The Chilling Chambers of Colchester Castle

well there it is Colchester castle this is your first castle this is my first castle same it's very imposing from this is truly an imposing castle it really is a character in itself there's a little tree growing on the top of the roof my goodness spooky castle that's every investigators dream yeah and now we're about to live it we're turning into scooby-doo maybe we're just becoming we need a van with flowers all over it how does this I've never entered you don't knock do you knock knock the boys are here oh okay good good creak this week on BuzzFeed and softly investigate Colchester castle in Colchester England as part of our ongoing investigation into the question are ghosts real this castle has a rich history down even to the foundation so there's no telling how many spirits remain trapped within the walls thousands maybe I don't think so if you look at the history that may actually be more on the nose and you than you thought all right well we're gonna see a thousand ghosts tonight I mean any lesson that's a failure Colchester is the oldest recorded town in Britain and Britain's first Roman capital Colchester is also said to be full of haunted locations but perhaps sitting atop them all is Colchester castle even as early as the late 1930s a man decided to spend the night locked in the castle to win a bed of 200 pounds after entering at 8:00 p.m. only two hours later a person was spotted yelling and waving their arms on the roof of the castle by people on High Street he was taken to severals hospital after being sedated and reportedly passed away a few months later having never regained sanity T maybe there was some other stuff going on with them I feel like maybe he ate some moldy bread or something you and the moldy bread that's your number one that's what happened to those people here's Shane starter kit if you want to be a Schoeneck here's your starter kit red you got to be a fond of wind you got to love squeaky shoes uh-huh moldy bread sure boom boom boom your Shanee act now between the years of 54 AD and 60 the Roman temple of Claudius was built on the spot that Colchester castle now stands around 61 AD the temple was sachs and the town was burned to the ground by legendary britain rebel Queen Boudicca Colchester castle has a vaulted Roman basement that can still be visited today it is here that some have reported seeing the apparition of a Roman soldier all right down to the vaults we go-oh steep yeah watch your step Buzz's where they came down the excavation site what haven't done much with it I mean there was a foundation what you want them to do put a pool table down here yeah pool you have to turn us into a billiards club or something Christmas tree little pinball machine yeah jukebox No so wait what you hear that did I hear what so wait what it's definitely something I mean I can we have different ideas of things that are definitely something yeah I think you think I mean I could see you saying this is like someone that sound that sounds alarmingly similar to what yeah but none of us are doing that okay thank you room there oh not even a little bit of concern on his face hello hello anybody down here with us in this creepy little hole are we alone you're an idiot there's nothing here yeah I told you I didn't get spiderwebs in my hair he did look at you you look like a dr. Henry Jones hey another room that looks just like this one you look ridiculous with that cobweb in your hair it's still in there to get that outfits thank you did you did hey with my mouth you just tasted history that's probably been down here for hundreds of yeah I know you could have told me that you had so much in your hair my god I can't see there was a whole pile of rubble can't see the top of my head I don't know no one could see the top of your head except God okay skipping forward a little over 1,000 years we arrived at the start of construction on Colchester castle which lasted 50 years when completed it became the largest and first Norman building we keep the castle which is considered one of the seven man-made wonders in eastern England predates even the Tower of London in fact Colchester castle served as the blueprint for the Tower of London the castles purpose was twofold first to protect against Scandinavian attack by the sea and second to monitor and assert power over the town and surrounding land skipping ahead to the twelve hundreds the castle was used as a prison sometimes for hundreds of prisoners of war and the conditions were remarkably poor so these are the great stairs anybody of importance would use this entrance to go see the king or maybe the king himself would even go up these are the fancy stairs the fancy boy stairs we're fancy boys we are fancy boys Hey look at that that's a that's a witchcraft symbol that's the prevent which is not to contradict a lot of a accomplished artists here back in the day it's on stone give them a break watch your step when I guess for normal people these are big stats for you these are you could take your little steps on the inside yeah not do that and you take your giant steps on the outside my big steps over here okay I know a lot of important people were walking up this staircase and I gotta tell you two very unimportant people are now at the top of it how do you guards feel about that a couple a couple of schmoes up here a couple of American Schmucks yeah Yankee Schmucks we're both dip shits I'm one of the stupidest people to ever walk the earth and I made it up your staircase yeah he's even dumber than me that's not how dare you it's a bit I didn't mean it okay yes I'm dumber than him I meant it you son of a bitch this is classic castle tour look at this thing I think that may go to the roof no longer for access at this moment our audio recorder picks up what sounds like a woman singing go to the roof no longer for access it changes pitches yeah it does so it's not a it's not