Suspicious Violin App Ads

What?! – More app ads?!
– What? – This time for violin?
– What? What? Wow… Wut wut wut wut wut… Guys, just a word of advice. Don’t learn violin the hard way. Why spend hundreds and thousands of dollars… of you(r) or your parents’ money for musical education, one-on-one private tuitions, teacher listening to you in real life, correcting your mistakes, personalised- We got violin apps! AmaZiNg!! Alright, so we found some… different ads. As always, this is us just reviewing and reacting to the ads as musicians, not the actual app itself cos we haven’t used the app. It might be amazing. Who knows? First one is called Tralalalala. Tralala. “Trala, an app that teaches you the violin!” That wasn’t a down thing. She wasn’t sharp. For those of you that aren’t musicians, the down indicates that her intonation was sharp, – and she should go down.
– Oh! So it’s actually tracking like what note you’re playing? Based on the ad. – I mean I don’t know if the app does that.
– Oh, that’s true. Yeah. – Even assuming if it tracks realtime what you’re playing,
– This is wrong, you can’t- It’s wrong because that was more a – contact point problem.
– Yeah… problem. – The tone went off.
– The bow went off and stuff, yeah. – She went behind the bridge! Oh…
– It’s so blatant! I think- ha ha ha ha! Do you know what this just reminds me of? One of our old skits. Which one? Just any of the skit when I… – Yeah, yeah, yeah!
– Oh oh oh… No actual violinist that can play like that. *laugh* – That doesn’t happen.
– It’s- And it also looks perfect before. Let’s go back a bit. If this is the type of mistake you’re making, – you should not be playing Amazing Grace.
– You… Yes. You should be doing open strings. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. The, the- All the notes before… the problem would happen earlier. Alright, you see all these ticks? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. It’s like someone that did 6 perfect free throws in the basketball, – And the last one, it just-
– and the 7th throw he threw behind! Yeah, he’s like… – Ughhh… Yeah.
– It’s like… It’s such a big difference! – It doesn’t happen.
– It doesn’t work like that hey. And the app says too sharp. It’s basically like a tuner. Wait. “Too sharp, G.” She’s playing a C. *laugh* (both) E! – Ahh! Perfect E!
– Oh… If you gotta make a violin app to sell to musicians – or mu- like wannabe musicians…
– But that’s just… that’s just a tuner. It’s a tuner, and whoever edited this… – Yeah.
– It’s just a wrong edit, ugh… I love how these apps always try to make it look candid again like… – Yeah…
– That “Oh!” – Oh, oh! Vibrato!
– Oh, and now she’s learnt vibrato! – Ha ha ha, yeah!
– Wow… The app taught her vibrato! Wow… Pretty sure someone that can do vibrato wouldn’t have the bow slide like that. – Exactly! That’s what I mean.
– Like… It’s a different level of… bar level of playing. – Yeah.
– Should be fixing that bow first before you learn the vibrato. – Dude, she’s nailing that.
– Yeah, I know. Okay, so now there was a skid, – but there was a green light.
– But there’s a tick. Okay, sure. Where did the background music come from? It’s like Simply Piano. Simply Collaborative. Simply Collab- So the person who practiced on Simply Collaborative became useful! *laugh* Something that’s bothering me about this backing track is it’s not in time with the violin. Listen. Ha ha ha, yeah! Oh my god, so off! One! It’s a quaver off. And she’s not sharp, it was a skid. I know. The same skid you did for that C before that you green ticked. Make up your mind! You know what’s really weird? The amount of views, and the amount of likes and dislikes. I think they got bots just to watch the video. I’m not- I’M A MUSICIAN!! Is the app come with these two? I want them, man. Oh yeah, someone commented: Hmm… Oh! Someone’s like… – Yeah… Ohh…
– Oooh… – Oh ha ha ha ha ha!!
– OH… A was too long! 1… And she went… – I have to slow down.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some tasteful rubato cos the app teaches rubato! Oh my god! Musicality? What?! Oh… This one’s called Violy, the best violin app! Uh… Violy? Dude, same thing! – 250,000 views with 28 thumbs up?
– Same thing, yeah. “Violy. Practice makes perfect.” You know what? Practice doesn’t make perfect. Oof! Alright, just to give you guys some context, our video with 500,000 views, double this has 34,000 likes. And 201 dislikes. *sob* This has 28. So if that had this many views, it would only have 56, compared to 34,000. – That just looks something sus.
