

  15. There's a good chance you'll pass near the Pony Express Stables and the home of Jesse James (the one from the 1800's) in St. Joseph, MO. A unique place to visit & to be able to say you were there.

  16. Patton is running out of armory when he is down to the Lifecard. Send money people! 😂 jk. Thanks for all your awesome vids!

  17. I just picked up a FN five-seven pistol 2 days before Christmas paid $1012.00 with tax and background check included.

  18. That GP100 looks like it came out of steampunk. If I could just get my hands on an airship, I'd have the perfect sidearm for the crew.

  19. I recommend stopping at the World War 1 museum in Kansas City. it's the only WWI museum in the country, privately funded, and generally interesting. Most of the guns from wars you are probably familiar with are from WW2 and later so it's interesting there too.

  20. Love TGC and watch every episode.

    If I am not mistaken, in times past, Savage made a clone of the Auto 5 shotgun (itself a lineal descendent of the Remington 11). As I recall, they were the Savage model 755, followed by a lower end model 720.

  21. If the action has been totally redesigned it is NOT a Python, end of story. If Colt wants to be relevant in the marketplace they only need to do 4 things. Build the best AR’s, (and sell to the public), build the best 1911’s, build the best Single Action Army’s and build a real Python. This all needs to be done at competitive prices, not how much can we squeeze out of them prices.

  22. Oh your way through Ohio should you be here a few stops.
    1. Cleveland for a corned beef sammich at Slymans. Italian at Geraci's.
    2. Ashland for Fin Feather Fur. It's a cool outdoor/gun store.
    3. Toledo for Tony Paco's chili dogs.

  23. Go to medicine Bow , WY and visit the Q ranch . An amazing place that puts on a lot of shooting and sniper competitions .

  24. It would be awesome if y’all swung through Kansas City…. Dare I say CZ distributor / warehouse !?!? And I Would love to meet y’all!

  25. Hey Jon, do you have time for lunch along your way, when you're headed to LV? I think you'll be passing nearby.

  26. As far as the python being enough to save colt, I'm gonna say no. Many of their diehards sold their guns recently, and are still pissed. And at an msrp of 1499, I think the market for these is kinda doa. The people who don't mind paying over $1000 for a revolver probably already have a python if they wanted one, the rest the cost is still prohibitive for. And considering the quality on their current production revolvers, I'd say these will be red hot garbage. Hope I'm wrong.

  27. Oh finally it's about time the Python is back in business all Thanks to the Walking Dead and the new improved technology

  28. If you're traveling on I-80, you need to stop in Grand Island, NE and visit the Hornady factory for a tour. My brother works there, I'll set you up a tour, and then you can come on my podcast 😁

  29. I got the perfect place you can stop! You can stop at my house and pick me up on your way to shot show. I live in York County pa…lol just a thought.

  30. I had the opportunity to shoot the Ruger 5.7 and I wasn’t all that impressed, first off there wasn’t any discernible reset in the trigger and for me the grip left a lot to be desired.

  31. Colt is an old, effete, past whatever prime it had, and offering nothing but old and obsolete/obsolescent designs company.

    Figure out something new or go ahead and die. Honestly, who even owns your different rights/name/property anymore?

  32. Friendly fire question: if you could add shooting to any Olympic sport what would it be? My vote is for bobsleding with shotgun targets.

  33. RE your SHOT road trip. If you traverse Iowa on Interstate 80 you'll drive right past Les Baer Customs in Leclaire and Brownells Inc. in Grinnell. Just a thought.

  34. Here’s my question, why has .32acp gotten so uncommon? It’s used to be the self defense round but no one makes a good .32 now.

  35. Why would companies invest in making new firearms for the U.S. that are likely to be banned under new laws of all the democratic candidates running for president? I wish for the development of them but business wise I see positive reasons and negative reasons to keep developing the guns even though it’s a financial risk and, maybe it’s a reason we aren’t seeing many new companies of late entering the semi auto sporting rifle market.

  36. I still have my Colt Python that I bought back in 79. I've kept it in mint condition, and it will still hit the mark out to 100 yards. Smoothest best balanced revolver ever made.

  37. Do you think colt will be able to pull off the same quality level in the new python, we as a country just can't craft like we used to. I have heard of a lot of problems with smith & wessons reintroduction of some of their classic wheel guns.

  38. Still waiting for my question to be answered on why Adam won't address his tribe and their involvement in gun control.

  39. they still make 5.7x28mm? haven't heard anything about that round in years! and is Kriss serious? come on a gun that size in 22lr and at that price? and Jon Colt dropped the original python due to production costs this one time will tell after the fan boys get their fix filled! after that it's all up to the price if they can stay competitive with Smith and Ruger it may stay around but if it coasts more for as good or not as good goodbye python sales! you might want to hit Bass Pro HQ and the NRA museum there maybe the Patton museum at For Know too! and for questions, one why do you think the pump action rifle didn't catch on and the lever action did? and two why is it our adversaries can't accept scientific facts when we use them?

  40. Why aren't you reporting on the two new Ruger 10/22 Chargers, and the four new models from Thompson/Center (one Venture and three Compass)?

  41. Do you feel that the evolution of ammo has pretty much maxed out for the time being?? Like how its generally 9mm is the always good and .357sig is just not any different as test have proven, 5.56 is the best it's going to get right now for simplified traditional cheaper ammo that's easily used for 300yrds and under… I keep seeing talk of plastic cased stuff etc and I just can't help but remember the failed h&k g11 with careless ammo and 100+ round mags….I feel like we're going to need to wait for technology to catch up before it's really likely well have a shift in the popularity rounds like 9mm, 357mag, 5.56, 7.62 etc

  42. Colt Python was always a badge of a fine revolver and it was made to very tight tolerances. It had a few weak points, one of which was the hand fitment of some replacement parts along with a tendency to be somewhat fragile. To me some of the Colts of the period had one problem that made me dislike them–they seemed to go out of timing much easier than the Smith and Wessons of the same time period. The reason I disliked them was because the side splatter from the bad timing impacted me causing pain and distraction while I was trying to concentrate on qualifying at the range. Still kinda ticks me off even remembering it from 30 years ago…lmao. But, if the new ones are both more robust and otherwise just as good–more power to them and I hope they also look as good as the originals. The originals looked incredible and it was in part due to their hand fitment at the end of line–the prep work is key to get that deep blue finish that the originals had and which made them look so great.

  43. That route across northern Indiana will take you close by Valparaiso, IN. A collaboration video or 2 with Tim from Military Arms Channel would be neat.

  44. It's not on the way to Vegas, so maybe on your way home you can go the long way around through Wyoming. If you can then take 2 or 3 days to go through the Cody museum. You will not regret the time spent.

  45. What do you think of the new 350 Legend? Im thinking about building a pistol chambered in it and was curious what you guys think about it.

  46. If you can get to Dayton, Ohio. Then the "NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE™" is a must. Just seeing the North American XB-70 Valkyrie is worth the visit.

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