a creaky door what's the correlation there what's the correlation we're in a castle and we're hearing a woman singing that's what the correlation is and there's nobody in the castle that could be singing let's I think that's pretty strong is this not I know you normally hire about how EVPs are strange or like not very compelling like they're words that you can't really make out this is pretty crazy like if when you consider it in the gamut of what I've offered before I think this is you know sure clearly the weirdest one we've got it it's a weird one I mean this is the this is classic castle torn who this thing I think that may go to the roof no longer for access some video would be great there's no there's no correlation here there's nothing I know you're gonna do your thing yeah dad I'm Jim on the office and I believe in ghosts okay well moving to 1648 Colchester Castle became connected to the second English Civil War between the Royalists Cavaliers in the parliamentary and round heads brown heads is a little that's a that's what heads are though that's a good point that's just like saying head heads yeah or whole butts well we call ourselves that because we've got a little hole between our two butt cheeks well yes sir everyone does well then we'll call ourself the round heads all right I think you get it the round heads would eventually prevail executing the royalist leaders Sir George Lyell and Sir Charles Lucas on the grounds of Colchester Castle today an obelisk marks the spot of their execution where it said that grass will not grow behold we found the Ovilus all hail the obelisk so where does this grass it doesn't grow is this it no this is just dirt on top of is it evening I bet if you put grass seed on this you'd be fine in 1656 the castle would welcome perhaps its most famous Specter a man named James Parnell Parnell was a Quaker praying in Caguas Hall Church when an altercation broke out he was accused with blasphemy and charged 40 pounds after his refusal to pay he was imprisoned in the castle dungeon during his time in prison his jailer would make him climb a rope to reach the small amount of food they offered him he eventually had a bad fall from this routine most likely due to a poor diet and bad treatment Parnell would eventually die as a result on April 10th 16:56 and was buried on castle grounds in an unmarked grave it said that Parnell haunts the castle of dungeon close to the eastern wall all right we're gonna use a tool here be able to you may be able to use to speak to us this is gonna seem very jarring to you all right is there anybody here with us right now I'm not gay it sounds like goodnight it really does James is this how you saw your ghost life turning out talking to two idiots he said no was that you or is that something else would you like me to turn it off shame yeah what a moment James probably feels vindicated thanks to you than your screaming radio moving born in 1835 the castles use as a prison ceased in in 1860 the castle became a museum it is still a museum today they were on top of it they need a museum for the museum a hundred years from now they're gonna have museums about all the museums that we saw in our lifetime yeah they may even be like a hundred years before now to Royal jackasses sat in this spot and carelessly talked about history think they're gonna be I have like wax figures of us yeah one of them will have a eight-foot round head okay all right yeah and one of them will be this chair battle big giant and it'll say if you sit in this chair you'll feel the same like you're the same size as Ryan Vergara the littlest man of the 12 acts figure they could just take this normal chair and put a little like a doll here yeah anybody here with us anybody in this museum at all that wants to speak to us Oh Oh you feel strong I feel like a strong man I never feel like a strong way I know I know Jesus man you need to bring one of these everywhere you go yeah if they throw something at me now I am protected you would think a place of such history loaded with trigger objects there'd be just this place is just beads and bursting at the seams with spirits you would think that right shut up speaking of trigger objects those were legitimate helmets well let's I mean come on we've been giving it's about as authentic as it gets cuz these are our where'd this one you are the oh man it is so heavy is it really yeah we were about to die so loud you you look like you have the biggest head I've ever seen but he have a conehead this is like a thimble on an apple if anybody here we hear people see you want to see if it's true I'm scanning like a mile like a madman right now I'm tryna are you hoping to see a ghost nobody could you say something to me right here close I'll hear it later he'll listen to it over and over again every night before he goes to sleep all right I'm moving on this castle is also said to be home to a ghost cat perhaps due to the fact that Romans wooden tomb dead cats in their walls as a sign of good luck another spirit that's said to haunt the castle is the ghost of a headless nun in addition to reports of disembodied cries there's an area in the castle that once functioned as a chapel perhaps we'll find her there who chopped a nun's head off hey that's a good question why would you chop a nun's head there's no story behind it well I mean like a lot of people were anti-religion back in the day Luz chop a nun's head off yeah I don't agree with this oh you think that was too much do you think that's where they drew the line after they were tarring and feathering people I've taken rare limbs off I just thought they were chill with nuns you got to be a bad guy chopping Don's head off yeah is there anybody in here with us right now what was that maybe there none without a head well she couldn't hear us yeah so never mind that Morse code hello what the if you're a ghost please tap on the window do you not like us sitting in