– Yeah. Wait, what? “Ding! You’re all tuned to go!” It’s impossible to tune like that! Oh, I love how it tells you to tune in piano as well, but he just went like… You can’t tune like that! Guys, when you tune… First, okay you- A. If it’s a single note, you can find a tuner. Get that A right. Once you get the A, you tune the fifths. There you go. Because the instrument needs to resonate. You can’t tune that fast, either. Like what if they weren’t in tune? – What was he gonna do?
– Yeah *mumble* Ding! I love there’s like a quit button here. Just quit life. Quit violin. – Quit.
– He also didn’t shift on the 1st finger – that is written on the music.
– He’s not fingerin- He’s not following the fingerings. Yeah, so what’s the point? Is he even reading the music? He’s not even using the app! – I know. It’s just small.
– He’s just playing. How is this the best violin app? – It’s just reading music.
– This is a performance he did, and then they plugged a… – app there to make it look like he’s using the app.
– Yeah. – He did not become like this through using the app.
– He did not- Yeah, the app doesn’t help you improve. This is pretty like… obviously fake. You don’t have this app and all of a sudden you can play a piece like that. Look, okay, if this is an app for reading music… – Yeah.
– But the way they’re promoting is “if you use the app, you can practice with it and get better.” This is horrible! This is actually worse than just practicing with sheet music because in real practice, – you want to stop whenever you make a mistake.
– Yes. Whereas this ad just encourages you – to keep playing through.
– Keep playing, keep playing, yeah. And that’s actually a point that we should’ve said for all these apps. They don’t encourage you to like… stop. Like Simply Piano. It just keeps scrolling. – Yeah, it just keeps scrolling.
– Nah, man… Alright, last violin app. It’s called… “Let’s Play Violin.” Well hey, at least the views kind of make sense with the likes. Yeah! We all know how tough it can be to get kids to practice their instrument. Is this real? Cos it looks almost already like a parody. – Like a skit. Yeah, parody.
– Yeah. Cos kids really do… Imagine something that could help them get better quicker if practice time was fun for kids! First, play. Your child plays the music either solo with a metronome or with our piano accompaniment. They can even choose what sections to focus on. If they choose what section to focus on, they can just choose it themselves. They don’t need the app to choose for them. The music’s there, right? Yeah. And metronome, you can just use a metronome. Maybe the backing track is a little bonus thing? I mean at least this one is saying it has a backing track. – The other ones were…
– Yeah. – *inaudible*
– He just holds banjo. Our magic AI tech gives them instant co- “Magic AI tech.” This is so AI, guys. Tap the screen, and it’ll even coach them on how to improve. Third, listen! Children can listen back to themselves, and compare with the demo track to boost their musicality before playing again. It works side by side with teachers because students can get better in between lessons. Not because they’re told to, but because they want to. A lot of problems with this one. You know, there were times when I wanted to be like… Hey, at least they weren’t so fake. Like the views weren’t fake, and also… At least it says – “use this app in conjunction with a teacher.”
– With the teacher, yeah. So they’re not trying to sell you this idea that you can become good in 2 weeks just by using this app. But then, some other bits, again, just so like scripted and- The kid needs to learn intonation, – hearing the right notes first.
– Yeah. That’s a dif- whole another issue. An app can’t teach you that. Yeah, like, yeah, sure you can record yourself. That’s cool, but like – if they don’t know what they’re listening out for.
– Yeah, they’re not gonna be like… Critical listening analysis. Mmm… “Oh, that was the note that I was… not in tune!” Yup. I think what all of these apps are missing is there’s so much more nuance… In music. in music and learning instrument… Yes. …than they’re trying to portray it to be… One, I’m trying to like, think for them. Like what could be a positive thing to say. And that might be… it could bring in different audiences. – No, it won’t!
– Such a generic argument. It might even get people away from it. They’d be like “This doesn’t work. I don’t wanna learn violin anymore.” That’s true. It’s actually gonna be like “It doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand.” – There you go!
– There you go! But no, like… In reality, it just seems like they’re making an app for the sake of an app. Because everyone’s making apps. That’s what trending today, right? Alright guys, thank you so much for watching. If you’re not a musician, considering to learn an instrument, we highly suggest you find a teacher. Please like and subscribe. And we’ll see you guys next time. Wut? Wut?

