The Be Ready Program

It’s really beautiful to sort of come
into a place and not feel like you have to do anything but just be yourself. My name is Teresa Lea Solaese. I
graduated from the Be Ready program in December 2018.
Yeah I’ve been a mum for 30 years and you do lose yourself and there are so
many things I wanted to do when I was younger and I didn’t do it because I was
happy to be a mum and I wanted that passion back.
I wanted that purpose back and you know I had to go and find it. I was at a time where I felt like I needed some counselling and the counsellor recommended to Be Ready
program and I’m like that sounds like what I need so I signed up. Our Be Ready program is the holistic heart centred beautiful program that allows women to
connect back to who they are. So when we met Teresa at the beginning
of her program she had some level of anxiety and also some chronic physical
health conditions. Being a mum can feel pretty lonely so coming here not only creates a
sense of community with one another, they’re also exposed to the Centre and
all the different programs that we run. There was a wide variety of classes and some of them were lots of fun some of them were really challenging. Teresa was part of a group that was really focused and really close
with one another and Teresa came to one of her sessions and I remember looking
at her and saying you don’t even look like the same person and her smile was
transformed. Teresa has started her own business which is incredible and also
with the support of one of our employment partners she’s now employed in work. I haven’t had a lot of woman friends but being around this group of
women it’s opened my eyes up so many possibilities.
And at the end of the program one of the most common pieces of feedback when we
say what was your highlight it’s “I made new friends and I’ve connected with
women and I feel connected and I feel safe and I felt included”. Yew! [Laughing]

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