your church we know a lot of demons some of them like to follow us we may have brought some with us Oh what the is wrong what is wrong with you oh wait hey wait a second No did you just see your reflection what how many go see what it is what the is that there's not a tree out here that's for sure it's like a flag out there coupe boy did that scared the out of here first though sure did one excerpt of dark history I skipped over occurred in the late 1600s during that time SX the county where Colchester is located was known as the quote which encountered in' end quote essex saw more witches executed during this time than any of the other UK counties Matthew Hopkins who dubbed himself the quote which find her general end quote was responsible for routing out suspected witches and interrogating them because Hopkins could not explicitly torture suspected witches he would subject them to for standing and sleep deprivation you know it's just never a good sign when you give yourself a nickname but you know he was walking around town going like yeah you know me which find it general do you think he had one like he made himself a fake honorary Witchfinder general badge and he's like war really like proudly shines it every day and what a brave guy by the way making him stand I could see him there just with this little weird smile I'm just poking him with a stick oh you look like you're ready for a sit yeah guy was a dick Colchester Castle was the site of many interrogations and between 1645 and 1647 it was used to imprison over 200 accused women many suspected witches perished from jail fever while imprisoned at the castle most before even going to trial today those dungeons still remain waiting for visitors so to finish this out let's visit the dungeons individually to see if any will communicate with us this is the witch dungeon for very very unnecessary that's what it's called I'm just saying they were probably look there is your there who's that Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder general good door they really knew how to make spooky doors back then yeah so I figure we'll just lock ourselves in here one by one and try and see if we did talk to some people okay I'm gonna use a spirit box I'm guessing you're not gonna use that I'm done with the spirit box right there's anyone here please reach out I've given you a fairly high quality microphone to speak into at this moment our camera catches a white orb moving away from Shane's body so you've resorted to orbs now no no no yes no no I know no resorted I'm not an orb guy here's the thing if I'm gonna say this is a monumental piece of paranormal evidence no I'm not but I'm gonna say that if orbs are indeed real then this might be an orb because it looks a little different than dust or bugs which I've seen a lot of it's moving in a certain way that to me would suggest that maybe it's an orb I'm not saying it definitively is an orb this is just something that some people might find interesting so you can wipe that stupid grin off your face and just enjoy it enjoy that juicy orb I'm gonna enjoy this orb you take a bite out of it it's delicious mmm I cannot tell you how much I hate the spirit box and frankly I get it I would want to talk to Ryan either not when he's coming in here all wide-eyed sweaty but if you are real I invite you to really he's gonna be in here after me he looks a little bit like me but shave off four feet and you'll see them come in just keep your eyes near the ground you'll see him just easy sitting here sucks just sleeping on this floor it's at this moment our camera catches an orb similar to the one seen in Shane's lockdown moving towards my body are you suggesting that it planted itself on the side your person I'm not saying that it's trying to Voltron with my spear this is why you're an orb guy no no now you got an orb in yes that's what it is I've got orbs in your brain I've consumed the orb and now it's it's a man in the controls in my brain yeah you're pushing the orbit Jen it's moving me around like a little robot Ryan yeah all I'm saying is just like the last one in this one even more so it's moving in a way that's a little different than dust and bugs that's it's not moving in a way that is it's very prominent how is that not dust like floating slowly in a downward trajectory here we go all right it's about to get really loud in here is there anybody here with me right now is there anybody here with me right now that wants to say anything any accused witches what is your name is there anybody in here can you tell me your name Elena my name is Ryan could you say Ryan back to me I'm gonna turn off my box now god it's so much worse than here when it's silent like this okay times up I'm done with this and if you're in here Matthew you can go yourself goodbye whoever was in there if there was anybody you'll be happy to know that the boys are gone yeah we're leaving you now hope you've had a good time with us should we close the door keep them no let him run let him run free you'd be just as bad as the jailer then down in a wolf it's Colchester castle has been conquered by the ghoul against the goal against that's us this a new thing where the ghoul against I'm into that we killed every last ghost at this you say that yes we does not what we do that's not what the go leggins are about yeah you know what you're off the ghoul against you're off the team I am the team towering over the historic town of Colchester Colchester Castle remains waiting for those to investigate the mysteries trapped within its walls it's unclear how many spirits remain shackled in the dungeons of this powerful castle but our experiences tonight can attest to the notion that there's quite a few still whether or not Colchester castle is definitively haunted who remain unsolved [Laughter] hey Ryan I like your shirt thanks I like yours too thanks buy it here

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