Taking a Moodle Quiz using Respondus Lockdown Browser (students)

My instructor has assigned a quiz for this week. I noticed next to the quiz name, it says requires Respondus Lockdown Browser. When I click on this link, the quiz does
not start up instead I get a warning message
respondus lockdown browser is required for this quiz click here to download the installer the reason why we are getting this
message is because the browser we are using is
not the responders lockdown browser. If this
is the first time I am taking respondus lockdown browser quiz on
this computer I will click here. I will select my platform. It’s taking me to the
responders download site. I’m on my own computer, I will click that
and then I will download either from the server one or server 2 click on
that. It asked me to open or save the file. In my case I
already have this installed so I’m going to cancel. To take this quiz I need to close all Windows. I have to log out of Moodle. I can just actually close the browser, all my Windows in order to run this quiz instead of clicking on Firefox browser I will click on the lockdown browser icon on the desktop this is telling me I need to close all of my programs out. You can’t have
anything else running when the respondus lockdown browser
comes up you can then navigate to Moodle and then
you can login and take your Moodle quiz

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