1. I just love to watch you put your makeup on! You make it look so easy to be flawless! BTW I live in Logan, UT where you started your life. You shared one day which house it was and I found it! OMGosh it sounds like I'm a stalker…… I'm not! You just impress me with your skills!

  2. How do I know what colors to get for my skin? I’m pretty fair in the winter and I have blue eyes. Hoping you can help:)

  3. Watched too many videos of this makeup line . And I can’t see myself purchasing the contour on every single video I have watched looked extremely muddy and patchy . Nothing looks even and honestly is not very flattering . Just my opinion .

  4. I have been colored match . I haven't got my products yet . But I have been watching video's and I was matched mango . I do have red under tones I and green eyes . Also olive was picked for I'm thinking it might be too dark what do you think

  5. I have dark under eyes and bags so I have mango to cover those and white peach as my highlight color. Should i be stippling the mango or using my finger to apply? I’m not getting the coverage that I want and I feel like the bags are still really noticeable.

  6. I tried the first launch version of this makeup. I found that after some hours, it settled into the fine lines of my skin. When I tried it, I was 23 years old. Do you find that this settles into your fine lines? Also, was it tacky to touch after everything but I didn’t use setting powder because at the time they didn’t offer it and it wasn’t advertised to be used with any. Just curious! 🙂 I want to try the relaunch but I’m hesitant.

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