100 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down

  1. ข้วยด้วยดิบ้านไฟไม่ไปแล้วทำไงดีไม่มีที่อยู่แล้วจะเป็นเด็กจรจัดอยู่แล้ว

  2. Gorgeous , 11/13/19 , Gorgeous I'm Calm now this iPad is on line again . I don't know why it said off line . I'v been in line since the 5th grade !!!

  3. iTs a Beautiful LiFe ……

    EnJoY iT* = |

    Where I Came From is N.o.T. Who I am..{ 👀 }

    I’m ahh ahh ahh [[* DiVa ]] ~ QuEEn 👑 ~

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  6. you make me think geoffrey, well thats because im xoriathen aerielcious and my corporation is timeline infinity, 'yea im taylor swift myself just can' 'you all wanted to tel us your story, geoffrey has insurance'

  7. Taylor chilling in a inflatable pool wearing bikini and a fur coat while her house is being burned down in the background is the attitude I aspire to have

  8. i'm teen boy from turquie i always love taylor swift but with this video she's definitely my star forever best singer female i love you taylor

  9. SevVven *

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  10. I wish to accurately quote Marilyn Manson but my magazine collection was destroyed when I abandoned it. I'm too tired to look it up but it was something about the internet and CB radios. Cite it for me and I will love you forever.

  11. you need to calm down:starts with taylor waking up on a bed

    me:thinks to the beginning of blank space

    also me: is this a deja vu?

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