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  1. Back in 6th grade, I used to take orchestra lessons, and I hated everyone I had to take them with, so just to annoy everyone I played behind the bridge as loud as I could just to see their angry reaction. Basically my orchestra classmates had to hear 0:54 over and over again and it was so satisfying seeing as they annoyed the hell out of me. That, and my friends kept daring me to do it.

  2. As a beginner, I'd like an app that generates open string, first/second/third finger exercises on the fly and incorporates a tuner. I'm not sure that repeating the same 6 lines of exercises is the optimal way of learning finger placement because say I've gotten to a point where I blaze though an exercise, have I become good at finger placement or have I become good at this specific exercise? Generating exercises on the fly for a practice session would help making sure I've become good at what I'm practicing and not at doing a specific exercise.
    Such an app would also improve sight-reading.

  3. 8:38 anyone else hear the audio watermark?
    sounds like "audio jungle" or something in the background of the music in the ad.

  4. that last app seemed alright. it had backing tracks and recorded so you would be able to hear where you were sharp or flat. also it appeared to show you by way of red, green, and yellow how on pitch you were. if I were to use one or get one for my kid I would go with that one. its not making crazy claims or having musicians play poorly to show how fast you can learn. also the target for these apps are beginners, you don't care about the nuances yet, you just want to get the basics going.

  5. I started playing violin when I was in 5th grade we did not even pick up a bow until first semester ended then started open strings. I did not learn vibrato especially like this app which is perfect vibrato I have now been practicing for 7 year and I have just good vibrato.

  6. I dare you to get your violin strings to be changed into viola strings, a professional must do the changing of strings. Yup, weird dare, DO IT!

  7. The reason why there are so little likes compared to views its because its actually an ad and you cant really like an ad

    Edit:By ad i mean it will play before youtube videos

  8. I read from somewhere (kpop-related things) that if an ad, for example, plays for 5 seconds and you don't immediately skip it, that Youtube counts it as a view. Lol not sure if true

  9. 5:26 I do want to point out (haven't continued, they might explain it later) I used Violy a little myself. The open string playing isn't to tune, it's to start the music hands-free that way it's not playing while you fumble with the violin to start. ♡
    To be honest though, the app is a good idea, but it's not well-executed. First of all, it's SO SLOW. I would be practicing Air Varie on it, and I would finish the piece while it was lagging behind 5 or 6 variations. It kind of sucks.

  10. I think the reason they have so views is because the views are coming from people watching the video through an add, not the actual video

  11. Not sure if it's a thing but maybe # of views comes from using the videos as actual ads, which don't typically get thumbs

  12. The problem is that to be good you have to practise as a kid, but for practise to be really useful you have to be passionate about it and kids rarely ever are. My parents had me learn the violin as a kid but surprise, surprise, I still sound like a first year because I never practised until last year

  13. Being a ballerina who performed the ballet recital in which that music was in about two years ago–
    About a year after I started playing violin

  14. From the perspective of someone who played the violin for five years, my teacher refused to teach me vibrato, this girl can do vibrato after playing with an app?

