Tab Wrangler: automatically close old browser tabs and easily get them back

This is a demo of how Tab Wrangler can free your mind of tab clutter and make you feel like you’re in control of your browser rather than those million tabs being in control of you. So if you’re anything like me, right now, you have a million tabs open. This YouTube video is probably one of them. And… I mean, look here. I have tabs from from when I was researching this electric lawnmower last week to these vacuum cleaners, coffee grinders. There’s also this list of Star Wars planets from that argument I got in with a friend last week, and then there’s a bunch of tabs over here that I honestly don’t even remember opening. So my usual way of dealing with this is to eventually declare tab bankruptcy close the entire browser, give up because I don’t know which tabs I want to keep and which ones I should just get rid of. So this is where Tab Wrangler comes in. Tab Wrangler automatically closes tabs you haven’t looked at in a while and makes it easy to get them back. Once you install Tab Wrangler, its icon is added to the right of the URL bar. I already have it installed here. This is the Tab Wrangler icon. Now you can click the icon. Right now it’s not too exciting to look in here because Tab Wrangler, I just installed it. It hasn’t yet close any tabs for me. First, let’s go take a look at the options here. The default is to close inactive tabs after 20 minutes and Tab Wrangler will keep closing tabs until you have …just 5 open. If you have just two or three tabs open, Tab Wrangler won’t automatically close any tabs And of course, these are options. You can change them and set them to whatever you like, but this is just the default Any tabs that Tab Wrangler automatically closes will then appear over here in the Tab Corral Now there are other features here in the options tab, but the most important stuff is at the top How long do you want your tabs to stay open for, and how many tabs do you want to close? Tab Wrangler is constantly counting down for every tab you have open for that 20 minutes, or whatever your timer is. You can go over to the Tab Lock tab, and see how much time is left for each tab that you have open As you can see here, each one of these is at a different time Some of these I just opened, they’re at 18 minutes Some of them are down to ten minutes because I haven’t looked at them in a little while But if I ever decide that some of these are really important, like that vacuum cleaner I was researching. I can come in and click this box. And now over here it says, “Locked”. This means that Tab Wrangler will No longer automatically close that tab It’s a little little annoying to click this pop-up, come into the Tab Lock, and and come in here just to lock a tab So what you can also do is, say I’m pretty sure I want to keep this coffee grinder tab so I can use Chrome’s own feature, pin the tab, and now when I go back into the Tab Lock I can see that my coffee grinder tab, that’s gonna stay open because it’s pinned. By default, Tab Wrangler Will not close pinned tabs Also, you can see here that the tab timers, whenever you go view a tab again the tab timer gets reset Check out this Google tab here. It says that It has 16 minutes left, you know, I have a 20 minute max So right now I’m at 16 minutes. If I go look at the Google tab again and then go back in the Tab Wrangler The Google tab’s timer is reset to 20 minutes because I looked at it So I don’t have to do any more thinking here. If I come back to tab and start using it again I don’t have to decide whether or not I want to keep it. Tab Wrangler knows I want to keep it just because I started Using it, so I don’t have to make any more decisions about which tabs to close I just need to use whatever tabs I want to use, just like I normally would, and Tab Wrangler will do the cleanup for me Now I know Tab Wrangler really hasn’t done any work yet for me I still have a bunch of tabs open and I don’t remember which ones I need So to demo here, I’m gonna crank down this timer so that it’s a little more exciting So I’m gonna go all the way down Get it up to just 30 seconds because I want to show you All the work that Tab Wrangler can do. So now we’re at 30 seconds And I want to look at my tabs here I want to make sure of these are the tabs that keep open. Now I can see in here, in the Tab Lock See, I’ve only got 20 seconds left on all these tabs Some of them are… my pinned coffee grinder is still there The vacuum cleaner that I locked, that’s still there But everything else has just got a few seconds left So we’re just gonna wait a few more seconds because you can see that my timer was almost almost down there And we’re gonna see what Tab Wrangler actually does. See all those tabs, I didn’t press any buttons on my keyboard. I didn’t click any close buttons for the tabs That was Tab Wrangler doing its work. Because those tabs, the timers all expired. Now I can go back to the Tab Wrangler pop-up, which is again up in your URL bar here, and now that page that was empty when we first came in here, now I have this list of tabs This is all the tabs that Tab Wrangler just closed So if I’m ever missing a tab, which honestly doesn’t happen that much anymore with Tab Wrangler because I tabs that Tab Wrangler closes I really need, but I can always come back in here and check the Tab Corral. And see if it was Tab Wrangler that closed tab There are a few things to notice here. First, By default the tab list is sorted with the most recently closed tabs at the top So these tabs are all pretty close together here But you can see that my most recently closed one is at the very top. So, Google Google was closed most recently. There are other ways to sort here too. So if I want to, If I say that I want to sort by domain, now all of my Google Tabs are together, all my YouTube tabs are together down here Or I can sort by the oldest one. So this Bing was closed the longest time ago. And the default, again, puts the most recently closed one at the top. So Google was closed most recently. I can also search. If I want to find, If I want to find the “funny dogs” I was looking for “funny dog” videos on YouTube. I can type and search for “funny”, and It’ll filter to just that. I can go find those those old tabs I was looking for. I can also clear my search results and go back to my full list of tabs Most importantly now in this list, this is a list of the tabs that Tab Wrangler has closed And should I decide that one of these tabs I actually still needed, I can come in here and decide Oh, yeah, that that “funny dogs” YouTube tab. I wanted to view that again. Maybe not right when it closed, but now I want to come back in here So I can come back in, click this, and it reopens the tab. I’m right back where I was. I didn’t have to think about closing it. I just let Tab Wrangler do the cleanup, take care of all these extra tabs. And I can come back in it and revive them if I ever need to. And also in this tab, let’s say I… I decide I want to get rid of all my YouTube tabs here You can make it a couple selections. I can either open them all at once So I can restore all the tabs. I can delete all the tabs I have selected So I’m going to get rid of all my YouTube tabs. Now I no longer have any YouTube tabs Once I delete them from Tab Wrangler, they’re gone forever Should you ever need the tabs you can always use Google Chrome’s own history, but It won’t be inside Tab Wrangler. That is a quick tour of Tab Wrangler and how it can really free your mind from millions of tabs. Before I started using Tab Wrangler I always had a million tabs open. I never knew which ones I needed And here Tab Wrangler does all the work for me There’s no more thinking, and I know that Tab Wrangler If it does close something that I needed, which happens pretty rarely, I can always go find it again just by going back into Tab Wrangler’s pop-up, looking at the Tab Corral, finding that tab that I needed Going back in here reopening it, and start navigating again just like normal. So I hope you enjoyed that. There is a lot more stuff packed into the Options tab And you can also track how much work Tab Wrangler is doing for you So right now it’s closed… 100% of the tabs that have been closed have been closed by Tab Wrangler So if I close a few here You can see that that percentage will change, but you can see over time how much work Tab Wrangler is actually doing for you so now it’s still closed 84 percent of my tabs. If you have any questions, please feel free to post feel free to comment Feel free to comment in the Chrome Web Store and please install Tab Wrangler. Try it out See if it it can help manage your tab overload just like it did for me. Thanks a lot

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  1. First and foremost: thank you very much. This seems to be the most effective tab closing management extention there is. Some just store it or just close it without history.

    Why didnt the funny dolphins and funny elephant tabs close? Just a bug or some hidden feature?

  2. make option dont close… only save current position layout and save html code loaded page in HDD and release memory than this page.

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