Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational Biology

When I got here, I really just saw the
statistics part of biostatistics and then we went to a public health seminar
and it did really open my eyes. What I saw was that my quantitative skills can
actually impact society in a way that I didn’t think was possible. I learned a
lot about how I can relate medicine to math by being a biostatistician I’m able
to merge together my love of mathematics and the desire to want to help people.
Generally the students are interested in public health and medicine, they also
want to use their quantitative skills, but they’re not sure how to put those
two things together. It’s so interesting to interact with the students in the
program and recognize the confusion that I had not too long ago. I see my role in
the program as adding structure to some of that confusion. What we trying to do
with this program is attract underrepresented minorities, especially
those under represented minorities who are good in quantitative skills and
would love to learn how broadly they can apply these skills, and we’re showing
them and letting them explore all of these aspects of public health where
they can see how biostatistics is applied. Dr. Heather Mattie was my
instructor for the introduction to bio statistics class. She was able to really
thoroughly explain concepts and then not only did she explain the concepts, but we
also were able to apply the concepts to real-world problems.
I think I’ll remember the most like the relationships I got, so we’re actually
all planning to go and visit one another different holidays or breaks and try to
keep the connections that we made with each other. you

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