  15. the high views are because they use them as ads before other videos. those 6 seconds give viewes to the original video but people aren't going to like an ad

  16. The reason there’s so many views is cause of the paid ads. You have to intentionally click the video before you can like it

  17. We are now living in the "App Age" (Ape-age)
    Everything has an app. Ordering takeout requires an app, reporting a burst water pipe or road accident require an app, buying groceries requires an app to get discounts. Clothing accounts, buying electricity… everything needs a bliksemse app. Eventually you phone or pad will be so full of all these apps that there won't be any spare storage.

  18. Well I guess it really depends on the person. I dont want to ever say that it would be impossible to learn a instrument without a instructor becouse the first thing someone would do is prove me wrong. Theres people who straight up learn and have tested to be proficient in martial arts without ever having a sparring partner or instructor. I mean I "learned" trombone in band but truth is most of the actual learning was done alone with sheet music at home. Theres definitely down sides too it for instance that joke you guys make that "40" hours a day turns into 80 hours a day. And I'd imagine when youd hit a stump it would be a lot harder to proceed past it but people do it. Especially now a days tutors can straight up go on youtube and say hey this is how you do this. I mean that's how I learned guitar. And for specific questions that's why google is there honestly. Plus real life tutors isnt always a option I mean if I wanted a violin tutor that's a 40 minute drive. Verses youtube which basically the only downside is it's more like a lecture you cant really ask questions. But truthfully the comment section has that covered. Really what is the point of tutors now a days? In fact typically the person on YouTube would be better becouse they'd have to discover the answers to there questions on there own. Really when you think about it it's kind of the same setup as going to a tutor becouse really they take the money and teach you for a hour and the rest is practice and learn at home anyways. This looks more like a conspiracy the more I think about it. Becouse if music is interpretation just like painting how exacly do I professionally teach interpretation. Do I teach my own? And if I do isnt it true that it's no longer there own interpretation of the piece but my own?

  19. This adult man is saying it’s annoying when ur kid doesn’t practice but my dad thinks it’s annoying when I practice cuz I play classical music with high notes and trills. Scales annoy him too

  20. Based on what Eddy said from around 7:05 – 7:25, all I could think was thank you bc I’ve used simply piano w my keyboard to try and learn how to play and it was so frustrating bc I couldn’t go at my own pace. There was an option to slow down the sheet music as it went along but there was no option for me to just look at the sheet music as a whole without it fckn moving. There was too much emphasis on playing the correct notes at the exact time which I don’t think should be someone’s main focus when they’re just starting to learn a piece. Obviously timing is important but people need to be able to figure out pieces at their own pace first before focusing on that. Also that doesn’t allow for phrasing and,, ok I should stop the point is that simply piano and other similar apps are not good for learning and sorry for the v long comment

  21. Not only is the backtrack wrong for the first app, but the music says to play a triplet and she held the A out😬 (whoops posted before they covered it in the vid)

  22. You got it right, there are services that people can pay to buy comments and likes to videos, so this is why some of them have for example hundred thousands of views and only few likes; I suppose in a case like that they only bought views. A part from that, these ads should be illegal, they are clearly misleading and fake! Those people (piano players too) CLEARLY already know body and hands posture, and that vibrato… COME ON! When I tried to learn that it took me days just to recover from the bubbles I had on my fingers!

  23. The large amount of views were because they were ads on other videos. In order to like or dislike the, you would have to visit the video itself.

  24. So, I've actually spoken one on one with the creator of Trala after personally trying it.
    My experience was that basically, the tuner portion was also too accurate for playing a string instrument. The range of what can be considered a note was so narrow. You know, like a tuner app is…

    He seemed open to feedback, and it didn't seem like it came from any bad place. But I would like to mention that this app isn't entirely free – you get a certain number of free notes (not songs, notes!) before you have to pay.

  25. People having good sounding instruments while I want to hide in the corner with my flute but my band teacher be like “ you must be in the front” and crap

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