42 thoughts on “Superchips vs Hypertech programmers on Nissan Frontier

  1. , I just bought a brand new
    Pro 4X. I caint see spending hundreds of dollars on a tuner just to get half a mph quicker and half a gallon better fuel economy, no way.
    the only thing I'm doing to my V/6 is a Cold Air intake system from air raid or K&N, that's it. oh, and maybe a new muffler and tail pipe assembly. no more, has plenty of power for me the way it is.
    if I want to go fast, I'll just go drive my wife"s Maxima
    that thing is fucking SICK FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Damn your Fronty is slow stock (not that mine is better).. mine is stock and made a 15.1 on the track. Absolutely nothing added, no tune and 93 oct. That was 1 week after I bought it. Mine is a 14 would that make a difference from a 08?

  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … All that extra $ and time wasted for what? The Money and time spent to get MAYBE .5 second faster speed oohhh wow,,,,,t's a Damn Truck !!!
    You want speed, buy yourself a sports car.

  4. I'm just not a big fan of hypertech they have used the same tuner for like 20 years lol it's outdated it's not user friendly has a tiny screen . Superchips is just a better all around tuner I'm not saying the tuning is not good on hypertech but superchips is user friendly and has usually more features . Plus I have seen superchips has tuning for a wide variety of vehicles

  5. The hypertech works v well, I have one in my Dakota, all it has beyond that is exhaust, cold air, and stiffened suspension, blowing away ricers on the highway with a truck is kind of fun 😉

  6. With the super chip you get a bunch of features, performance, towing, economy, etc, while i have only use the performance setting and none of the others i will say i have kept my mpg at 15 mpg on the 93 octane tune reguardless of how heavy a foot i have. On the 87 octane tune it dropped to 12. Its a good product with a lot of features to fine tune any vehicle.

  7. Remember people every vehicles wide band system is different so yours will respond in its own way

  8. With the super chip can you change it to the economy setting to save gas mileage? or am i just terribly mistaking

  9. Great vid! I have wanted to do this for some time. The only problem i see is the tuners tend to take a week or two before you can feel or see its true performance upgrade. I did not notice this when first installing my tuner but after using it for a few years I removed it to get the my truck smogged. After the re-install it did not feel like before, it took about 150-300 miles to get back to norm.

  10. While this is true to a certain extent, my truck is quickest after a PCM reset, when it is still running the richest.

  11. My Titan picked up 6-7 tenths in the 1/8 with Hypertech Max Energy 93 tuning and WOT restriction removed and gained 2.5 mph consistently. I checked it out and WOT restriction was worth 3-4 tenths and no MPH difference. The Tuning was worth 2-3 tenths and 2.5 mph. Definately making power from the tuning on the Titan. Made 293.7 RWHP and 383.8 RWTQ on a Mustang Dyno.

  12. I dunno with a CAI, Magnaflow muffler swap, and 2* timing advance, my Titan went 15.03 @ 92.20 on a 2.21s 60' time at Ennis in +2,000 DA. Corrected down to a 14.7 @ 94.50 in the 1/4. Thats pretty dang quick for a virtually stock truck. A Hypertech programmer has me running 14.20s in +1,800 DA. The 2wd Titan is so restricted by the stock WOT restriction. Nissan should get with the program and offer a true limited slip and eliminate tha WOT restriction.

  13. Watching ur tach, it seemed as if the Superchips was stronger on the bottom end, and Hypertech on the top end. Is that ur conclusion as well?

  14. @275Crimson
    This truck has actually more performance than you think. It's almost the fastest RWD production truck right now.

  15. This wasn't a good test if it was done all in the same day. After reprogramming, these vehicles have to adjust to the new tune.

  16. Would be pretty legit if it were tested on a decent vehicle. A nissan frontier, really? Who the F' takes into consideration performance of a non performance truck, when there are numerous options on the market that far exceed this test subject?

  17. This isn't a way to test these devices. In order to really know what you're getting, you need a dyno.

  18. Stock 87octane
    7.6s 0- 60
    15.99s 90.5mph 1/4 mile
    7.07 0-60
    15.54s 92.2mph 1/4mile

    6.74s 0 -60
    15.28s 93.8mph 1/4 mile

    93 octane
    6.86s 0-60
    15.34s 93.6mph 1/4 mile

    6.77s 0-60
    15.27s 94.7mph 1/4 mile

  19. Has anyone heard anything about the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT? Seems to have more features and shift on the fly capabilities, just wondering if performance numbers are similar to these. I have an 06 SE KC w banks monster exhaust and CAI on the way.

  20. @MarineCore48154
    throttle restriction is where the computer in the truck will not allow the throttle plate in the intake to open fully. Your gas pedal may be to the floor, but the truck is not actually "wide open" until around 35mph. What most if not all programmers can do is stop that from happening. They allow the throttle to be fully open then pedal is to the floor. No matter what speed your going. Removing this restriction is where most of the improvements in speed are obtained.

  21. all tunes are specific to the vehicle. some vehicles might be faster with superchips than hypertech

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